American ups domestic change fee to $200 and international change fee to $300

Matching United, US Airways, and Delta, American seems to have just raised their change fee on domestic tickets to $200. The new change fees are visible in the fare rules of individual tickets:

The one thing that makes this sting slightly less than with the other legacies is that American let’s you purchase “Choice” tickets for a modest premium, which come with no change fees. If you don’t want to spring for a non-refundable ticket but also aren’t certain about a trip, it may very well make sense to pay the extra $34 or so to be able to make that change later on.

They’ve also upped international change fees to $300 to many destinations from the looks of it.

The only question left now is whether the smaller carriers will match in some form.

(Tip of the hat to CDKing)

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  1. When will they try to make money out of just flying airplanes? That hasn’t been the business model in years.

  2. at least they offer that choice thing which isn’t actually all that bad. You save on a checked bag if you have one and don’t have status or a credit card. For those with a credit card though the insurance is pretty expensive.

  3. Hmm.. What about “Choice Plus” and “AAdvantage Bonus Miles”? That looked even more interesting

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