Awesome Cathay Pacific catering video

Check out this awesome video of the Cathay Pacific catering facility in Vancouver. While I’ve toured a couple of airline catering facilities and have so much respect for the complexity of the process, I have to say that the attention to detail with first class meals came as a surprise to me. Definitely an eye opening video!

(Tip of the hat to @KLMnieuws)

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  1. Was at the EK one in DXB couple months back. That’s a lot more amazing. About 115K meals prepared per day.

  2. Cathay in First Class from Hong Kong to SFO did a fantastic job other then the soup which was nasty.They have come a long way to be a first/world class carrier
    Back in 2005 it was inferior.I still avoid their Hong Kong to NRT flight where the plane seating is bad in business and the food inedible
    But where they shine they clearly do
    I’d be happy to fly them again in or out of Hong Kong in a heartbeat to anywhere in North America.
    On the topic of food in the sky.It doesn’t matter how pretty/high quality or how well its prepared if it can’t hold up in the sky reheated hours later to a highly satisfying outcome.Or for that matter how many celebrity chefs are involved with planning.
    Food choices must be very carefully chosen
    when flying.

  3. I have a newfound appreciation for airline food on Asian carriers. I can’t say much about domestic carriers. The food is just awful. They should learn a thing or two from their Asian counterparts. Cathy Pacific will put any of them too shame.

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