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I’m a total airline nerd. I’m mildly OCD. And I’m a minimalist (well, I live in hotels full time, so don’t have much of a choice). But long time readers probably already knew all three of those things about me.

Combine those three factors and you get my love of collecting totally random things. I’m addicted to collecting Rimowa amenity kits, airline branded teddy bears, and Lufthansa ducks.



Well, it looks like I’ll be collecting something else soon as well.

As of this month, American will be offering premium cabin passengers limited edition amenity kits from the nine airlines that laid the foundation for the “new American.” These include:

  • American Airlines
  • AirCal
  • Allegheny
  • America West
  • Piedmont
  • PSA
  • Reno Air
  • Trans World Airways
  • US Airways


The kits will be rolled out in batches, for three to four months each:

Customers can experience the retro-themed heritage amenity kits through January 2016 when they travel in international Business Class or transcontinental First Class. They are contained in a stylish, felt case inspired by designer bags, sized specifically to be re-used as a mini-tablet computer case. The legacy themes will debut in batches of three every four months.

I’m hoping they have a couple of different types on each flight so you can potentially swap them to get the “missing” one.

Here’s what the new international first class kit looks like:


And here’s what the contents of the new business class kit look like:


For the first time ever, American is also rolling out amenity kits in business class on their premium transcontinental routes:

In addition, for the first time, American is rolling out amenity kits in Business Class on its transcontinental service between New York and Los Angeles and San Francisco, as well as Miami and Los Angeles. These kits contain a pair of socks and eye mask, a toothbrush and toothpaste, earplugs, and the trio of red flower products.


While this ultimately isn’t a differentiator for the average traveler, I’m really excited about the opportunity to start yet another arbitrary collection!

These are a nice improvement over American’s old kits. Here’s their old first class kit, which was actually an iPad case:


And then here’s their old business class kit:


Anyone else thinking of using these new collector’s kits as an adult replacement to Pokemon?

  1. Ben,

    I am like you my friend – Amenity kits fascinate me and collect them. I can’t believe I flew 4 transcon flights this past two days and missed getting some of this retro kits 🙂 I am flying again international premium and transcon business so hoping I can score some this gems.

    Loving this fun additions on AA.

  2. Sounds great. I’ve emailed AA to ask if the DFW -HNL route qualifies as transcontinental, given that the flight is 7-8 hours in duration. I would love to have an amenity kit when flying First Class on that route.

  3. Great idea, American, because when I think of luxury and amenities, there’s nothing that conveys that concept like the AmericaWest logo. (See also: Reno Air, Allegheny, Piedmont, PSA, AirCal, or US Airways, and I’m only charitably excluding TWA and heritage AA from this list since in theory they participated in the glamorous era of the jet age.)

    Now, some vintage Northwest, Pan Am, Western Airlines and Eastern Airlines amenity kits might look good… but I forgot, Ben, which airline is the successor in interest to those carriers, again? 😉

  4. @RH and @Lucky- I am flying American from DFW-HNL, so I would love to know the answer. If either of you figures out the answer, let me know. A comment here or an email if it is Lucky. Thanks!

  5. Ben, i flew home last night fm LAX and they had the TWA one in 1st class on their A321. The few other open kits i saw on board while walking in the cabin were all TWA. Its real cheap junk. i left mine on board, haven golly used the eye shades. A far cry fm the Tumi, Rimowa, Porshe, Feragammo and other name brine kits some of the other airlines give out. Tumi make a small travel / packing cube. think that’s a great kit to hand out with amenities inside and a little towel to fill the space.

  6. @ Kira — Hah, I ship it to my parents. My mom has my Rimowa/rubber duck/teddy bear shrine in her bedroom now. 😀

  7. I normally don’t collect amenity kits, although I do have a couple I’ve had for many years that I use to organize golf and gym bag crap in from AA, BA, and Qantas.

    But I want these. Badly. I flew on 7 of the 9 airlines honoured (never flew on Allegheny or Reno Air) and have fond memories of all of them. (Well, except Air Cal, only flew them once and it apparently didn’t leave a strong impression. But I don’t have a bad memory of them, so that sort of counts, I guess?) And bad memories of a couple of USAir flights. I flew TWA and Piedmont a lot when I lived in San Francisco and would visit family in Florida – TWA had super-cheap redeyes (L-1011s on the SFO-STL leg!) and you used to be able to get awesome discount coupons on Piedmont through Lucky grocery stores, so I saw SFO-DAY-TPA several times.

    Damn, I’m old…

    Unfortunately, I have no travel plans coming up anytime soon, guess I’ll have to keep an eye on eBay.

  8. Lucky,

    I believe you are correct that AA doesn’t offer amenity kits on any routes to Hawaii. Totally unfair! I suppose the lack of such perks as are offered on their transcontinental routes and the higher fares are due to AA’s monopoly on the DFW-HNL route?


  9. @ RH — Yeah, it’s not a very high yield market, so often services are limited compared to flights of similar lengths in other regions.

  10. It’s Trans World Airlines — not “Airways”. Sad that AA got it wrong in their news release yesterday.

  11. Currently on dfw-hkg now and it’s the old amenity business kits.. Figured 77w routes would be one of the first to have it, guess not.

  12. Here is the AA reply I received today:

    “Thank you for your message to

    Currently our planes are categorized by: Traveling Coast to Coast
    -Exploring the Globe- Touring North America. Each area has their own
    types of flights, hours and amenities. Our Airbus A321 Transcontinental
    is used when you travel between New York’s JFK and Los Angeles
    International Airport, and between JFK and San Francisco International
    Airport only.

    You may find more information on about our aircraft online:

    – Visit:
    – Click on Travel Information and then Our Planes

    We hope you have many pleasant journeys with American.”

  13. So Ben,
    I have just officially started my collection of the above mentioned amenity kits! I have just taken delivery of the TWA and Reno Air themed kits.
    How is your collection coming along?

  14. I just got 4 of them on my EWR-CDG flight. I didn’t even know there were all these different options! I’ll be sure to open them and see which ones I got. I knew I should’ve taken more….

  15. Nevermind, they say which one it is on the plastic shrink-wrap. 4x TWA. Hopefully get something different on the way back next week.

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