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Well here’s a cute concept…

AAdvantage members get gifts & promotions

The American Airlines AAdvantage program will be giving every member a gift, simply for being a member. This promotion is valid for those who register between December 2 and December 16, 2020.

As Rick Elieson, President of AAdvantage, describes this promotion:

“Our members truly are our greatest gift. This holiday season, we’re giving every AAdvantage member a gift — it’s our way of showing thanks and appreciation for being why we fly — this year and every year.”

All AAdvantage members will receive two things:

  • After registering, AAdvantage members will virtually unwrap gifts that can include award miles, a Main Cabin Extra seat, or an Admirals Club one-day pass; members will receive an email with a link to the Promotion Center to reveal the gift, or they can log into their AAdvantage account and navigate to the Promotions tab
  • AAdvantage members will also receive an exclusive offer to encourage them to take the skies in early 2021

American shared that the types of gifts and promotions will take into account your status and relationship with American, but there will also be an element to it that’s random.

In addition to the gifts and promotions that everyone receives, there will also be a sweepstakes for six lucky members who live in the United States:

  • Five AAdvantage members will receive 500,000 AAdvantage miles plus an all-inclusive four night stay for them and one guest at Hyatt Ziva or Hyatt Zilara resorts
  • One AAdvantage member will receive 500,000 AAdvantage miles plus a three night stay for them and up to three guests at Universal Orlando Resort, including park passes

Those who aren’t AAdvantage members can still receive a gift and promotion, and enter the sweepstakes, if they join the program by December 16, 2020.

Examples of American AAdvantage gifts

I just logged into my AAdvantage account to see what I’m eligible for, as an Executive Platinum member.

After logging in, I’m told my gift is the following:

AAdvantage bonus miles. View your Wallet to see your gift.

To claim your gift, register by December 16, 2020. (Your gift will be deposited into your account within 24 hours.)

While it didn’t initially indicate how many bonus miles I’d get, when I looked at my account activity, it showed 250 bonus miles.

Personally I value those miles at 1.5 cents each, so that’s $3.75 worth of miles. Like I said, I didn’t have very high hopes here that elite members would be disproportionately rewarded, and I think it’s cute that everyone gets something. So I won’t take it personally that American seems to value my nearly decade of loyalty as an Executive Platinum at under $4 (since this is the first gift I’ve ever received from the airline). 😉

Then there’s the promotion that I’m eligible for:

Plus, your registration will also unlock a promotional bonus offer to kick-start 2021 by earning even more rewards.

Earn double miles from January 1 – February 28, 2021:

  • Register by December 16, 2020, and before creating a flight reservation
  • After you’re registered, book 4 qualifying, eligible flights in Premium Economy, Business, or First for travel on or after January 1, 2021
  • Earn double award miles after completing those flights and any additional eligible flights through February 28, 2021

I earn double miles (in other words, five bonus miles per dollar spent) in the first two months of 2021, but only if I have at least four qualifying flights in a premium cabin.

For some further data points:

  • There’s an AAdvantage Platinum account I manage that got an offer for 250 bonus miles, plus double miles for the first two months in 2021 if completing six flights in any cabin
  • There’s an AAdvantage Gold account I manage that got an offer for 250 bonus miles, plus double miles for the first two months of 2021 if completing four flights in any cabin
  • There’s another AAdvantage Gold account I manage that got an offer for two 500-mile upgrades, plus another four 500-mile upgrades if completing four flights in any cabin in the first two months of 2021
  • There’s a non-elite AAdvantage account I manage that got an offer for one preferred seat coupon, plus a Main Cabin Extra seat coupon if completing two flights in any cabin in the first two months of 2021

Bottom line

American AAdvantage is giving all members some sort of a gift just for being a member, as well as a promotion for travel in early 2021. I wouldn’t get too excited (after all, AAdvantage has over 100 million members), but it sure is a nice gesture and a cute concept.

You can log into your AAdvantage account to see what you’re eligible for now. Please report back on your status and what you’re being offered.

  1. AA has been doing some great stuff this year. Now all they need to do is stop with the 500-mile upgrade racket. A non-rev in first over a Platinum w/o enough upgrades? Ridiculous.

  2. All “gifts” will come with an immediate shutdown from Toby the following day.

    Remember Admiral Akbar…

  3. How about giving customers the gift of Flight Attendants that don’t hate their customers, the company, their life and the world?

