Must-See: British Airways’ Christmas Surprise For A 12 Year Old Boy With Cerebral Palsy

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British Airways has been doing an incredible job with their marketing lately, and in particular with their “BA Magic” campaign. Through this, they encourage people to write in sharing a trip they’d like to take for a special reason, and British Airways (sometimes) makes it happen in a very special way.

In the past I’ve shared the videos of British Airways helping a man propose to his girlfriend inflightthem helping an aunt get to Hong Kong for just 24 hours to surprise her nephewthem helping a man take his first flight after brain surgerythem reuniting a couple that’s 10,000 miles apart, them fulfilling a girl’s dream of becoming cabin crew, etc.

They’re just such feel good stories that I can’t help but share them here, as they always put a smile on my face (and also sometimes tears).  British Airways has just released their latest video in the BA Magic series, which is about a 12 year old Scottish boy with cerebral palsy getting some very nice surprises leading up to Christmas. This is just such an incredible story that will put the biggest smile on your face and possibly even make you cry.

This is one of the longer ones, at nine minutes, but is well worth watching:

It’s one thing for an airline to surprise someone, but as I watched the video I was amazed when I thought of just how many surprises there were. From the video message from a football player to a signed Ronaldo jersey to the Lamborghini drive, to everything else, just wow. British Airways didn’t half arse this.

I’ve historically been tough on British Airways, and that hasn’t changed. After all, airlines do these types of things because they think it generates goodwill and is good for their bottom line. But I’m almost starting to think this marketing is working on me? Watching these videos brings me so much joy, and almost softens me up to the brand.

Bravo, British Airways! It’s nice that they’re at least spending the money they’re making on their short-haul buy on board catering on something good.

  1. Completely echo your sentiments in your second-to-last paragraph. I’m a bit bah-humbug about all this feel-good nonsense during the holidays, especially because it seems so absent the rest of the year and aimed strictly at capitalizing on holiday-based emotions. But BA has won me over. Or they’re at least turning the tide in their favor. I fly with them a lot and, admittedly, have never had a bad crew but am always suspect of large corporations and assume anything altruistic is just to boost the bottom line. But whatever it is, it’s working on me. I’d just wish they’d do more of these throughout the year. I especially liked the episode of the young woman who had cancer and was treated to some time as cabin crew.

  2. Good to see the happiness on wee Finlay’s face. Now if someone would only get the lad a Celtic top he’d be all sorted.

  3. … I’m um um just cutting onions.
    Before I had my (thankfully 100% healthy) son this wouldn’t have meant more to me than just a nice gesture from a big company. But now this type of thing really hits home. Well done BA

  4. Cute. But I can’t help to ponder if the ramped dirty quarters of British Airways business helps CREATE CP? Who Knows.

  5. As nice as this Christmas surprise is (damn ninjas cutting onions around me), this is unlikely to change my view of BA. There IRROPS last week have been appalling to the point that you can’t even get a responsible to talk to. The service desks just closed at some point, the hotline (even the one for Gold and Silvers) was hopelessly overloaded and even a day after … eh … snow barely covering Heathrow it still wasn’t possible to reach someone.

    As IRROPS go I haven’t witnessed anything even remotely so bad.

  6. I wonder if the likes of Leff will plagiarise this one.

    Oh, it’s BA, nothing to criticise.

    Nothing to see here; move along…

    This is something British Airways do very, very well. Like everything they do well. they excel at.

  7. Certainly a feel good story about kindness to one deserving individual
    But how does that equate to the brand and what customers experience daily
    and how they are treated on and off their flights

    So clearly what about the millions of flyers that fly BA daily, monthly and annually?
    Don’t they deserve a special hotline when they have lost and damaged bags with can do assistance ?
    Don’t they deserve customer service when things go wrong other then email address to customer relations and wait months for a response after receiving an email saying we are just to busy to respond have a nice day ?
    For me the story real or fake doesn’t make up for what British Airways fails to deliver for the typical traveler in every class of service year round
    Having said that I like many aspects of BA and what they could be with a much greater effort
    For me I can clearly tell the difference between the British Airways I know and seen in action for decades vs a feel good made for tv marketing campaign as lovely as it comes off
    Love the video but it wont help the next time I check in and they tell me because I have two separate itineraries to claim and recheck the bag all over again as a One World Sapphire
    For me that is the unfortunate self serving BA I have truly come to know
    One exceptional act of kindness doesn’t begin the forgiving process to the millions of travelers they routinely upset and inconvenience likely each and every day as well as the ones they please.My two cents
    Ho Ho Ho 🙂

  8. @Dan Allen Only a cunt would come out with such a statement, and you Sir are that. A cunt.
    You’re welcome, before you thank me.

  9. Tears were running down my eyes!

    Finlay seems to be 12, and he really did and will love BA probably, I love watching BA Magic.

  10. Good for BA, great video.

    Of course this is marketing, but it’s the airline’s choice to take that marketing in specific directions and I applaud BA for what they’ve been doing. I also agree it helps the brand’s image immensely.

    FWIW, having relocated to the UK this year I now use BA frequently, and overall my impression of the brand has actually improved over the year. Of course they need to re-evaluate their hard product choices for business class going forward but their longhaul First, PE and economy cabins are all decent (PE product is actually among the best out there). I also have never had a terrible crew, and several times have had exceptional service onboard. After years of cuts it’s finally starting to feel like they are re-investing in the premium products a bit (although they clearly need to do a lot more, especially for the J hard product).

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