GREAT Amex Offer: 20,000 Bonus Points For $1,000 Spend With Air France & KLM

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At the moment there are two fantastic new targeted offers on airfare. Specifically, there’s an Amex Offer for 20,000 bonus Membership Rewards points when you spend $1,000+ in one or more transactions with Air France by July 31, 2018.

There’s also a similar offer available for KLM purchases, and some members are even targeted for both.

Again, these promotions are targeted, though at least they seem to be pretty widely targeted, as I see them on several of my cards. The best-case scenario is that you see one of the offers on The Platinum Card® from American Express, since the card offers 5x points on airfare purchases.

I value Membership Rewards points at 1.7 cents each, so that means if you have the offer on The Platinum Card® from American Express and spend $1,000, you’d earn a total of 25,000 bonus Membership Rewards points (this is in addition to the frequent flyer miles you’d earn for taking the flight as such). I value Membership Rewards points at ~1.7 cents each, so that’s like a $425 return on a $1,000+ flight booking, which is great.

As far as other terms to be aware of go, this is only valid for purchases made on Air France and KLM US websites (depending on which version of the offer you got), and the purchase must be made in USD to qualify. Furthermore, group bookings, hotel bookings, car rentals, the purchase of miles, etc., are all excluded.

Bottom line

Earning 20,000 bonus Membership Rewards points for $1,000 of spend with Air France or KLM is an excellent offer. This deal is even better if you get the offer on The Platinum Card® from American Express, since you can earn 5x points on airfare purchased directly with airlines on that card, for a total of 25,000 bonus points for $1,000 of spend.

For those who are Delta loyalists, this could be a great opportunity to earn some MQMs on a ticket issued by Air France or KLM. You could include travel on partner airlines on this ticket, as I see no restriction regarding which airline you can fly. The catch is that Air France and KLM will only sell you Delta tickets in some markets (like, for travel to Europe — you can’t book a domestic Delta itinerary on the Air France or KLM websites, for example).

Were you targeted for this Amex Offer, and if so, what’s your strategy for taking advantage of it?

  1. Ben, do AF or KLM site allow split tender? A biz(or first) class ticket will likely price out over $2000(or even $3000). As such, splitting the payment into $1000+ blocks might trigger multiple 20k bonuses for a single ticket.

  2. I used this same offer last winter when it was previously around for a trip to Nice on Delta metal direct from JFK. Such a great deal. Its back just in time for another fall trip to the Cote d’Azur 😉 thanks for the heads up!

  3. I only have the KLM offer on my Amex Platinum. But also have offer for 10,000 MR’s for $500 spend at AmexTravel. Could be an easy 30,000 MR’s.

  4. @ Geoff — That’s a great question and I was wondering the same. Would be a great way to score a deal on a ~$2K J ticket to Europe. As far as I know they don’t allow it, but someone please correct me if I’m wrong/if there’s a workaround. That would be AWESOME.

  5. @ DTS — Interesting, I don’t see the KLM offer on any of my cards. Anyone else see the KLM offer?

  6. No, I wasn’t targeted for this great offer. Shame, as I just paid for an Air France ticket.

    No wonder you’re called Lucky. LOL

  7. I was targetted for the KLM offer. I used a similar offer last year for AF, perhaps that is why it is not showing again

  8. I also got the KLM offer.

    @Geoff, generally unless otherwise specified Amex offers are 1-time only, so you wouldn’t earn 20K for each $1000 transaction you make, just the first one. If you have both the AF and KL offers you could double-dip, but you’d need to buy two separate tickets on the two separate websites. If you were buying tickets for 2 people that might be easy enough but splitting a roundtrip ticket into 2 one-ways is likely to be more expensive.

  9. I also have the KLM 20K MR for $1000 on both personal Plat and Gold Biz in addition to the Air France offer.

  10. I haven’t seen a recent KLM offer on the same terms, but I did receive one last November. Turned out being an extremely lucrative offer, as I booked two ~$510 tickets to Norway.

    On the way back we had a flight cancellation. After a late night call with Delta, I was rerouted to arrive just over 3 hours late. Filed for EU 261 compensation and somehow managed to get two checks for 600 euro a week later.

    Guessing I won’t have such luck utilizing this amex offer, but it’s a great deal nonetheless.

  11. Thanks gang. I believe the Delta site allows multiple payment methods. Just wondering how AMEX would “see” two(of three)charges on the same ticket? In my split payment history a charge is a charge.

  12. Yep, got both KLM & AF offers. No mention in either but the other one, so assuming I can get both (if I manage to find flights to spend it on!)

  13. Thanks for the heads up, guys. Now checked Ford’s account, and he has both, so updated the post to reflect that. What a great offer!

  14. @Geoff when I did this last time I had to book through AF if I wanted Deta metal. If you book on Delta’s site it won’t code the charge properly and I doubt Amex would give you the points even if you called and asked. They were very strict about booming directly through AF.

  15. I have this on both AF and KLM… as does my husband. I took advantage of this last year, and you can call up and book it over the phone where you can split cards.

    I have also split cards on Casper offer via phone and still got the offers even though the purchase was supposed to be online only. It’s just that it doesn’t get credited for some months (not sure why) and you won’t get an email right away saying you used your offer!

    On the recent Amazon prime bonus, we did multiple gift memberships on multiple cards and none of them worked (except the main renewal) and Amex told me that they don’t give the bonus on gifts … but a few months later, voila they were all credited to our accounts.

