Best one liner I’ve ever heard from a reservations agent…

I talk to literally thousands of airline reservations agents a year, though I just had an agent that delivered the best one liner ever, and they were the first words out of his mouth no less (and I’m not doing him justice, cause it was all in the delivery):

Me: “Hi, can I give you a record locator please?”
Him: “I’d rather have cash, but go ahead.”

Love it! He was the most intentionally humorous reservations agent I’ve had. Though he still can’t quite compete with Timetravel Tammy, Tailwind Tanisha, “No Can Do” Nancy, and Mesaba Maria, when it comes to making me laugh.

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  1. Actually, when to think about it, the more efficiently you help people to burn miles the less profitable airlines are, the less reservation agents are paid. So they’d really love some cash. šŸ™‚

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