American’s deceptive transcon advertisement in the LA Times

Last July I posted that I thought United’s advertising at online check-in was deceiving. There’s text reading “Want First Class Seating?” for a domestic flight which features standard domestic first class seats, though they depict international flat beds.

Well, American seems to be equally sleazy with their advertisement in the LA Times this morning:

While the small text does mention that those seats are available only on 777s, this is pretty darn sleazy, given that American doesn’t fly 777s between Los Angeles and New York. Heck, they don’t have any aircraft with fully flat beds on the route.


  1. Wait a sec. Your post is even more misleading than the ad.

    Flying that route you get a 767 with flat business class seats. Yes, business is flat without 180 degree angle (no problem sleeping on them), but the competition doesn’t offer anything but crap recliners on smaller planes!

    And the reason it says “more first and business class seats” is that some other airlines use different terminology. They can’t just say “more business” or “more first.” They have to include both.

  2. It looks like they only have 767’s on this route. They should be called out on this. Maybe a letter to the editor of the paper?

  3. @ Nun — American almost exclusively operates 767-200s between JFK and LAX which do NOT offer flat beds in business class. The business class seats are cradle style seats.

  4. trAAsh. Enough said.

    The only “flat” product of course, is on United p.s First Class.

    AA lies !!!

  5. Does anyone else notice/feel that AA is underrepresented on blogs such as this one? You can’t shake a stick without hitting a 1K, but almost never see Executive Platinums. What gives?

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