Video: Man Proposes On British Airways Flight With Notecards & Musical Duo

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As an aviation geek I sure find inflight proposals to be cute. Yes, they’re a bit overplayed because seemingly every time they happen we hear the story of it, and as a result, they almost seem common to us. But I know for most people this is still an awesome surprise.

British Airways shared the story of an inflight proposal that happened on BA2672 between London Gatwick and Larnaca this past Wednesday. Per the press release:

The airline commissioned London musical duo, Jack and Joel, who created and performed a song especially for the romantic’s big moment with lyrics incorporating Joe’s favourite things about his girlfriend, loaded extra Champagne and even had their headrest covers embroidered with ‘Mr Harding and Mrs Harding to-be’ as a reminder of the flight.

Joe Harding, 41, who met Nicki two years ago when he walked past the bakery she works in, said: “I’d been planning to ask Nicki to marry me for some time but I wasn’t sure where and how. I knew getting down on one knee mid-flight would be a complete surprise so I wrote in to British Airways in the hope that they would be able to help me. All the little touches allowed me to show Nicki just how much I love her and I’m really thankful to British Airways for helping me make the proposal extra special.”

Bride-to-be, Nicki Lewington, 48, from Southampton, said: “I was absolutely speechless when I saw Joe walking down the aisle with notecards. I’m so made up with the way he proposed, it really was like a scene from Love Actually. There is no topping this one, we are walking on air. It definitely hasn’t sunk in yet!”

I wonder if they had to pay for the champagne, or if British Airways comped it? Seems a bit cruel to comp it while everyone seated around them is even having to pay for water. 😉

In all honesty, congrats to the couple, and here’s to many happy years.

  1. And BA requires payment by UK credit card only. No cash. No US credit cards are compatible w BA’s onboard payment system. Hope this BA limitation gets fixed. Congrats to the happy couple.

  2. Lucky, why did you tag this post in the “Virgin” category, even though it’s got absolutely nothing to do with Virgin Atlantic? 😉

  3. @ Alvin Tse — Hah, you catch everything. Meant to tag it as “Video” rather than “Virgin,” but guess I hit the wrong button. Thanks. Fixed now.

  4. Congratulations for the couples! But if I have to be honest, would a middle seat of a 29 inch pitched economy seat in BA be the most romantic place to ask a woman to marry him? I don’t think so…

  5. Wouldn’t it just be easier for people to type “I hate BA”? It’d save a lot of effort trying to think up witty put-downs.

    I generally hate this sort of gloopy sentimental crap, but I actually felt a bit warm inside for them at the end. Nice.

  6. this made me smile because happy news is a nice change
    kudos for a memorable proposal ala Love Actually, my favorite sappy movie

  7. God I am such a misery. But that “music’ would have driven me INSANE to use one of Ben’s favourite words – and not in a good way. This sort of display of public affection is all very well but do the individuals concerned think of those around them? In general I don’t want to be part of your proposal or whatever special occasion it may be – I’m certainly not interested in being part of an unpaid audience just for you. But then yes I am a misery. I do though hope they are very happy. Oh and I did laugh @David’s comment about the middle seat – “I love you for ever but no you are not having my aisle seat.”

  8. My husband proposed to me on BA coming back to London from Venice. Or rather he didn’t – the cabin services director did – she announced it over the tannoy and he got on one knee in the aisle. He is quite shy so it must have taken him some courage, which made it more special, especially as we were in row 1 in club Europe and the curtain was broken between club and economy, so the whole plane could see! Best flight ever.

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