Buy Flying Blue Miles With A 75% Bonus

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Air France-KLM Flying Blue has just announced their latest promotion on purchased miles.

FlyingBlue is offering up to a 75% bonus when you purchase miles. This promotion is tiered, and you get a bigger bonus on purchased miles the more miles you buy, as follows:

  • Buy 4,000+ miles, get a 40% bonus
  • Buy 10,000+ miles, get a 50% bonus
  • Buy 40,000+ miles, get a 75% bonus

Redeem Flying Blue miles for Air France’s 777 business class

Non-elite members can purchase up to 75,000 miles per year, while elite members can purchase an unlimited number of miles. However, elite members are still capped at earning up to 100,000 bonus miles during this promotion.

If you’re a Flying Blue non-elite member, then you can max out this promotion by buying a total of 75,000 miles pre-bonus. You’d receive a total of 131,250 Flying Blue miles at a cost of 2,062.50EUR (~2,332USD), which is a cost of 1.78 cents (USD) per mile.

Flying Blue mileage purchases are processed by, meaning they don’t count as an airfare purchase for the purposes of credit card spend. Therefore I’d recommend using a card on which you’re trying to reach minimum spend, or otherwise, a credit card that maximizes your return on everyday spend, like the Chase Freedom Unlimited® or Citi® Double Cash Card.

See this post for more on which credit cards are best for buying points.

The terms of this promotion are as follows:

* During the promotional period, Elite members can receive a maximum bonus of 100,000 Miles, while Explorer members can receive a maximum bonus of 56,250 Miles. Bonus Miles will be rewarded on transactions made between 14 March and 10 April 2019, 2359 CET +1, and will be credited to the recipient’s account when the transaction is complete. Miles are sold in units of 2,000 Miles. Elite members may purchase an unlimited number of Miles, while Explorer members may only purchase or receive up to 75,000 Miles in any calendar year, unless a promotion is active in which case it is possible to either purchase or receive Bonus Miles on top of the 75,000 Miles.

Miles are sold to you by Points Inc. Miles will be deposited into your account within 72 hours of purchase. You have the right to withdraw your purchase within 14 days as provided in the Buy and Gift Miles Program Terms and Conditions. To exercise the withdrawal right or to obtain assistance with the Buy and Gift Miles Program, please contact the Customer Service Centre.

There are lots of great uses of Flying Blue miles, and I’ve found myself using them more and more lately (I actually have three upcoming trips booked with them).

Redeem Flying Blue miles for KLM’s A330 business class

While there are definitely circumstances under which it could make sense to buy Flying Blue miles, do keep in mind that Flying Blue is transfer partners with American Express, Capital One, Chase, Citi, and Marriott, so there are lots of ways to acquire their points.

Transfer points to Flying Blue from:

Does anyone plan on buying Flying Blue miles with a 75% bonus?

(Tip of the hat to @rooeysworld)

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  1. I did a quick check for trips from Adelaide Australia, and there is no value when a one way trip to Europe works out to 240,000 points(best value) .From Melbourne Australia, it gets closer to 140,000 points, but that still does not represent good value, especially when you add the charges. You need to list the sweet spots, otherwise buying points should only be used to upgrade, or top up your account.

  2. Lucky,

    How does this compare to prior Flying Blue bonuses? I have purchased their miles before and am considering maxing this one out.

  3. After doing some research, I see that the prior best ever bonus was 100%, but that was back in 2017… This is an attractive option for someone trying to meet minimum spend (which I am).

  4. I don’t see this as much of a value. I can often get a business R/T from England to the States for about £2,000ish. 130,000 miles will usually not get a oneway.

  5. Not a big deal…
    BUD-HKG: 90k+miles ow, 180k rt (mostly much more) +hefty taxes = $3.2k+$500 if buy miles.

    Same price if you buy a paid business ticket, and on top earn apx.10-20k in miles.

  6. @saianel
    In the T&Cs

    “will not be considered as an extending activity with respect to the validity of the Miles in the Flying Blue Programme.”

  7. @Boris
    Easily and regularly get redemptions for less than 120k and sometimes less than 110k return, though taxes & fees came be a bit high:

    27/3 – 3/4
    115k + $525

    In your case taxes & fees would be even higher ex-UK due to APD. APD is a pain for award redemption, generally just avoid redeeming ex-UK and reposition via LCC to AMS or CDG.

  8. ditched this flying blue thing. Too hard to maintain it. Buying or transferring point won’t keep the balance alive, you have to either fly or credit card, even redemption won’t count. The worst program policy out of Asia ( Asian program are mostly worse than this, point has to be used after 3 years no matter what is pretty much for all of them )

    There are not much good redemption for me either. Only worthy thing was 15K one way from Honolulu to new york, but only off peak though.

  9. When topping your miles, this could be useful when flying La Premiere which is available from 200.000 miles. So 200.000 miles x 1,78 cents is 3.520 USD for one way. Including taxes it’s 3.800 USD, which is actually good value as La Premiere one way tickets are often double in price.

  10. What are some of the great uses of Flying Blue miles that you refer to? Where is the best value to be had?

  11. The best use of Flying Blue miles is to take advantage of their monthly Promo Awards with discounts of 25-50% off required miles. My wife and I will fly RT business class from Madrid to Montreal for a total of 147K miles (50% off) plus $1K in fees. Not too wild about the fee part, but I can’t argue with 35K per person each way!

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