American Transatlantic First Class Award Space Available!

American seems to have just announced some seasonal capacity increases on a few routes for spring/summer travel. The following flights have been up-gauged from a 767-300 to a 777-200:

Dallas to Madrid as of April 1, 2014:

AA36 Dallas to Madrid departing 5:50PM arriving 10:05AM (+1 day)
AA37 Madrid to Dallas departing 1:00PM arriving 4:40PM

Dallas to Paris as of May 8, 2014:

AA48 Dallas to Paris departing 5:25PM arriving 9:40AM (+1 day)
AA49 Paris to Dallas departing 11:30AM arriving 3:05PM

Chicago to London as of May 8, 2014:

AA46 Chicago to London departing 7:10PM arriving 9:00AM (+1 day)
AA99 London to Chicago departing 7:45AM arriving 10:10AM

Why should you care?

Last month I posted about American’s non-existent transatlantic premium cabin award space. There was literally only a single date all of next year with transatlantic first or business class award space on American metal.

Due to the up-gauge on the above routes (and addition of a first class cabin, since the 777-200s have 16 first class seats while the 767-300s don’t have any first class seats), a ton of first class award space has been added on American flights to Europe.

On Dallas to Madrid, every single date between April 1 and August 18, 2014 (when the route goes back to a 767-300) has first class award space, even in the peak summer days.

The craziest part of all is that a vast majority of flights have at least seven first class award seats available.



The same is true for Dallas to Paris between May 8 and August 18, 2014 (when the route goes back to a 767-300). A vast majority of dates have seven first class award seats per flight, even in the peak summer days.

American-Award-Space3 American-Award-Space4

First class award space is also quite good on the Chicago to London flight. It’s not as good as on the Dallas to Madrid/Paris flights, as there’s not space every day and when there is space it’s often not for an entire family. But it’s still much better than before.



Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to me as if they’ve opened up any additional economy or business class award space on the routes, though, so this is probably most useful for those looking to redeem for First class award tickets, rather than trying to upgrade using miles.

The first class products flown on these routes are the same as the ones I flew between Miami and London, London and Miami, Los Angeles and Tokyo, and Tokyo and Los Angeles.

If you’ve been looking at booking flights with miles for next summer to Europe, this is an amazing option given how many seats are available and that there are no fuel surcharges, so you can redeem your American AAdvantage miles without high fees. Besides, with the number of devaluations we’ve seen lately, there’s no better time to burn your miles than now!

(Tip of the hat to Alex)

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  1. You are KILLING me over here. I will need to quit my job just to go on all these trips. But is AA F good enough for FCQ?

  2. @ Gene — Oh man, that’s a toughie. Maybe if s/he has had a few drinks and can sing along to “Redneck Woman” like in Chicago…

  3. No. AA’s f is very weak. The seat is big, but that is where it ends.

    If you are otherwise going to Europe, then you might as well book this. But, generally, it isn’t worth a special trip.

    OZ’s F, on the other hand, is a different story…

  4. Thanks, Lucky for the homework. As both a DM and AA member I don’t look forward to OW awards due to the lack of carriers/routings, and the outrageous fuel surcharges. For a long time I noted that AA searches fobbed the J awards onto BA metal. Let’s see if this is just a teaser or finally AA-merged loosens up J awards onto non-fuel surcharged carriers, uh, like their own!

  5. You are killing me. I need to work to earn my living, not just read a blog for the best awards released.
    Anyway, Thanks for last July SQ hint and this year OZ.
    AA has only 2 things going for it The PJs are good and the amenity case is an ipad cover. If you have a C award to EU it is worth changing to AA to get the fees back even after paying the fee and more miles, you may still come out ahead.
    I think I will do a MR to get DM CP again.

  6. Awesome — thanks so much Lucky. I was able to change a reservation that I was holding for next summer — I was originally flying PHX-ORD-LHR-CDG, and I was able to switch to PHX-DFW-CDG. The feeder flight initially wasn’t available, but I got the right agent and she opened it up for me. So, you just saved me an extra stop, about $100 in taxes (times 4), and gave me an extra 8 hours in Paris.

    Interestingly, for whatever it’s worth, when I called the agent, she said she could not see the F availability from DFW to CDG. She waited on hold while I booked it on line and put it on hold, and once she had the record locator, she was able to somehow apply it to my existing reservation. It took over an hour. Interestingly, during the call, we talked a bit about how people don’t believe her that she often can’t see the same inventory that we see online. I got the sense that moving over a held reservation to make a change to an existing reservation is very complicated and that some agents won’t do it. But, for whatever a small sample is worth, at least one agent is claiming not to be able to see some of this brand new inventory. Thanks again Lucky — next time you come to Amy’s Baking Company, the desert is one me.

  7. @Larry — same thing happened with me, I had to book the DFW-CDG segments online and then the agent added my stopover.

  8. Thank you for the heads up. Speaking flying in 1st class on AA. Do you happen to know if we are allowed to use the AA flagship or Admiral lounge on arrival to fresh up before exiting the airport? Thank you.

  9. @ BTM — You can use the Arrivals Lounge if available (like they have in London), but if you’re not connecting to another flight you can’t use the Flagship Lounge or Admirals Club upon landing as you’ll have no way to get airside.

  10. Has anyone had trouble getting these awards actually ticketed? I too had to hold the transatlantic (Madrid-DFW) space online and then call back in, but the awards haven’t ticketed yet. I called back and the agent said there was an issue and that she was going to go through the process again (she wouldn’t tell me what the issue was) and that I should check back in 18-24 hours to see if it actually tickets.

  11. Mine took several hours to ticket.

    With respect to the discussion of AA’s F product on the 777, I actually think it’s fantastic for eastbound TATL to Europe. Other than the SQ flight from NYC to FRA, I don’t think there’s anything, especially from the western half of the USA, that’s particularly premium. I think BA’s first class product is overrated, especially given the cost of taxes. There are some really good C products to Europe out there. OS, Brussels. Iberia has a new C cabin. And, yes, the wine, food, and IFE on AA is well below average, and the service can be uneven to surly. But when I’m flying TATL eastbound, it’s all about the seat/bed and getting shuteye. I love the 777 F cabin. It’s huge. The seat is awesome for sleeping.

  12. Looks like the fixed ‘the glitch’ zero availability at Saver level as of 1 December.

    Well played, AA, well played…

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