Asiana First Class 1

Asiana Airlines Stops Selling First Class

Well, this isn't a very good time for first class in Korea. Just last week Korean Air announced that they're eliminating first class on 27 international routes as of June 1, 2019. Now Asiana Airlines has announced an even more radical change. While there's…

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Asiana A380 Business Class – 3

Asiana Airlines Cuts Chicago, Other Unprofitable Routes

It's an interesting time for global aviation. You have some airlines doing really well, and at the same time we're seeing more airlines liquidate than we've seen in a really long time. Even within regions we're seeing huge variance in terms of airline…

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Korean Air A380

Full Details: New No-Show Fees From Asiana & Korean Air

A couple of days ago I wrote about an incident that occurred on a Korean Air flight from Hong Kong to Seoul Incheon over the weekend. Long story short, a K-pop band was flying Korean Air, and some crazed fans decided to book refundable tickets on the…

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Turkish Tail

Ouch: Asiana A330 Knocks Tail Off Turkish A321 In Istanbul

It's not that uncommon for there to be collisions between planes on the ground. Fortunately typically no one is hurt, so it's just a function of being a very expensive mistake to make. The most common type of collision we see is when planes' wings strike…

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Asiana Business Class A321 – 7

Review: Asiana Business Class A321 Seoul To Chengdu

My connection at Incheon Airport was just over two hours. I headed towards transit security, which took about 15 minutes. That meant I had about 90 minutes until boarding, so rather than trying to find a lounge, I just headed straight to the gate. Both…

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Asiana Business Class A380 – 44

Review: Asiana Business Class A380 Los Angeles To Seoul

While I've flown Asiana's first class on this route, this was my first time flying their longhaul business class. I was curious to see how the product stacked up, both compared to Asiana's first class, and also compared to Korean Air's business class,…

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Asiana A321 Business Class – 10

Asiana A321 Business Class In 10 Pictures

Hello from Chengdu! After flying Asiana's A380 business class from Los Angeles to Seoul Incheon, it was time to connect to Asiana's A321 business class to Chengdu. My layover was fairly short so I didn't even visit an Asiana lounge. For me any flight…

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Asiana A380

Asiana A380 Business Class Impressions: Good, Not Great

Hello from Incheon! I just took the 13-hour flight on the Asiana A380 from Los Angeles to Seoul Incheon. I’ve flown this route before in first class, though this was my first time trying Asiana’s longhaul business class product. In this post I wanted…

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Asiana Advertisement

This Asiana Business Class Advertisement Is A Hilarious FAIL

Earlier I posted about how I'll soon be flying Asiana's business class from Los Angeles to Seoul Incheon, which I'm looking forward to. On that post, reader Claus left the following comment: "Asiana business class, sponsor of one of my most favorite…

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Asiana A380 Business Class

Booked: Asiana Business Class & Sichuan Business Class

For the first time in years, I've spent 30 straight days in the US. It wasn't supposed to be that way, as I had two international trips canceled, including one with my dad to Slovakia and Macedonia. Nonetheless I've had a lot of domestic travel, which…

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Footage I Had Never Seen Of The Crash Of Asiana 214 At SFO

Most of you probably remember the July 2013 crash landing of Asiana 214 at SFO. The plane was coming in too low on final approach and touched down too early, and after sliding down the runway for a bit the plane flipped. While it's tragic that three…

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Asiana Lounge Incheon Airport 16

Review: Asiana Business Class Lounge Incheon Airport

I arrived at Incheon Airport at around 10AM, a little under three hours before my 12:55PM flight to Almaty. Upon entering the main check-in hall I checked the monitor to see where Air Astana's check-in counters were located. Their counters were in row…

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Asiana A380 First Class 001

Increased Welcome Bonus On Asiana Credit Card

In terms of lesser known US credit cards, Bank of America issues the Asiana Visa Signature Card, and it has an increased sign-up bonus at the moment. The card usually has a rather sad sign-up bonus of 10,000 miles, though at the moment you can earn 30,000…

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Star Alliance First Lounge Lax 42

Asiana Introducing Double Daily A380 Flights To LAX

Seoul Incheon-based Asiana Airlines took delivery of their first A380 in 2014. I had the chance to fly Asiana's A380 first class between Los Angeles and Seoul Incheon shortly after the service launched, given that Los Angeles was their first longhaul…

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