American flight cancelled– unruly passengers or late crew?

Another interesting video story (because let’s face it, I’m lazy and don’t like reading), this time about an AA flight that was cancelled. The crew showed up late for the flight from MIA to LGA, and apparently they were booed by passengers when they arrived, and possibly had some not-so-nice stuff yelled at them as well.

Who was right? Well, likely no one, but at the same time I have a feeling AA could have handled this much more professionally. Let’s face it, passengers are frustrated nowadays, because the industry has never been worse. The flights are full, morale low, and service awful for the most part. I understand the frustration, and my initial instinct tells me that this is a case of FA’s exercising their power to teach the passengers a lesson. That’s not to say that the passengers were angels, but at the same time I doubt they were so hostile to the point that the crew didn’t feel safe.

I have to wonder why the crew was late though. If they were late due to something outside of their control then I think someone needed to do a better job explaining that to the passengers, but if the crew (or at least some of the crew) was late without a good reason, they should be disciplined, in my opinion, but of course by their supervisors and not the passengers.

Ultimately everything I write is speculation since I wasn’t there, but that’s just my instinct.

By the way, I’m kind of happy right now. There are some weeks where I can’t post enough about devaluations by the airlines (elimination of mileage bonuses, onboard service reductions, capacity cuts, etc.), while there are other weeks where it seems to be media story after media story. Better this than more cuts!

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