    Amex may have closed this process since then … YMMV!

  16. Thank you Lucky!!! I just checked my Amex account and got both offers on the same card! I got the same AF offer last year and used it and am glad to get this again. I recently transferred Amex points to AF Flying Blue thanks to the 25% bonus to redeem a La Premiere ticket so my Amex MR points are running low.

  17. @lucky I don’t know if you saw but Air France just announced they’d lease an Air Belgium A340 in the summer for a month.

  18. I was targeted for both KLM and AirFrance offers. Look to be identical. 1k spend for 20k points.

  19. @Debit. Buy a really expensive ticket to the Maldives or Sydney in first. Think of the points:)

  20. Got both KLM and AF offers.

    Will you still get the bonus if $1000+ is spent on multiple tickets, but the same booking? Much more likely that I’d get a friend to fly to/from Europe on a ~$500-600 roundtrip fare than me paying $1000+ on a single ticket

    @Mark it sounds like you had success doing that?

  21. Got both offers on the same card: AMEX Gold. The Air France offer doesn’t have to originate in the US? This would allow me to combine some flights. 🙂

    Also, rookie question: does it need to be in one single transaction?

  22. Of course they want you to spend more than $1000 on AFKL, especially after today’s devaluation of Flying Blue! FT is up in arms!

  23. I am looking for non-stop flights to LHR from the east coast on Delta, but AF.US does not give me any options for those flights. KLM.US on the other hand does. Any thoughts on how to get AF to show DL flights for the non-stops from East Coast to LHR?

  24. It doesn’t look like you can combine this is the IAP? If I book with amex travel I wont qualify, correct?

    I guess I need to weigh out the difference in cost between the IAP savings and the point value.

    Hoping I’m missing something here can I can double dip 🙂

  25. I got both the AF and KLM offer on my Personal Platinum card. Now all I need is a nice flight, ideally ex Europe. Any suggestions? 😉

  26. As Lucky alluded to, you can use this offer on Delta for (some?) international flights. There was a similar 20k MR points offer for $1k+ on KLM back in November/December. Terms were essentially the same (i.e. flights had to originate in the USA). I needed to book Delta flights from JFK-FCO, so I just did it on KLM’s website (instead of Delta’s) using my Amex Platinum and boom, I earned the 20k MR points (plus 5x points on the airfare). Just one word of warning: if you have free bags on Delta via the Amex Delta Skymiles credit card, they may hassle you a bit at the airport since you technically booked with KLM. I just flashed the Amex Delta card at the Delta counter and got them to honor the free bags.

  27. I know Paying with amex points counts as a paid ticket so If I used points to pay for a ticket over $1K with a 35% rebate would I qualify for the extra 20,000 or do I need to physically pay with card?

    This might be a silly question but was curious!

  28. Would this work on flying blue award tickets (for a family) whose taxes are over $1000?

  29. I wonder if it would work with AF or KLM gift cards to use for later travel. No mention of gift card exclusion in the terms. Thoughts?

  30. Got KLM and AF plus the Amex Travel offers! $2600 for 63,000 points??? Don’t mind if I do!

  31. Got both offers on my Amex Platinum. Thank you very very much for the heads up. I had a La Premiere booked on Air France for September. I went immediately to the Amex site, signed up for the offer, then booked another La Premiere on the same flights and actually saved $150 this time around and cancelled the previous booking since it was fully refundable. I did this all with AMEX on the line so they could verify everything. Then in the same call the AMEX rep offered me 10,000 points for signing up for the pay over time plan, which I will never use, but hey, for a free 10,000 points why not? So you helped me just add 30,000 additional membership rewards points to my account, and saved me $150 on my original ticket which is highly discounted in the first place. I was able to get a Prague to SF roundtrip for a little over $5,000 in La Premiere. That alone gets me 25,000+ membership rewards points. This is why I read your blog religiously and thank you very very much for all the work you do to get the info to us.

  32. I scored both the KLM and Air France bonuses on my AmEx Platinum card. Does anyone know whether I can book before 7/31/18 and fly at a later date?

  33. I received both offers on my plat. One difference between them is that the KLM offer only applies to flights originating in the U.S. while the AF offer contains no such restriction. I will be looking at the AF offer because I’ve already booked a flight to Amsterdam but not the return flight. This might be helpful to some in a similar situation, and also to others who want to take an AF flight between points outside the U.S. entirely.

  34. I got KLM offer today, but would have preferred the AF one. I have the Platinum card from Morgan Stanley, and I seem to get fewer offers than people report here and elsewhere.

  35. I got both offers on my Mercedes-plat and regular plat. I immediately added the offer and booked a flight on the KLM website. But I still got no confirmation email that “Great News! I used my Amex offer”.

  36. Any reason after using the offer I didn’t receive an email (as I always do when using an AMEX offer) confirming that I just used an AMEX offer and if eligible I will receive the bonus?

    The charge already posted.

    Also any idea when the points will post?

  37. Ben – Do you know if I can upgrade my Air France flight if I booked an economy class ticket? On the outbound from SFO to CDG, I am in V class and on the inbound from CDG to SFO in N class. I tried to check how many miles it would take to upgrade the flight on Air France’s website, but it would not let me since I don’t currently have any Air France miles in my account. Thanks.

  38. Has anyone received the 20k MR points in their account for the Air France offer? I received an email from AMEX right after hitting the $1k spend requirement but no points in my account yet….

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