American’s Pioneers of Flight

No, unfortunately this isn’t nearly as exciting as the title might suggest. American put out a short “film” highlighting their new award structure and how beneficial it is to the consumer with the chance to win one of ten 100,000 mile prizes. Yeah, largely they’re right. One way awards, the ability to travel in different cabins for different directions of trips, and the ability to book multi-city awards is cool. Yes, the presentation of a Hollywood-type flying coach and a first class snob flying coach is kind of funny to me too.

Nonetheless I’m tempted to make a sequel to their film, something like this: “Lucky is a bum. He likes to travel to far away places and take full advantage of award tickets. As a matter of fact, he’s so much into taking advantage of award travel that he refuses to fly American and instead sticks to airlines that offer him caviar and PJ’s in first class. Now instead of traveling to Asia for 135,000 miles roundtrip in first class with a three day stopover in Hong Kong on his way to Singapore and a 23.5 hour stopover in Tokyo on the way back, he’ll get to spend 200,000 miles. Just another way he’s a pioneer of flight!”

Hmmm, maybe it’s time I make a YouTube channel? Nevermind, that would actually require me to have the slightest bit of technological competence (wait a second, that’s unless you’re recruiting for an airline position…. did I mention my extensive experience in Microsoft Office and other applications?). 😉

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