Amex Is Opening A Centurion Lounge At JFK!

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One of the best perks of The Platinum Card® from American Express and The Business Platinum Card® from American Express is access to Centurion Lounges. These lounges are for the most part significantly better than what’s offered by US airlines, as the lounges have complimentary cocktails, hot food, and a couple of them even have spas.

As of now Amex’s US Centurion Lounge locations include DallasHoustonLas VegasMiamiNew York, PhiladelphiaSan Francisco, and Seattle, and there’s one under construction in Phoenix. It looks like we now know the location of the next Amex Centurion Lounge, per USA Today.

A new Amex Centurion Lounge is expected to open at New York JFK’s Terminal 4 by early 2019. The lounge will be two levels and about 15,000 square feet. This should be Amex’s largest Centurion Lounge. As a point of comparison, the current Dallas Centurion Lounge is 9,000 square feet, and will soon be expanded to 12,000 square feet.

Amex Centurion Lounge JFK rendering (credit: American Express)

Amex Centurion Lounge JFK rendering (credit: American Express)

JFK seems like a logical location for an Amex Centurion Lounge, though the challenge is that a majority of the terminals at JFK aren’t connected airside, so no matter which terminal they build in, they’ll be isolating a majority of passengers.

Terminal 4 is JFK’s busiest terminal, and serves over 21 million passengers every year. The primary airline operating out of Terminal 4 is Delta, though it also serves many international airlines, including Asiana, China Airlines, China Southern, Emirates, Etihad, Singapore, and Virgin Atlantic, just to name a few.

Delta is the primary airline operating out of JFK Terminal 4

So this is a logical location for a Centurion Lounge. However, keep in mind that those with Amex Platinum Cards get access to Delta SkyClubs when flying Delta same day, so I imagine many people using this terminal with an Amex Platinum Card already have lounge access. When accessing SkyClubs with the card you can’t take guests for free though, while eligible Centurion Lounge guests can bring in two guests for free.

Delta SkyClub Terminal 4 JFK

The new Centurion Lounge will apparently offer great airfield views, as well as “special new features,” though Amex hasn’t yet revealed what those will be. As is the case with all Centurion Lounges, there will be free premium cocktails, hot food, complimentary wifi, etc.

Centurion Lounges have a full bar with great cocktails

Bottom line

Seeing an Amex Centurion Lounge at JFK Airport is a fantastic development. The only issue here is JFK’s layout, given that most of the terminals aren’t connected airside. However, if Amex were to build a Centurion Lounge in just one terminal, then Terminal 4 is definitely the best bet, given that it’s the biggest terminal.

This new lounge will be huge, and should be a nice improvement over the Delta SkyClub. If nothing else, one of the big benefits of this lounge is that it should alleviate crowding in other lounges.

Are you excited about an Amex Centurion Lounge opening at JFK?

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  1. JFK has become very much an international gateway. It seems most domestic traffic has now been routed to LaGuardia. Clearly, there are flights to/from JFK, but look at schedule frequencies to non East Coast hubs to JFK vs LGA.

  2. Disappointing. I was hoping Amex would choose a hub captive airport that desperately needs competition like Charlotte or Atlanta. I will get a Platinum card if they ever bring a Centurion lounge to Charlotte.

  3. Great news! Was considering ditching the plat for the CSR but will hold on to it now. 90% of my international travel is through terminal 4. Should help with crowding at the Sky Club as well.

  4. @Peter

    Charlotte with an Amex Centurion Lounge!? Lmao…maybe in the next century….I would think they would focus on major cities…Hong Kong, New York etc…

  5. LGA Centurion Lounge has been meh and moreover LGA remains a trashdump to avoid at all costs. Am hoping given the size of this lounge it’ll be at least as impressive as the one in Miami. On the other hand given the recent meltdown in Terminal 4 due to crazy cold weather / snow / IRROPS you almost feel bad for Amex if they do build in Terminal 4.

  6. Incredibly disappointing ORD still does not have a Centurion lounge. Does anyone know what happened to the old AA Flagship in T3 at ORD? I was hoping Centurion would take the space but is AA operating another Admirals there now? Been a couple months since being at that part of the terminal.

  7. When I was at JFK during December, there was a pop-up Centurian lounge in terminal 4. If that means anything.

  8. Seconding the hope for a Centurion Lounge at ORD. Right now the only loung access you have with a Platinum Card is the SkyClub if you’re flying DL, or the AF and Swiss Lounges in T5, which is only accessible if you’re flying international.

  9. I’m hoping they are going to add one in Denver with the renovations that are coming over the next few years

  10. @John you forgot Wingtips in T4 & Airspace in T5.

    I love the T4 SkyClub (25,000sqft, great service, occasional hot food, SkyDeck). Having access to a 15,000sqft Centurion Lounge in the same terminal will be amazing! Between the 2 there’s going to be a lot more capacity.

  11. @Quest Bohman Fanning I think you’re a little confused, I was talking about Chicago-O’Hare and I’m pretty sure you’re referring to New York-JFK.

  12. ORD and LAX desperately need Centurion lounges. No way in hell will we see one at CLT—it is an AA superfortress. They directly control every retail and vending contract in the facility.

  13. Correction — premium cocktails and food are free at *domestic* Centurion Lounges. The Mexico City Centurion Lounge earned my eternal resentment for charging for everything and not even offering a basic cheese or cracker spread.

  14. DCA should get one. There’s not a single Priority Pass lounge in there.

    As for JFK, l’lol be waiting for the report saying it’s overcrowded shortly.

  15. @ Nick – Centurion lounges are not all domestic, HKG has one and includes food and drink. The one in MEX is part of the Amex Global Lounge collection (not a true Centurion lounge) thus different rules/standards apply

  16. @Nick @Fobinator, good distinction between the Amex Global Lounge collection and the Centurion lounges. The MEX lounge outside of security was outstanding save the charges for food and alcohol. The massage setup there was better than any of the Centurion lounges that offer massages.

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