American Airlines Allows Electronic Devices Gate-To-Gate!

The FAA updated their policy on the use of electronic devices under 10,000 feet on Thursday. Through the ruling they decided the use of electronic devices under 10,000 feet was safe, and suggested most US airlines would update their policy by the end of the year.

Both Delta and JetBlue received approval and updated their policies as of Friday afternoon.

American has now announced their passengers will have gate-to-gate use of handheld portable electronic devices as of Monday afternoon:


Exciting news, and we should hopefully see more carriers roll this out in the coming weeks!

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  1. Does this mean I can listen to my iphone (on airplane mode) from the time i get on the plane to the time it lands?

  2. I was on AA64 JFK-ZRH yesterday. After a third of the people had boarded, a mechnical problem was detected and everybody had to get off. Fortunately we eventually left with a 2h delay.

    Before departure the crew announced that tablets & phones (specifically excluding laptops) maybe used the entire time in airplane mode. The safety videos obviously weren’t yet updated.

    This was about the only good news on a delayed flight in a too old aircraft with non-competitive seats.

  3. Here’s to hoping that the captain doesn’t slam on the brakes and abort the take off…otherwise there will be iPhone 5S’s hitting most passengers in the head…

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