Hurry: AMAZING Business Class Fares To Bali!

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Obviously no one should be traveling right now for fun, though this fare is available through the end of the schedule (until next spring), so some may want to jump on this. I’ll add the usual caution about us not knowing what the future will look like…

At the moment there are two incredible business class fares to Bali:

  • For ~840USD you can fly roundtrip business class from Vancouver to Bali on Japan Airlines, via Tokyo and Jakarta
  • For ~1,055USD you can fly roundtrip business class from Toronto to Bali on American, via Dallas and Hong Kong
  • For ~1,295USD you can fly roundtrip business class from Cancun to Bali on American, via Dallas and Hong Kong
  • For ~1,350USD you can fly roundtrip business class from Mexico City to Bali on American, via Dallas or Los Angeles and Hong Kong

You can search these fares on Google Flights, which is how I’d recommend finding availability. You can then book through a variety of online travel agencies, including Priceline and CheapOair. If you’re interested I’d book ASAP, as I can’t imagine this deal will last.

If you are going to Bali and are traveling this year, you can also score a heck of a deal at the Alila Ubud, a World of Hyatt property.

(Tip of the hat to Hitesh Chhabra)

  1. I had to cancel a planned Bali vacation trip this month.

    With such amazing deals, I will rebook for next year!!!!

  2. While it’s tempting to book based on the idea of flexibility, although I’m skeptical things will be good in 10 months, the reality is if you book a flight for Feb 2021 and it turns out it’s not a good time to travel, you only get 2 more months (probably not enough time) to reschedule.

    Terms & Conditions still require travel within 1 year of ticket issue date…
    “You can change your flight once with no change fee if you: start all travel within 1 year of original ticket issue date.”

    I’m surprised they haven’t softened that.

  3. That is an amazing deal.

    Just for fun I decided to check out Melbourne to DPS for the same period. It is 6 hours one way and 5:45 the other way. After you convert to USD the cost at today’s exchange rate is 2,250.14 USD. So can probably get a really cheap Jetstar flight though!

    My tip for Indonesia is to go and explore other places. I really loved going to Borobudur (via Yogyakarta). On my bucket list is to dive Raja Ampat and relax at Nihi Sumba.

  4. That is a great price and for once I was able to find flights at the deal you mentioned. $840 YVR-DPS r/t business. Don’t know about the 8hr layover at the Jakarta airport. Probably still won’t be a good time to travel with the second wave and and who knows what other restrictions will be in place at that time.

    Fun to search for flights and dream about it nonetheless.

  5. Just booked out of YVR and my Cheapoair reservation says the following for each of the 6 segments:
    “Note: The following flight has different class of service: Coach”

  6. Indonesia has the highest mortality rate in SE Asia and one of the countries that has the least amount of testing. Is Bali really a place you want to risk coming down with a potentially fatal virus? Lot of people got stranded in bali and countries had to charter planes to get people out. Not a place were I expect the government to be fully transparent about the risks given how much they rely on tourism, not to mention the influx of people from other hotspots around the world once they open up. There is no reasonable view of the evidence that suggests this virus will simply disappear on its own, but there is a significant scientific view that there will be additional waves of this virus. Bali is one of the last places on the planet I would be looking to book a holiday to at this point.

  7. Not dead here either. On AA 1,048 YYZ to DPS, I wonder if it’s a mistake fare and their computer dropped a zero somewhere, all other flights are 10x that price. Nothing below 4 K on google, by the way. Oh well, too far of a positioning flight from Hawaii.

  8. Although no one can predict the future for the Pandemic, Bali and Indonesia have not been well prepared for the pandemic, and do not have an extensive or sophisticated health support system.

    It is possible that the COVID-19 will linger in places like Bali longer, without good treatment facilities.

    The pandemic has devastated the tourist-based economy of Bali, so I commend people for trying to support the population through future travel. Personally, I would be hesitant about travelling there for probably the next 12 months. Perhaps a donation to an appropriate reputable charity covering Bali might be a safer way of showing your support.

    I say this, having had my May trip to Bali already cancelled.

  9. I really wanted to book it but since it departs from Canada not US, DOT 24 hour cancellation doesn’t apply and Japan air doesn’t offer any convid-19 flexibility with 300 CAD change or 400 CAD refund fee per person, I couldn’t pull the trigger. It seems the fare has been corrected now. Certainly looks like a mistake fare rather than special deal.

    it would have been an amazing deal for me… credited to Alaska, it should earn 225% even for non elite. That’s over 20k miles minimum and like 335% for MVP 75k.

    It was an agonizing 30 minutes of debates. may be it’s gone for a good reason.

  10. I booked it from YVR 10 minutes ago. Can select seats for the Garuda flights on Garuda website but cant select JAL seats on JAL. As for concerns about poor level of healthcare in Indonesia that’s true. But if the concept of herd immunity holds true Indonesia is the likely place for it.

  11. @tjp74
    A lot of wrong info there. It’s 150% with the fare in question. There isn’t a DOT 24 hour with AA anyways, you can place a 24 hour hold in lieu. Finally, the fare is still there.

