British Airways Fulfills Girl’s Dream Of Becoming Cabin Crew

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British Airways has been doing an incredible job with their marketing lately, and in particular with their “BA Magic” campaign. Through this, they encourage people to write in sharing a trip they’d like to take for a special reason, and British Airways (sometimes) makes it happen in a very special way. In the past I’ve shared the videos of British Airways helping a man propose to his girlfriend inflightthem helping an aunt get to Hong Kong for just 24 hours to surprise her nephewthem helping a man take his first flight after brain surgery, them reuniting a couple that’s 10,000 miles apart, etc.

They’re just such feel good stories that I can’t help but share them here, as they always put a smile on my face (and also sometimes tears).  British Airways has just released their latest video in the BA Magic series, which is about a young girl who suffered from cancer, who wanted to be cabin crew.

Here’s how British Airways describes the story:

British Airways has stepped in to give a brave girl who has been treated for cancer the chance to fulfil her lifelong dream of becoming cabin crew. Thirteen-year-old Majorie Nakmulli-Mukiibi from East Ham in London has recently finished a gruelling course of chemotherapy for Hodgkin lymphoma, and while in hospital told her mother about her wish to experience life working at 30,000 feet.

Majorie’s dream came true when she was treated to what she believed to be a day out at KidZania London in Westfield London, Shepherd’s Bush, a children’s education and entertainment attraction that encourages children to experience different careers. Majorie was with her brothers and sisters, learning about what it takes to be a pilot or member of cabin crew, when Christabel Bigwood, a real-life member of British Airways cabin crew, walked in.

British Airways’ CEO, Alex Cruz, even makes an appearance to present her with wings. Here’s the very cute video:

Well done, British Airways!

  1. Publicity Stunt. Big Corporate Giant. I always love to look for the positives in stuff, but if they really wanted to just fulfil her dream, why film it, and put on a multimillion pound advertising campaign out there?

  2. Still, is very heart warming and it looks like she had a great time – its always great when younger people get to fulfil their dreams, especially given what she’s gone through.

  3. Great job Marjorie!
    Why film it? To record for her and her family the great experience and give her something to dream about!
    Shame on you eagerflyer for belittling her and her strength! She is a bigger person than you!
    Rock on Marjorie!

  4. Shame they don’t invest the same amount of money and effort into their onboard product as they do with their marketing.

  5. @annek – As I said, it is a great experience, truly inspirational and actually I was very touched by the video. My point was that it is naive to think this video and the entire set of videos produced by BA aren’t being put out there for publicity or to attract attention. Once again – if my words came out odd then I’m sorry – however, I think that just like with the in-flight proposal or the flying to hong kong for a day, it is very naive to think that its not being done for some kind of publicity. I hope that’s not the case, but I just think that’s a point worth sharing.

  6. Eagerflyer! Apology accepted! I just did not think it was fair to rain on Marjoie’s parade!
    Needless to say this series is a form of advertising, that said they have done an interesting job of selecting candidates. The proposal angle might be a tad overdone but that being said the others were brilliant!
    As for anyone to question why should it be filmed, I just have to ask were you never a child with a dream you thought no one would acknowledge?
    It acknowledges a dream and achieved a goal all at the same time!

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