American Airlines Dallas to Shanghai First Class Award Availability WIDE OPEN!

Back in October American Airlines announced two new exciting international routes out of Dallas, to both Hong Kong and Shanghai.

The new Hong Kong service was especially exciting to me, given that Hong Kong is one of my favorite cities in the world, it would be American’s longest route, and it would be the only route to Asia operated by American’s 777-300ERs, which feature their new first and business class products. The new Hong Kong flight became bookable as of mid-December, and as of mid-January they began releasing a ton of business class upgrade and award space, which is somewhat surprising given how tough it will be for them to turn a profit on an ultra longhaul flight like this.

Anyway, over the weekend American’s new route from Dallas to Shanghai became bookable as well. This will be American’s third route to Shanghai, complementing their daily service out of Chicago and Los Angeles. It will be operated by a 777-200, which is the same plane they fly to all their other destinations in Asia.

Anyway, American’s new Dallas to Shanghai route is now on sale for travel starting June 11, 2014 (June 12, 2014 for Shanghai to Dallas). The schedule for the flight looks as follows:

American 127 Dallas to Shanghai departing 10:55AM arriving 2:55PM (+1 day)
American 128 Shanghai to Dallas departing 4:50PM arriving 6:10PM

This definitely qualifies as an ultra longhaul flight, as it’s blocked at 15hr westbound, and 14hr20min eastbound.

Now here’s what’s really interesting about the new Dallas to Shanghai route. American is releasing virtually no business class upgrade or award space, but they’re releasing an unreal amount of first class award space. The first class cabin has 16 seats, and they’re releasing at least seven first class saver award seats on a majority of dates.

For example, in looking at first class award space for six people in first class for the first month of service (over peak summer dates), here’s the availability I see:

American-Shanghai-Award-Space-1 American-Shanghai-Award-Space-2

As you can see, in both directions all but two dates have at least six first class award seats.

American also has extremely reasonable first class redemption rates for travel to Asia, as they charge just 67,500 AAdvantage miles one-way.

American 777 first class seat

American 777 first class cabin

So it’s not too late to book a first class award for a family to Asia this summer. While there are ultimately better first class products out there, it’s tough to compete with the price and amount of first class award space they’ve released. I don’t necessarily expect this will last, so if you’re interested I’d recommend locking in space as soon as possible.

If you’d like to read more about American’s international first class service, check out my first class reviews of Los Angeles to Tokyo Narita and Tokyo Narita to Los Angeles.

(Tip of the hat to Brian)

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  1. That looks like a pretty cool flight, but I gotta say (and as a father of 6 I think I know of whence I speak) that, for family travel, there are quite a few better plans for 810,000 AAdvantage miles than 6 roundtrip first class tickets to Asia šŸ™‚

  2. The need for a Chinese visa may slow the redemption stampede. And, as pointed out above, a trip to China is not high on the list of family vacations.

  3. @ JetAway — True, though you can always connect onwards within Asia, and as long as you stay less than 72 hours you can transit without a visa.

  4. My family of 5 flew Shanghai to LAX in early January as it was the only route I could get all five of us back in the same flight. The 777-200 we flew was a bit run down, it was a bit noisy even though there was only 9 passengers, the crew kept coming and going, I guess the pilots use first class cabin to sleep. Our flight was delayed by 6 hours, ended up leaving at 2:30am, the CA lounge was aweful, there were no dedicated first class boarding line… In the end, we got back to California, but if I had a choice, I would rather fly with Cathay through Hong Kong, even if it is only business class.

  5. You had a post about how DFW-HKG on the 777-300ER was wide open in business but nothing in first. Assuming there’s the routings are equally favorable, wouldn’t it be slightly preferable to take J on 773 rather than F on 772? They are both 1-2-1 and new J has larger screen than old F. And you use less miles.

  6. @ anon — Yep, especially with wifi I’d probably say so. That being said, space to Hong Kong isn’t as good as it was.

  7. We flew UA from IAD-PEK on United E+ with kids 7 and 5. It should be on every families list. Suck it up and go in coach if you have a large family. Amazing trip!

  8. Farbster is right! China (away from Hong Kong and Shanghai) is an amazing experience if one can set aside comparisons with the way things are done in the West. To skip the visa use the 72 hour rule and route via Tokyo or Seoul coming or going. Tokyo to Beijing is like London to Paris. Night and day! (Yang and Yin)

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