  12. Just wondering, If I was to get off in Hong Kong and skip the last leg on the outbound, would my return be canceled (I want to connect on a separate ticket from HKG and am willing to reposition to Bali on the way back).

  13. @David

    I never said I was pricing with which would have had 24 hr hold and 150% credit. But this being JAL flight, naturally I was pricing it with JAL. so no DOT 24 rule and JAL booking class X credits to 225% at Alaska… all correct info.

  14. @JB

    if you skip a lag, rest of itinerary is automatically canceled. This is basic rule for all airlines. so only segment you can throw away is the last segment on the return.

  15. @David the 24 hour rule applies to all airlines, including AA. The 24 hour hold is no longer allowed as an alternative.

  16. As of 30 mins ago, deal was not dead, but very limited.
    My slightly big concern is what to do if I’m stuck with expensive AA credits. No airlines are ‘officially’ saying much about residual value, including AA. I hate to deal with this in 2021 if they suddenly say my residual value can only be applied once, or residual value must be flown before ticket expires.
    They were quite clear about the first ticket paid in cash but left some vague room to renege on the subsequent residual value. Anything not written today is at the mercy of the airline. At least I don’t think AA would backstab like UA.


    Don’t do that at HKG. What you can do is on your return at DFW to avoid going to Canada or Mexico. But just a warning, even the last segment, don’t do it often. Airlines hate it. With slow business it even gives more reason for AA to cancel your account and seize your miles.

  17. Thanks but too many mosquitoes, not enough hospital beds.

    Can’t find the fare anyway. Just like trying to use AA miles on QR from LAX to DOH.
    Same story.

  18. Heck…. I was too quick to click the news. I was really interested in that cheap fare, but then I realised this is north american-based site, while I live in Jakarta.

  19. Quoting:

    ‘“Obviously no one should be traveling right now for fun…”
    According to who? These types of admonishments are pathetic.’

    Answer: According to any mature adult.

  20. Bali is the last place you would want to be while Covid19 is still active.
    Indonesian monitoring of Covid is inadequate; and being ill in Bali is to be avoided at the best of times.

  21. There are quite of few deals out there, but I’m up to my 6th cancellation of current year (Mar-Aug) trips and I’m really not wanting to add to that.

  22. Bali is really going downhill every year… It feels like every person is trying to rip tourists off. Yes it’s relatively cheap but the experience of being constantly ripped off (or at least attempts) really makes me feel alert, instead of relaxed. I’d rather go to Japan where the price tags are much higher, but there is very little worries about tips, scams, or traps.

  23. And yet Japan temporarily restricts entry of foreigners and HKG also doesn’t permit transit

  24. The trip to Bali was mid-March, returning March 15. Timing is everything. The prospects of international travel isn’t ideal. The prospects of two weeks of quarantine on one end of the trip or the other or both isn’t ideal. Airline miles aplenty and vacation aplenty but not where to go. What sad times are these.

  25. To add Indonesia has also banned the entry of most foreigners , therefore interesting how anyhow would purchase a ticket via Hong Kong , where they can’t transit to Bali where they can’t enter

  26. @Bill
    Sure Indonesia has a fairly high mortality rate as things stand, but I’m fairly sure that’s due to undertesting. Is it also really fair to say Indonesia is unsafe, when Mexico and Sweden are worse (I’m just comparing countries with similar numbers of cases here.)?

    Indonesia: 9,771 lab-confirmed cases, 784 deaths (8% fatality rate)
    Mexico: 17,799 lab-confirmed cases, 1,732 deaths (9.7% fatality rate)
    Sweden: 20,302 lab-confirmed cases, 2,462 deaths (12.1% fatality rate)

  27. Yea! Everybody to Bali, in the middle of a pandemic. with 26M unemployed and no secure jobs for sometime to come….get real!!!!!

  28. I have been in Bali since early March – I intentionally stayed here as it was too late/complex to go back to my real home (NYC). In hindsight NYC became the Us Epiccenter of the pandemic. Bali is almost completely empty of tourists and even many expats who live here left. I feel a whole lot safer here in a private walled villa than in my brooklyn apt! The Balinese have been nothing but accommodating and on super high precaution. Life is slow and it feels like a major ghost town! I can say that if I had to choose to be anywhere in America right now or Bali I’d choose Bali with only 4 reported deaths from COVID-19. Jakarta on the other hand is getting hammered and I don’t even know if I would feel comfortable transiting thru there right now.

  29. I think it’s dead from what I see. I’m suppose to go to Bali on miles but don’t see that happening this year. Also agree with someone above who said Bali has become a pit for tourism. There is always someone trying to rip you off there as opposed to Thailand.

  30. Typical Americans, commenting about how they wouldn’t think of travelling to Indonesia, because the virus is so bad, and they were unprepared. You do realise the entire rest of the world is saying that about the US right?

    (Note: not condoning travel, just scratching my head over here in my relatively safe Australian bubble)

  31. I just traded in 1/2 % of my miles for every magazine offered. I’ll be quarantining through EOS

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