American Adding Seasonal Flights From Dallas To Amsterdam & Rome

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American has announced a fair bit of international expansion lately, though for better or worse it has been almost exclusively out of Los Angeles. For example, over the past several months they’ve added flights from Los Angeles to Sydney, Auckland, and Hong Kong. However, American realized they expanded too much too quickly at LAX, so they’re trimming their Los Angeles schedule a bit (though this is primarily impacting domestic flights).

Well, it looks like American’s biggest hub, DFW Airport, is getting some new routes as well. American will be launching nonstop flights from Dallas to both Amsterdam and Rome starting in May 2017. However, the flights will only be seasonal, so will be available between May and September.

Per the Dallas Business Journal, American’s new Dallas to Rome flight will be the first time there’s a nonstop flight between the two cities, and it also represents the largest unserved international market out of Dallas. They’re planning on using a Boeing 777-200 for the flight, which will hopefully feature American’s new business class product with direct aisle access by the time it launches.

American’s newest 777-200 business class

Meanwhile the Dallas to Amsterdam route will be operated by a 767, and is an especially interesting addition.

American-767-Business-Class - 4

American has long been very weak in Amsterdam. As it stands, American’s only flight to Amsterdam is operated out of Philadelphia using a 757. It’s sort of surprising that the world’s largest airline only has one flight to Amsterdam on a narrowbody aircraft. So it’s great to see there will now be more options to get to Amsterdam, especially when originating further west.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bottom line

It’s great to see some expansion between Dallas and Europe, though unfortunately these routes are only seasonal. That’s to say that fares will likely be high, so these probably won’t be great flights for cheap winter getaways to Europe. Dallas to Rome in summer seems like a no brainer, while I’m still surprised that American has only one flight to Amsterdam in their entire network as it stands.

What do you make of American’s new seasonal flights to Europe?

  1. Dallas? The company says its “Dallas/Ft. Worth” and has for your years. If you want to be regarded as a quality, high scholarship online publication you should start paying attention.

  2. @JoshG – Don’t make us laugh hysterically by calling this “high quality” – Just to do this “publishers” work for him (that he is obviously too lazy or incompetent to do)

    AA is adding seasonal DFW FCO, DFW AMS, ORD BCN as well as some increase in DFW KOA. They are also cancelling PHL BRU, PHL ZRH, ORD DUS, PHL HPN and PHL Halifax

    All documented yesterday – not too difficult to find even for a layman

  3. interesting to see the next moves as they innovate after integration. Why JFK doesn’t get some more love though

  4. @AAflyer:

    I am not passing judgement either way if this is a high quality publication, I am saying that Lucky appears to want it to be regarded as such. Much like journalists follow the AP style manual to a T, would think Lucky would pay more attention to AA’s news releases, correspondence, directives to employees, etc over the years. AA is based in Ft. Worth, not Dallas. Yes more people are aware of the city of Dallas, but there is more to the Metroplex and again AA is not a Dallas airline.

  5. Only a few million people, AA employees, and others in the Metroplex. Bottom line is Luckys post and title is wrong. It’s his blog and he can do what he wants.

  6. Probably a question everyone but me knows 😉
    But, when there are “seasonal” flights May-Sept does that include May and Sept or only June, July, and August?

  7. @ Josh G — I think you’re confused. I have no interest in being regarded as a “high scholarship online publication” (hell, I don’t even know what that means). What I will say is that I write 8-10 blog posts every single day. I’m not a “journalist,” who may spend days working on a single 500 word story. That’s simply not what I do, and not something I have any interest in doing. I don’t have the attention span for it. So if you’re looking for “high scholarship online publication” then you’re not in the right place, because I don’t even know what that means.

    As far as Dallas vs. Ft. Worth goes, I really don’t follow. Were you confused when I said Dallas and thought maybe I was referring to someone else, or just offended by omitting Ft. Worth? No offense was meant to Ft. Worth, but the reality is that a vast majority of people outside of Texas simply know it as “Dallas.” And I’m fine referring to the airport as that…

    Are you from or do you have any ties to Ft. Worth, by chance?

  8. Frankly, I have trust issues these days with AA. On the surface, it sounds like it could be good news but perhaps they will be eliminating quality flights from PHL to these locations on their better aircraft (the PHL-FCO flight is usually an A333) to substitute their old klunker 772 (not refitted) planes from DFW.

  9. Fort Worth has always had a bit of a chip on its shoulder about Dallas. I’m a native of Fort Worth and still live pretty much equidistant between Fort Worth in Dallas. If out of the area and asked where I’m from, I don’t say DFW, Dallas Fort Worth, or the suburb where I live that nobody has heard of, I say Dallas. Only those who live in Fort Worth would say Fort Worth. There’s nothing wrong – even editorially – with Lucky’s use of Dallas up above. Is there anyone on the planet that doesn’t know what he’s talking about?

    Also while true that American is headquartered in Fort Worth, that is one of those truths that is a lie. The current headquarters site is the location of the old Fort Worth Airport. It and the site of the future (and former) headquarters are only joined to the rest of Fort Worth by a right-of-way that goes along a railroad track for several miles. The headquarters is essentially at DFW Airport and that’s actually the “City” on the mailing address — DFW Airport, Texas.

  10. So we now have a post by Brian who, unlike most of the others above, actually knows something — including at least some basic English grammar. Best post of the day!

    The distinction between Dallas (DAL) and DFW does become important when it comes to domestic flights since Dallas Love Field and DFW are, as everyone knows, two completely different airports.

    Nevertheless, anyone who actually lives in North Texas wouldn’t dream of calling DFW anything but DFW. Not in a million years. And Ben, you know this full well, I’m sure.

  11. More importantly, will there be better saver award availability when these flights actually become bookable on the AA website??

  12. @Steve B
    Yes! That’s the most important question. Dallas/Ft. Worth/DFW who cares!
    How many redeemable seats for flight and when can we start booking?

  13. Completely agree with Brian, as someone who lives in a suburb of Dallas but still says Dallas to anyone outside of the Metroplex. At least Ben didn’t call it Forth Worth, which I see way too often….even in “high scholarship” publications.

  14. Q: What’s the one thing that Fort Worth has that Dallas doesn’t?

    A: A major city 30 miles away.

  15. Haaaaaaa @Bushwood Smithie

    Agree with folks above, I live in a suburb (not in “Dallas”) and if someone outside of the metroplex asks, I say I live in Dallas. I only get specific when talking to someone local. When I lived in Fort Worth I would probably alternate between “DFW area” and “Dallas area”. It’s not a knock on Fort Worth, which is a charming, cool place to spend time and live, but more so giving people a better idea of geo who may not be familiar with North Texas. I’ve noticed the people who get offended are usually just insecure about some concocted rivalry between Dallas and Fort Worth. They are very different places, for sure, but will someone who has never been here or heard much about it be able to relate to Dallas or Fort Worth more? I think we all know the answer to that.

  16. Well living in Houston this is a non issue as we have had AMS service for over 40 years with KLM and last last 10 with United….Its been a great hub.

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