  4. It’s scheduled for Wednesday the 2nd, but will get delayed until it’s too late to rebook on another airline’s giveaway

  5. 100 miles (general membership)
    For each of the three of us

    Posts immediately though didnt seem to update the balance nor affect the expiration dates

  6. 500-mile upgrades for Plat Pro status…is quite unguided since Plat Pro no longer need these for upgrades…strange…

  7. Got 250 miles. (Platinum). The bonus offer is double miles if I take at least 6 flights between January 1 and February 28. (Double on those 6 minimum flights and any additional flights during that time.)

  8. I got 250. Not much but a nice gesture. Also double miles after 4 flights between 1/1 and 2/28. I doubt I will be able to take advantage of this.

  9. Nonelite member here. 100 free miles. Paltry, but nice of them. Cheap way to generate member “engagement”.

  10. As an EP I got the 500 mile upgrade and car rental upgrade. I’m not sure yet number of upgrades. I am happy with this, as I have to pay for these 500 mile upgrades in order to upgrade companions! So even if your Plat Pro or Exec Plat you need to use these 500 mile upgrade e-certs to upgrade companions.

  11. I just opened my gift and received 100 miles . It’s still 100 miles. Not like if I were walking down the street and saw a $1 dollar Bill I wouldn’t pick it up.

  12. 100 miles.

    Free is free but in the wise words of someone out there “the last bit of a long journey IS 100 miles” ‍♂️

  13. EP1 — 1.000 MM miles ÷ 10,000 MM miles after 4 premium flights

    EP2 — 500 mile upgrades (not clear how many) and one Avis upgrade + 4 500-mile upgrades after 4 premium flights. I don’t follow the logic of giving 500-mile upgrades to someone who has been EP for 10+ years.

  14. Your gift: 100 AAdvantage® bonus miles

    Wow actual retail value $1.40, roughly that of a 99-cent store Secret Santa gift

  15. Gold member – got a MCE certificate, but it expires Feb 28, 2021 so will likely go unused. Anyone wanna trade for their 100 miles?

  16. Former executive platinum with no status currently, I received 100 miles and double miles after two flights.

  17. Me: 4 -> 500-mile upgrade certificates (not yet posted). – GOLD status
    Wife: 250 miles – posted. – GOLD status
    Son: 100 miles – posted. – no status

  18. Haha I got… 100 miles!
    And then the offer is double miles if I fly twice between Jan 1st and Feb 28th.
    It’s kind of pathetic but I guess it’s free stuff and they have 100M members – I just have a hard time understanding the goal and optics of this promotion, especially for more seasoned flyers like a lot of people here who understand that getting nothing had almost as much value.

  19. Not whining…just stating as an additional data point: EXP for 10+ years (even requalifying organically for 2021) and received 250 miles. My wife…never anything higher than Platinum Pro (once) and just barely made Gold even with this year’s much lower hurdle…received 250 miles. Go figure!

  20. “Preferred Seat Coupon” – I have no status, flew them 2x last year, and have 165k miles in my account.

  21. Gold: 2-500 mile upgrades and an Avis upgrade.

    Ill take that i have been upgraded on my last four AA flights and am nearly out of 500miles

  22. GF and I are Gold
    Both received the same offer
    2-500 mile upgrade certificates and a 1 class upgrade on Avis.

    4-500 mile certificates and 500 bonus miles if we take 4 flights from 01/01-02/28

  23. I’m a Platinum member and got 100 miles.. I also was given double award miles for booking and completing 2 flights between 1st January and 28th February.

  24. Woohoo! A whopping 250 miles as a lifetime Platinum. Alaska keeps looking better … until they become part of American.

  25. Gold here got the same:

    There’s another AAdvantage Gold account I manage that got an offer for two 500-mile upgrades, plus another four 500-mile upgrades if completing four flights in any cabin in the first two months of 2021

  26. I got a preferred/MCE coupon and a “level up” upgrade from Hertz (with whom I NEVER rent). No status here, only 27K miles in the bank.
    Also an offer for another MCE coupon if I fly twice before the end of Feb, but that’s probably not going to happen.

  27. I got 100 AA miles. Not too shocking as I have never flown AA before (though I do have a flight booked with them that I’ve pushed back to April).

    Seeing those 100 miles reminds me of that line from Malcolm in the Middle: I expect nothing and I’m still let down.

  28. I got something for free but that’s not going to stop me from complaining about it on the Internet because I am a sad excuse for a human being.

  29. Thanks Lucky, got 100 miles – hopefully this will keep my 7700 miles from expiring early January 2021

  30. Lifetime Gold, 250 miles.

    I think what’s going on here is that American is creating activity in thousands of accounts and thereby extending mileage expiration dates out 18 months as many fewer customers fly during the pandemic. Why do that? To head off an outcry after millions of miles expire from lack of activity. American’s major rivals have abandoned the nonsense of expiring miles, but not American.

