Video: British Airways Surprises A 99 Year Old With A Trip

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British Airways has done an incredible job with their marketing over the past year or so, in particular with their “BA Magic” campaign. Through this, they encouraged people to write in sharing a trip they’d like to take for a special reason, and British Airways (sometimes) makes it happen in a very special way.

In the past I’ve shared the videos of British Airways helping a man propose to his girlfriend inflightthem helping an aunt get to Hong Kong for just 24 hours to surprise her nephewthem helping a man take his first flight after brain surgerythem reuniting a couple that’s 10,000 miles apartthem fulfilling a girl’s dream of becoming cabin crew, and them giving a 12 year old boy with cerebral palsy the Christmas of a lifetime.

While it looks like that series may be over for a while, British Airways has shared a new story that’s also cute and touching. I’m a sucker for a feel good story, so I can’t help but share it here.

This one is about a 99 year old woman who British Airways decided to surprise. Why? Because British Airways has also just turned 99, so I guess she and the airline are the same age.

Here’s how British Airways describes the video:

One 99-year-old kicked off her milestone birthday celebrations early after British Airways surprised her with a very special trip.

Mary Parsons from Malvern in Worcestershire turns 100 years old on January 1, 2019, the same year that the airline also celebrates its centenary. British Airways ambassador, Derek Tennant, surprised Mary at her ‘Friends of the Elderly’ care home in Davenham and revealed that he was taking her to Belfast to see her family.

Born just 51 days after World War I ended, Mary grew up in Monaghan, 70 miles south of Belfast, yet left when she was 18-years-old to move to England and become a nurse.

Given the VIP treatment by Derek and accompanied every step of the way by her carer, Ellie Bannister, Mary was met at the airport by her nephew Ciaran and his wife Noelle, and niece Margaret and her husband Anthony, before spending the weekend in Belfast.

If you have a few minutes, here’s the video:

This isn’t the extent of British Airways’ 99th birthday celebrations, though:

Today, Saturday, August 25, customers celebrating their birthday and their travel companions are being invited to use the airline’s First lounge, accessed through the First Wing. The celebrations haven’t stopped there, as the airline is also giving customers ‘99 ice creams’ to mark the occasion, while a marching band performs for onlookers. British Airways staff are also wearing uniforms from across the airline’s history.

  1. Well I think it was a scam by the nursing home to get her out of their place. Send her to Belfast one way! 😉

  2. Oh bloody hell. I can’t believe these cold-blooded soulless Brits can make me teary eyed with their BA Magic campaign.

  3. This is really touching, however let’s make it clear that BA is certainly not 100.

    BA was established on 31 March 1974 and will be 45 next year

    They are simply attempting to steal KLM’s limelight as they will be 100 next year as most people won’t realise or bother to check the facts

  4. Icarus – Not that it remotely matters, but the first airline which has been absorbed into what is now BA is 99 years old.

  5. Unfortunately, the near-centenarian had a heart attack when BA told her the amount of the fuel surcharges.

  6. BA is a joke of an airline, their PR won’t fix their problems (CEO.) It’s funny how you Lucky only write about BA PR ad 🙂 there is obviously nothing else to write about: no new seats, no good service, no pride in the airline an certainly passengers getting more annoyed about the first low cost airline in Europe and/or world that uses 747 and A380! 🙂

  7. What a beautiful video! It’s a good thing she was in a wheelchair as it looked like she had several glasses of champagne, and I doubt she can keep her liver in drinking shape at the old folks’ home.

  8. @Ella
    How I see is that she was deprived of alcohol for all these years. BA just pump alcohol into her liver.

  9. @Tomasz Skrzypczack – Wow every day I see you on some blog or other moaning about BA. They must have heart you badly.

  10. @Evan – Every day? There is not that many blog posts about BA anyway. I live in Britain and I wish there was a better national airline here to use. Moaning is good in this case. These PR stunts BA does make me even more annoyed because one nice video doesn’t change how airline does it business with it’s passengers. You think BA is good? Just check any BA flight review on one of the youtubers, it’s so predictable – always ending up in bad experience.

  11. Isn’t Belfast in Northern Ireland (which is part of the UK), not Ireland, which is an independent country?

  12. Tomasz the points guy has a relatively positive review from July. Give that a read. There’s a great national airline in Britain called Emirates. Regular flights from all major airports 🙂

  13. @Aaron Tan – “national airline in Britain called Emirates” – that’s funny and sad at the same time 🙂 🙂

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