American Launching 777-300ER Flights Between Los Angeles And Miami

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American is in the process of refreshing their longhaul fleet, whereby we’re seeing American take delivery of new planes (787s and 777-300ERs) as well as refresh their existing fleet (767-300s and 777-200s). American’s “flagship” plane is the 777-300ER, which features a pretty spectacular hard product, at least for a US airline.


The plane features a first class cabin, which I actually find pretty underwhelming.


But there’s an awesome business class cabin, featuring reverse herringbone seats. That’s the selling point of the plane for me, especially as the entire 777-300ER fleet is equipped with onboard wifi.


American primarily flies the 777-300ER to Hong Kong, London, Sao Paulo, and Sydney (as of December, when the new service launches).

Up until now American hasn’t operated any regularly scheduled domestic 777-300ER flights. Airlines will often operate international planes on domestic routes, which is a great way to try their longhaul product without having to get on an international flight. However, it looks like that will change.

As previously reported, American is launching daily flights between Los Angeles and Sydney as of December 17, 2015. That flight will operate with the following schedule:

AA72 Sydney to Los Angeles departing 12:00PM arriving 6:50AM
AA73 Los Angeles to Sydney departing 9:50PM arriving 7:55AM (+2 days)

As you can see, this would give the plane quite some down time in Los Angeles, as it would sit on the ground for ~15 hours. So instead it seems like American will get creative, and add a daily nonstop 777-300ER flight between Los Angeles and Miami as of December 17, 2015.

This 777-300ER flight will operate with the following schedule, replacing a flight which is presently operated by a 777-200:

AA252 Los Angeles to Miami departing 9:00AM arriving 4:47PM
AA1248 Miami to Los Angeles departing 5:00PM arriving 7:44PM

This flight will be perfect for those connecting to/from Australia. As you can probably guess, American won’t be using the same plane for the “rotation,” given that it would only have 13 minutes in Miami. Instead this will likely be part of a larger aircraft rotation, as American also flies 777-300ERs from Miami to London and Sao Paulo.

It’s worth noting that as of now American only has the 777-300ER on the schedule between Los Angeles and Miami through January 4, 2016. That’s likely a function of American not having loaded equipment changes past that date, but if I were a betting man I’d assume the 777-300ER will stay on the route indefinitely.


Bottom line

It’s exciting that American seems to be adding domestic 777-300ER service, especially on a fairly long flight where there’s actually some value in the better seat. And from a scheduling perspective it seems smart as well, given the amount of downtime the plane would have in Los Angeles.

Would you go out of your way to fly American’s 777-300ER between Los Angeles and Miami?


  1. I’ve never flown internationally but am looking forward to my first flight on a wide-body (777-200) on a domestic flight from ORD to MIA next April. It’s nice to see some additional domestic wide-body flights so that people can try them out who don’t do international travel.

  2. Makes sense for their rotations, given that the 777-300ER will be flying both trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific routes. Funny, though, that they will now have a LAX-MIA product that’s superior to their LAX-JFK/SFO-JFK product.

  3. The 777-300 is brutal in economy class and coulped with the sorry excuse of gogo internet. Not sure this is something to be excited about.

  4. Wish they were launching this sooner and on the morning route out of MIA instead. I’m flying that route on a couple of weeks in business class on the 777-200

  5. No so good for Tier Point runs though, only 140 vs 210 assuming they book into I class instead as happens with the transcon.

  6. Anonymous sources not authorized to disclose schedule related news tell me this is just a holiday reallocation of resources due to usual low holiday demand. The 773s will *NOT* be available on this sector after 04JAN16.

    Thank goodness @Leon won’t be subjected to the brutal whY cabin…

  7. With no inside info as purported by GringoLoco above,

    I would also speculate that they are trying out the 777-300 for testing it out domestically and will return to a 777-200 [or worse?] after January 4, 2016 – here to hoping a new 777-300 or retrofitted 777-200 gets substituted on my returns from Europe [London] next summer

  8. Most of the JFK-LHR flights are going to 772 from 77W. Where are the 77W’s going (other than SYD)?

  9. Been looking to do transcon JFK-SFO/LAX out of YUL. This addition would definitely make YUL-MIA-LAX very appealing, with J class throughout and convenient times out of YUL to MIA. Plus almost impossible to get 2 tickets in J on ERJ to JFK! (No J class and no award space for continuing service in J class)

  10. Hi Lucky,
    I got a schedule change today for an itinerary where I’m booked in F on AA200 on 1/5/16, flying the same route a bit earlier. My last segment MIA-CLO departs a bit later so that I could also make AA208 with the 777.
    I got a call informing me about the schedule change of the last segment. I acknowledged it and only noticed that AA208 would now be a possibility when I got home and checked the schedules. So I called AA again, but the agent informed me that my ticked has already been reissued but nonetheless she inquired about the possibility of a change. She got back to me and told me first that it’s not possible because the flight is sold in the same class. When I informed her that they were selling tickets in business and first, she said it’s not possible because the same booking class is not availble. I checked and she is correct, I booked P and they’re only selling I (according to the matrix).
    Do you think it makes sense to try other agents or are my chances slim because they already reissued? Maybe you have experience with this?

  11. Hi Ben,

    Is flying the 777-300er between LAX-MIA in First or Buissness involve the same soft product (better food, amenities kits, international beding) as the transcon LAX-JFK?


  12. Gringo loco stated that after January, the 777-300ER will no longer be on the LAX-MIA-LAX route. I have consistently looked at that option for February, and AA is definitely selling the 777-300ER, with First, Business and Coach

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