  31. The 100 free miles I received hardly makes up for the 5 plus minutes it took me to first find the promotion and then register even though I was told what my consolation prize was going to be. I hope they fly the MAX better than they design their web pages for promotions.

  32. Several commenters have mentioned that they hope the 100 miles most of us received will reset the expiry date (mine expire in Jan 2021). I had understood AA was extending the expiry dates for everyone by 6 months. Mine has yet to be updated and then I read that AA was doing this only for miles that were to expire before the end of 2020.
    Can someone who cares more about AA than I would like to clarify what AA is doing with regard to miles expiring.

  33. That was fast. My demiminus award of100 miles got credited immediately (well done there AA) AND more importantly my expiry date warning has disappeared. So maybe the expiry clock has been reset.

  34. Platinum – I got an Admirals Club pass.
    If my Christmas travel isn’t cancelled due to COVID, I’ll use it, so it’s better than a sharp stick in the eye!
    My friend is EP and got 500-miles upgrades (which he doesn’t use) and a car rental upgrade

  35. I got a free Admirals Club pass, and my wife got 250 bonus miles. Only question I have is whether that 250 mile transaction will keep her miles from expiring in March or whether we’ll have to do some other activity since we’re probably not flying that soon.

  36. Gold and got a 1 MCE coupon. Will be nice to use on an internationally configured aircraft. Was hoping to use on a basic economy ticket, but no such luck. Still worth more than 250 miles!!

    Seat coupon is valid for 1 seat on 1 flight marketed and operated by American Airlines or American Eagle®

    You must apply the seat coupon when you pay; it can’t be applied retroactively

    Travel must begin on or before the expiration date

    Seat coupon is non-transferable, but any passenger booked in the same trip as the coupon owner can use and redeem the owner’s seat coupon

    Can’t be used if booked in Basic Economy

    Void if bartered or sold

    We may eliminate or restrict seat coupons on certain flights or make other changes without notice

    Use of seat coupons for future American destinations is subject to approval

    If a flight is canceled or delayed, we’ll try to honor your seat coupon on another flight. If you’re rebooked on another carrier, it will be in the same service class of your original American ticket
    We’ll redeposit seat coupons based on seat terms and conditions

  37. I’m an EXP and I got 250 miles and double miles if I complete 4 qualifying flights from Jan 1st through February 28th. I don’t even know what to say. Ugh.

  38. For the bonus – “flights” means segments, right? So a round-trip with connections would be 4 “flights”? Or do they need to be 4 separate records?

  39. I’m an exp, but still exceptionally pleased to get the 500-mile upgrades. That’s a companion upgrade for me right there that I would normally have to pay for. Effectively just got $80 as a gift. Awesome!

  40. Non elite member: 100 miles

    The miles appeared in my activity immediately, but my award mile total hasn’t updated.

  41. 100 miles for me and each of 5 family members – all no status. is not loading now: 502 Bad Gateway (tried several different computers and mobile devices) – could not handle all traffic from people claiming free gifts?

  42. EXP with a bit over $20K EQD in 2019… got 250 bonus miles and double RDM Jan/Feb 2021.

    My wife is Gold and got the exact same thing. ‍♂️

  43. 5Milllion Miler and Executive Platinum for last 22 or 23 years .. (ever since it was introduced)

    I am the “proud” recipient of the “amazing” gift of 1 yes ONE 500 mile upgrade (also known as stickers) ..


  44. Gold: I got 2 500-mile coupons and an Avis upgrade. If I book 4 flights and travel Jan/Feb I get 4 additional 500-mile coupons.

    Actually somewhat valuable since I have no 500 mile upgrades and got upgraded each way using them the one time I’ve flown during COVID.

  45. @Aaron P (December 2, 2020 at 7:53 am)

    same here as an EXP…. 1,000 Million Miler miles… 84,387 left to reach 2 million 🙂

  46. 100 miles, with no status.
    As an Australian member the promo bonus double miles for flights is useless, as there is zero chance of being allowed to depart the country during the promotional period, least of all to the USA!
    There (may be) an unintended silver lining to this pig’s ear of a ‘gift’ if this addition re-sets the miles expiry date. Any thoughts on this?

  47. An account I manage received 1,000 million miler, they’re already at 3+ million.. (Most of this was earned back when million miler was much easier to accrue).

