Great New Amex Offer For Marriott Stays

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We somewhat frequently see Amex Offers for discounts on hotel stays, in particular with Hilton and Marriott, given that Amex issues co-brand credit cards for both of those companies.

We’re now seeing an awesome new offer for stays at Marriott properties.

$50 back with Marriott hotel stays

At the moment there’s a new targeted Amex Offer for $50 back when you spend $200+ at select Marriott Bonvoy properties:

  • This is valid for stays in the US and US territories, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean
  • This is valid for stays between February 2 and April 10, 2021
  • The following Marriott brands are excluded: Marriott Vacation Club, Design Hotels, Protea Hotels, Marriott Executive Apartments, Homes & Villas by Marriott International, and Vistana Signature Experiences

Do be aware of the following terms:

  • You have to book directly with Marriott (by phone, through Marriott’s website, or mobile app)
  • Excludes gift card purchases
  • You just have to spend $200+ cumulatively, so you could spend that across multiple stays; taxes and fees should even count towards that total

As you’d expect, you can earn Marriott Bonvoy points for these bookings as well, and take advantage of virtually any other promotions in conjunction with this.

Ideally, you’ll see this offer on one of the following, so you can maximize your points earning while taking advantage of this offer:

You could also stack this with the spending bonuses being offered on Marriott Bonvoy cards.

Bottom Line

There’s a new opportunity to save up to 25% (if you spend exactly $200) on the cost of an upcoming stay at a Marriott property. It’s especially awesome how many Marriott brands are included in this promotion, from limited service to luxury.

Was your account targeted for this Amex Offer, and do you plan on taking advantage of it?

  1. This offer came up this morning on my personal Platinum Card.

    There is also an offer for $35 off $175 at certain Hilton properties.

  2. I was targeted with AMEX Gold and would strongly consider splurging on one night at a luxury property. Seems like a good deal and I have a few upcoming trips.

  3. There is also a 20 credit for food purchases or the Brilliant card and 10 on regular one. Spend 20 and get 20 back. Each Month. That’s awesome.

  4. Room tax and fees appear to be lower here in Texas. I see a few Marriott properties in the DFW area and Downtown Dallas area that would pretty much hit the $200 mark . 25% off.

  5. does anyone know how this works with Brilliant $300 annual Marriott credit? I still have about $120 left on my annual credit, so does this promo double-dip?

  6. Where do I find the targeted offers on my Amex Platnium account? All I see under benefits are the normal Hilton gold ans Marriott gold etc. I miss Where I used To see all the things I could add to card but I cant find those.

  7. Does it suggest that this offer is likely for $200+ per purchase than accumulatively?

    Qualifying purchase means a purchase at a participating Marriott property made during the offer period with your enrolled American Express Card and which is in an amount totaling at least $200 USD as posted to your account, following conversion from a foreign currency, if applicable, in accordance with your Card Member Agreement.

  8. Question: whether this offer will work with “advance payment/none refundable room rate” reserved on Marriott web site ?
    The term says: “…, when you pay for your stay at participating properties…”, but “advnace payment room rate is paid in advance and not directly to the participating properties.
    Thanks in advance

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