Update On American’s Planned Opening Of Flagship Lounge In Miami

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In late May American debuted their new premium lounges at JFK. Specifically, American opened their newly refurbished Flagship Lounge, which can be accessed by international first & business class passengers, oneworld Emerald & Sapphire members traveling internationally, as well as those traveling nonstop in business class to Los Angeles and San Francisco.

American’s new Flagship Lounge JFK

This lounge represents a nice improvement over the old Flagship Lounge. Not only is the food & drink selection significantly better, but a lot more people have access to the lounge than before.

American also opened their new Flagship First Dining at JFK, which is open to American international first class flyers, as well as those traveling in three cabin first class to Los Angeles and San Francisco. It’s hands down the most impressive lounge facility offered by any US airline.

In September American opened their new Flagship Lounge in Chicago, which impressed me as well. We’ve known that American plans to open Flagship Lounges in Miami and Los Angeles this year, and in Dallas, Philadelphia, and London next year.

American’s new Flagship Lounge Chicago

We now have an update on when the next Flagship Lounge will be opening. The American Flagship Lounge in Miami is targeted to open in November, so we’re likely at most several weeks from it opening. They’re not providing an exact date yet as they (understandably) want to manage expectations. While I haven’t received an update, presumably the Flagship Lounge Los Angeles will also be opening within a few weeks of that.

Miami Airport is so desperately in need of a new premium international lounge, so this is long overdue. Years and years ago American had a Flagship Lounge at the airport, and I recall it closing for “renovations,” but then it was never reopened. So this will be the first time in years they’ll have a Flagship Lounge.

As a reminder, the following passengers will have access to the Miami Flagship Lounge:

  • Passengers traveling in oneworld first and business class same day to Asia, Australia, Central America, Europe, Mexico City, New Zealand, and South America
  • Passengers traveling in first class and business class on American’s premium transcontinental route from Miami to Los Angeles
  • American Executive Platinum, Platinum Pro, and Platinum members traveling same day to Asia, Australia, Central America, Europe, Mexico City, New Zealand, and South America, regardless of the class of service
  • All non-American AAdvantage oneworld Emerald and Sapphire members traveling on any oneworld flight, even if it’s domestic

Anyone excited to check out American’s new Flagship Lounge in Miami?

  1. Ben, any news when DFW may be getting an update. Flying to Africa end of June and we have a long layover there from PHX… I hate flying the 777 but it has the best timing for our connection to NBO.

  2. Access also applies when you are ARRIVING internationally to MIA and connecting within the US? Or just departing?

  3. Ben: Your post doesn’t say but this is going to be located by the D15 Admirals Club, correct?

    Sean: If you’re flying LATAM, they don’t fly out of Terminal D, you’ll have to walk outside security and walk all the way to Terminal J and re-clear security there. I’d suggest giving yourself at least 30-45 minutes to do so.

  4. So if I am flying BA to Europe out of LAX I can use the Flagship entrance even if my flight is out of Tom Bradley? How does it work with checked bags?

  5. Are they going to offer Flagship First Dining as they do at JFK ? If so, what routes must you fly to have access ?

  6. @jerry – there will be Flagship First Dining as at JFK, but it’s not based on status: you must be flying in First in a 3-cabin flight same day in order to dine there. That means either First on AA’s 3-cabin premium transcon A321Ts or First on AA’s 777-300ER. While there’d be a few more options if you’re connecting somewhere after MIA, I *believe* the only consistent 777-300ER routes out of MIA are to LHR and GRU (though not every flight each day). I have a potential work trip to Argentina next week and did see that there’s a 777-300ER scheduled from MIA to EZE, but I’m not sure how often that happens.

  7. @flightwonk. Is there going to be flagship first dining at MIA and what routes are necessary to fly to be eligible to dine ? At JFK it’s presently LHR and HKG on Cathay.
    Obviously in MIA only way to HKG is to connect to DFW etc.

  8. In order to access to the Flagship Dining YOU MUST FLY IN REAL FIRST CLASS, aka 3-class aircraft which in Miami is only served by a 777-300ER (77W), and the route should be MIA-LHR,GRU or EZE. They may give you access if your have a First Class ticket on a connection city (LAX-HKG etc).

    The Flagship Lounge should be the one is next to D30, most 77W will depart from D22~D37.

    @Ben just shoot me an email, MIA is my hub and I can go a take some pictures in the afternoon.

  9. Fingers crossed for us . … we just ticketed MIA-LHR Nov 22
    We flew in/out last 2 weeks and the staff at AC are super excited..
    International arrivals to D gates near the lounge has sight of it en route to Immigration.. it looks very similar to the JFK flagship which I used in the summer

  10. 77W goes to LAX (once a day) too, but IIRC it seems like it’s going to be stopped for a short period of time

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