  48. According to the AA app my miles now expire on June 2, 2022 so I think the bonus miles have extended the expiry.

  49. No status, preferred seat coupon. This is going to come off very ungrateful but I found this useless honestly. I think a raffle where there’s a chance of getting something useful would have been fruitful.

    A “preferred seat” that can only be redeemed between 1/1/2021 – 2/28/2021, which really is a normal seat that’s not in the exit row or MCE is really a waste.

  50. I hate to tell you this but I received a Main Cabin Extra seat coupon. I won’t know for another 24 hours what exactly this entails. I’m hoping it’s what it appears to be…a free flight? If so, I wonder if it will have any strings attached (BOGO, limited time usage, 500 mile flights only). If it’s useable for international travel, I will be ecstatic. If anyone knows for sure, please let me know. BTW, I’m at millionaire miler gold status.

  51. Non-elite in 2020 (former EXP). Gift = 100 miles.

    It’s not that I’m complaining–I’m just remembering all over again why I dropped this airline like a bad hAAbit in 2019. A free $10 meal box would have been more meaningful.

    On a more serious note, is this courtesy deposit counted as account activity? If yes, then I will rescind my snark.

  52. I’m PLT and got a one-day Admirals Club Pass, my wife who has no status got 100 miles. I’m flying tomorrow from LAX to STL via DFW so can’t wait to see how that experience goes. Fingers crossed.

  53. Platinum Pro last 2 years, EXP for 5 years prior. Received 1,000 miles toward million miler status. Plus addtional 7500 miles (toward million miler status) if I fly 2 trips between Jan 1 and Feb 28,2021. (Probably not going to happen unless I am fortunate enough to receive a COVID vaccine during that timeframe as I am in a high risk category and haven’t been flying since March 2020). I have been taking advantage of the promotion to earn million miler miles via spend on my Citi AA Executive MC since the promotion began in May. As a result, I am within striking distance of 2 million miles (will be at 1.95+ million miles) after charges post through December 2020.

  54. As Plat Pro – I got – 250 miles but I only need to book 2 qualifying flight in a premium class.

    I traveled on a number on paid domestic Business flights in Jan and Feb of 2020, so thinking maybe the reason for only needing 2 flights. I haven’t traveled AA since last Feb. I am just shy of earning EXP for 2020 based only on flights in Jan and Feb and bonuses from 2020.

    Friend who is Gold – got 250 miles – needs 4 qualifying flights – any class.

  55. Another 250 mile EXP gift here.

    I have nearly a million miles in my account. LOL.

    And there is no chance at all that I am setting foot on airplane between now and March. So the promotion is equally pointless to me.

  56. Me – Gold status – MCE
    Wife – no status – 1 preferred seat coupon and a car class upgrade + double miles with Hertz (don’t it. HA)

    Can’t look a gift horse in the mouth. I think it’s fine

  57. @Aaron P (December 3, 2020 at 7:48 am)
    I wish you can make use of that somehow (if you feel safe to do so for you and people around you). In normal times would be a fantastic offer.

    Here is what AA offered me on top: Earn 10,000 additional Million Miler℠ miles from January 1 – February 28, 2021… After you’re registered, book 4 qualifying, eligible flights in Premium Economy, Business, or First for travel on or after January 1, 2021

    Now the fun part: AA canceled all my 6 or 7 international flights out of Europe to South America after March and were not able or willing to offer alternatives which would not transit through the US (travel ban) so I would hope that, somehow, they would be aware that, in my case, such a wonderful offer is pointless…

    And I would be more than happy to rebook the 2 flights they canceled just this week (Rio & Santiago, Chile) in Premium to make the most out of the promotion above and reach 2MM quicker. LOL.

    … btw, the fun does not stop there, all the cancelations leave me now with 15 SWUs which may be quite challenging to use! The red flag “expiring soon” is already on display and SWUs can only be used on AA flights and only if they are booked as AA (as opposed to BA codeshares).

  58. Well … I’m not complaining but a big “roll eyes” here …
    Gold (comped based on Hyatt Globalist) …

    “Immediate” gift is an MCE coupon (ignores the fact that for the past 4 years, my few trips on AA have been in paid First)

    “Challenge” gift is two 500 miles upgrade stickers (ignores the fact that I have had 4 unused stickers in my acct from around 1995)

  59. @ Steve_CC – you nailed it right off the bat. This is definitely, and without a doubt, the most entitled time in the worlds history. Even people who are 40+ years old are whining about not getting enough of something for free. I have to wonder how their offspring are handling everything…sad.

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