Buy Air France-KLM Flying Blue Miles With 80% Bonus

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Air France-KLM’s Flying Blue program has just rolled out its latest promotion on purchased miles, which some might find to be worthwhile.

Buy Flying Blue miles with 80% bonus

The Flying Blue program has just launched its latest bonus on purchased miles. Through Sunday, April 11, 2021, you can receive up to an 80% bonus when you purchase miles:

  • Buy 4,000-10,000 miles, get a 60% bonus
  • Buy 12,000-28,000 miles, get a 70% bonus
  • Buy 30,000-100,000 miles, get an 80% bonus

It’s possible that different accounts may be targeted for different bonuses, as you do have to log into your Flying Blue account to see what your offer is. However, it’s my understanding that the above is the standard offer.

Redeem Flying Blue miles for Air France’s 777 business class

Non-elite members can purchase up to 100,000 miles per year, while elite members can purchase an unlimited number of miles. However, elite members are still capped in terms of how many bonus miles they can earn.

If you’re a Flying Blue non-elite member, then you can max out this promotion by buying a total of 100,000 miles pre-bonus. With an 80% bonus you’d earn a total of 180,000 miles for 2,750EUR (~3,263USD), which is a cost of 1.81 cents (USD) per mile.

While that’s not a rate at which everyone should pick up Flying Blue miles, I’d say that’s a solid price. Note that in the past we’ve seen Flying Blue offer up to a 100% bonus on purchased miles, so if you’re looking for the absolute best price it could be worth waiting. However, there’s no guarantee when we’ll see an offer like that again.

The terms of this promotion are as follows:

*During the promotional period, Elite members can receive a maximum bonus of 240,000 Miles when buying Miles, while Explorer members can receive a maximum bonus of 80,000 Miles. Bonus Miles will be rewarded on transactions made between 22 March and 11 April 2021, 2359 CET +1, and will be credited to the recipient’s account when the transaction is complete.

Miles are sold in units of 2,000 Miles up to 100,000 Miles, and in units of 25,000 from 100,000 to 300,000 Miles. Elite members may purchase an unlimited number of Miles, while Explorer members may only purchase or receive up to 100,000 Miles in any calendar year, unless a promotion is active in which case it is possible to either purchase or receive Bonus Miles on top of the 100,000 Miles.

Miles are sold to you by Points Inc. Miles will be deposited into your account within 72 hours of purchase. You have the right to withdraw your purchase within 14 days as provided in the Buy and Gift Miles Program Terms and Conditions. To exercise the withdrawal right or to obtain assistance with the Buy and Gift Miles Program, please contact the Customer Service Centre.

What credit card should you buy miles with?

Flying Blue mileage purchases are processed by, meaning they don’t count as an airfare purchase for the purposes of credit card spending. Therefore I’d recommend using a card on which you’re trying to reach minimum spending, or otherwise, a credit card that maximizes your return on everyday spend.

Ordinarily I’d say that would be a card like the Chase Freedom Unlimited® (review) or Citi® Double Cash Card (review), though that’s not the case here, since those cards have foreign transaction fees.

See this post for more on which credit cards are best for buying points.

Should you buy Flying Blue miles?

Flying Blue nowadays has dynamic award pricing and roughly distance based award pricing. While I wouldn’t say it’s one of my favorite frequent flyer programs, it is one that I get quite a bit of use out of.

In addition to the great value that can be had through Flying Blue Promo Awards, Flying Blue also has the advantage of having access to more award seats for travel on Air France and KLM metal.

In other words, Flying Blue makes more award seats available to members of its own program than to members of partner programs. So even when the program’s pricing isn’t the best, there are situations where it could make sense to book through Flying Blue.

Redeem miles for KLM’s 787 business class

Other ways to earn Flying Blue miles

Remember that Flying Blue is transfer partners with American Express, Brex, Capital One, Chase, Citi, and Marriott, so there are lots of ways to acquire their points. Through April 16, 2021, Citi ThankYou is even offering a 25% bonus when you transfer points to Air France-KLM.

Transfer points to Flying Blue from:

Bottom line

Through April 11, 2021, Flying Blue is offering up to an 80% bonus on purchased miles. This could represent an excellent deal with a specific use in mind, but this isn’t a rate at which I’d speculatively pick up miles, especially since we’ve seen 100% bonuses in the past.

Do you plan on purchasing Flying Blue miles with an 80% bonus?

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  1. Another way to earn 50,000 Flying Blue miles is to sign up for the Bank of America Air France KLM World Elite Mastercard. After you spend $2,000 in the first 90 days you’ll receive the 50,000 points along with a $100 statement credit.

    A few other perks:

    Earn 3 miles per $1 spent with AF, KLM or other SkyTeam members like Delta and Aeromexico

    Receive 5,000 Miles every year on your anniversary after spending $50+ during the year (this covers more than half of the $89 annual fee) as well as 20 XP’s for those looking for status (required if you want to fly in AF’s exclusive La Premiere)

    The card will keep your Flying Blue miles from expiring 24 months after issue.

  2. The problem I have with Flying Blue is the high taxes/fees on award redemptions. I actually have a booking right now where they would be so useful, but why on earth would I pay 400-600EUR on top of that when I can book a star alliance flight with 10-50 EUR on top of it (pertaining to this particular trip)?? They could be such a useful program with their route networks and partners but the fees just kill it. Not as bad as BA/VA… but still.

  3. Does purchase of miles extend expiration date of miles that were previously transferred from AMEX to FB?

  4. @Desperado – I do not believe so. In reading through the T&C it looks like the only two things that extend expiration are crediting flights to FlyingBlue or using a AF/KLM CC. Having said that, they’ve posted on their website that no miles will expire through 12/31/2021.

    If others have had a different experience or understanding I’d be much appreciative of their insights.

  5. This was discussed on Frequent Miler yesterday – if you ONLY have miles that were transferred from a card partner, purchased, etc ( never have credited a flight directly to Flying Blue), things like transferring points or buying points DO extend the expiry of your miles. If you actually earned miles by flying with Air France, those particular miles can ONLY be extended by flying or by spending on a cobrand credit card.

  6. The act of buying miles with FB extends your expiration date a further 24 months. I bought miles in the last promo and noted the new expiry date on my account almost immediately.
    I phoned the call centre prior to purchase to check, as admittedly their published T&Cs are rather vague on this subject.

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