ANA’s (Useless?) Haneda First Class Lexus Transfer

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All Nippon Airways has apparently had a private first class car transfer service at Haneda Airport that I was unfamiliar with, even though it has been around for years. But it seems kind of… useless?

Who doesn’t love an airline transfer service?

While some airlines offer chauffeur service to & from the airport, some airlines offer first class passengers a private transfer around the airport as such, so they don’t have to deal with the hassle of walking between gates, etc.

Lufthansa is perhaps most well known for this, as they offer first class passengers and HON Circle members a tarmac transfer if they arrive or depart from a remote stand, or if they depart from a different terminal than the lounge they’re in. This applies in both Frankfurt and Munich.

Lufthansa first class transfer service

Air France also offers first class passengers a ride to & from the La Premiere Lounge in Paris, or to immigration upon arrival.

Air France first class transfer service

And then you have ANA…

ANA’s Haneda Airport Lexus Connection service

Apparently this has been around since October 2015, and I just haven’t known about it. ANA offers Japan’s only terminal transfer service for first class passengers on ANA operated international flights.

As it’s described, ANA first class passengers arriving at Haneda Airport on connecting flights will be met by a private Lexus ready to transfer them between the international and domestic terminals.

The catch is that this service is nothing like what the pictures suggest, best I can tell.

If you’re connecting from a domestic flight to an international flight:

  • Ground staff will greet the passenger at their arrival gate
  • The passenger will be escorted to a dedicated car and transported to the arrival point at the international terminal, which is the bus stop of the free terminal shuttle bus

If you’re connecting from an international flight to a domestic flight:

  • Ground staff will greet the passenger at their arrival gate
  • The passenger will be driven from the domestic bus stop of the free terminal shuttle bus to the international bus stop of the free terminal shuttle

A few things to note:

  • No reservation is required for this service
  • All first class passengers are eligible, including those on award tickets and upgrades
  • Your domestic and international tickets need to be on the same reservation to take advantage of this service
  • Only same day connections are eligible, including international flights departing until 3AM the following day
  • This is only valid for domestic to international connections and vice versa, and not international to international connections (since those flights depart from the same terminal)
  • Transfers will take place in a Lexus LS, LX, or RX

Bottom line

ANA offers a free first class Lexus transfer between the domestic and international terminal at Haneda Airport. I’m writing about this for two reasons.

First of all, because I didn’t know it existed, even though it has been around for nearly five years. I figured I knew all of the airlines that offered this service, but I guess not.

Second of all, because this seems kind of useless, and almost misleading. The pictures show people being picked up at the door of the plane, though it seems that they’re essentially just offering transfers between the two landside bus stops for the terminals.

For what it’s worth, there’s a free airport bus running between the two terminals every four minutes (and it’s Japan, so you can trust that it will be exactly every four minutes).

Has anyone used this ANA Lexus first class transfer?

(Tip of the hat to Steve E)

  1. It’s a glorified airport greeter service. Nothing wrong with that, but definitely not up to par with LH or AF

  2. Don’t you need to do immigration and re-check your bags when doing an international to domestic transfer at HND? I’m pretty sure I did last time I flew YYZ-HND-ITM.

  3. Used it and its way better then the bus transfer, as they take all you luggage as well – not true that it needs to be the same ticket! So they also do the re-checkin for you.
    And for aviation geeks, the highlight for sure!

  4. Random detail remark: assuming the pictures are relatively recent, it seems rather interesting that they even feature two models of LS, both a bit long in the tooth now (by Japanese standards).
    Appears like they must’ve had some cars for various company brass purpose lying around spare and found a use. The displacement tax on that LX570 is also rather obscene in Japan.

    Perhaps they need some Toyota Century or Crown to make it the proper Japanese experience. Maybe once those are passed down from upper management 😉

  5. Upon your arrival at gate, you will be escorted to downstairs and the card is waiting for you, so not necessary “between the two landside bus stops for the terminals”. I assume you will be picked up at the door of the plane when the plane arrive at a non-gate position as LH offers.

  6. I used this, and it was great for a family with an infant. Much better than cramming on the bus.

    The Lexus was comfortable, and it was great to have an escort all the way through customs and then bag recheck at HND. Was asked upon check in at LAX if we were interested in using the service. Not sure who would turn it down.

    We were on a VS award ticket connecting to a UA domestic Japan award ticket.

    The only downside is it seemed like the car dropped us at the wrong end of the domestic terminal. Not sure if there are multiple bus stops, but we were not dropped in the center, but the opposite end from where our gate was.

  7. This past November, I flew r/t ANA F ORD-HAN and later added a full fare paid first class segment from Osaka to HAN for the return portion. When I checked in at Osaka for the paid segment to Haneda, I was initially given the voucher for the Lexus transfer service for my flight to Chicago. However, during pre-boarding, they literally took the voucher back and said since the connection was not on the original ticket reservation, the service was not allowed.

    I took the normal bus transfer at Haneda btwn terminals, which isn’t horrible, but was disappointed that the private transfer was given then denied. So, in my case, it WAS true that it needs to be on same/original ticket, even though my luggage was checked through from the domestic to the international flights and both were first class and made well in advance of travel.

  8. i took this service on a LAX-HND-KMI itinerary ~3 years ago. at LAX, there was an offer of service at check-in, and i was given a voucher. upon landing a HND, there was an agent waiting at the gate who handed me another voucher, but, there was no escort through custom to the car. the ride was comfortable in a LX460 with a small water bottle provided.

  9. I wouldn’t empathize the lexus part of the service since they are probably the worst “luxury” car to exist

  10. Remote stand arrivals involving a shuttle bus are generally a complete pain-in-the- a***, as they appear to aimlessly meander around the airport before arriving at some grotty terminal entrance. LIS is handsdown world-beating in this regard where there are few airbridges (or any other 20th century conveniences) even for the use of their national carrier on important routes.
    So, a big cheer to ANA! Even if it is a Lexus.

  11. You left out mention of Air Canada’s on tarmac transfer at Toronto Pearson. It’s for business class, too, not first. Domestic to long haul International connections and, by invitation, in paid long haul international J for top tier status holders originating in Toronto. I’ve had it a few times now. They use BMW SUVs. It doesn’t save a lot of time, but it is cool.

  12. We did it in July 2019. Anything is better than jam packed shuttle buses. Nice thing was that although only I was in F (award ticket);my husband and daughter got to join!

  13. One crucial point missed is that HND has different international and domestic terminals. I’ve done the dom-int hop many times and once with the F transfer service.

    I was domestic arrival to a remote gate. Non transfer would involve a bus to the domestic terminal, waiting for the dom-intl bus or leaving security and catching the more frequent transfer bus.

    The transfer service took me from remote domestic gate straight to the intl terminal door nearest the security /customs line. It easily shaved 30 minutes from the transfer and made it quite a bit more comfortable.

  14. This sounds quite good, much better than the pictures actually.

    I would hate to get off the plane via stairs directly into a car when I can use an air bridge. Seems ANA is doing this the best way, as air bridges are used.

    It always sucks when it is raining/snowing or hot and humid and no air bridge…

  15. Does anyone know if it applies if you’re transferring from Haneda International to Narita International?

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