American Airlines MD80 Cancellations

Tomorrow’s looking like another awful day for American, as The Flying Critic reports (great new blog by the way, highly recommend checking it out). The $500 compensation remark really caught my eye. That seems really high, kind of makes me wish I had a ticket booked on AA. Something tells me this’ll cost AA dearly, not just in terms of compensation but just their operations as a whole for quite a while, something it’ll take time to get over. Good luck to the reservations and airport agents, who I’m sure are working overtime.

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  1. $500 a person, maybe 100,000 people a day, plus cost of hotel/food/… quite a nice sum of money.

  2. I haven’t seen reports on the number of people who have had forced overnights because of this… but there is no question that it is going to cost AA. I just wish they made it easier to claim the compensation. Perhaps even make it automatic. Instead of forcing people to use a complex comment form to put in a request.

  3. We were stuck for three days in the LA area, sent the little email complaint form and got a standard form reply telling us they would get back to us. We are not holding our breath in terms of expecting any form of compensation for our expenses. NOt sure where to go from here.

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