Buy Hyatt points for one cent each

Earlier in the week, SPG participated in a promotion to support the US travel industry by offering Starwood points for approximately 1.45 cents each. That’s an incredible bargain that I took full advantage of.

Well, this coming Tuesday, May 11, at 10AM eastern, Hyatt has an equally amazing offer for Hyatt points for about one cent each, though their quantities are more limited. Here’s the breakdown:

* (100) 24,000 Gold Passport points for $225
* (35) 30,000 GP points for $300
* (15) 36,000 GP points for $375
* (15) 69,000 GP points for $700

Only one purchase can be made per person and this promotion is available to US residents only.

Now here’s the shocking news — I won’t be taking advantage of this promotion. Why? Because Hyatt is too generous otherwise! I can earn points for cheaper than that by mattress running during Hyatt’s Big Welcome Back promotion. Don’t get me wrong, this is an outrageously good deal. Using this promotion, you can get a top Hyatt property for around $180/night, which is otherwise unheard of, but Hyatt has just been too generous lately!

(Tip of the hat to Gary)


  1. Its quite unreal that 2 sec after 10am the $225 promotion did not allow anything to be added to the cart…..

  2. @Neerav – the same exact thing happened to me. I was hitting F5 on my keyboard to refresh my screen every second or so from 9:59 on. As soon as I saw the Buy button, I hit it and was immediately told that there was none available. Pretty frustrating.

    @Brian – how did you find these ten minutes later?! Now I feel like I gave up too easily. 🙁

  3. I see Next Tuesday the 25th it’s Priority Club’s turn. As an almost not at all Frequent traveler I just earned gold this year for the first time ever in any program. (on only 8 nights… which for me is a nifty figure) Anyway.. with this promo they are offering 40,000 points for $240.00 which would get me to platinum. Is it a good deal? Is it worth it for what little I get for platinum? Thanks.

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