Alaska Board Room Members Get Additional Admirals Club Access

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Yesterday I posted about how American Admirals Club members now get access to Alaska Board Rooms under more circumstances. Previously Admirals Club members would only get Board Room access when flying American.

However, per the new rules, Admirals Club members now get Board Room access when flying Alaska, American, or US Airways, which is great news.

American Airlines Admirals Club

It seems that this change was in fact reciprocal.

Alaska Board Room members have also long received access to the Admirals Clubs in Austin, Chicago, Denver, and Newark when flying Alaska Airlines. The relationship is limited to those airports, since they’re the stations where the Admirals Clubs are conveniently located for departing Alaska Airlines passengers.

It looks like this relationship is now fully reciprocal, and that Board Room members will now receive access to the Admirals Clubs in Austin, Chicago, Denver, and Newark, when flying Alaska, American, or US Airways.

The text on the Board Room location webpage has been updated as follows:

Board Room members may access the American Airlines Admirals Club when traveling in or out of Chicago on Alaska, American, or US Airways.


That’s a great, logical change, and mutually beneficial. It’s nice to see the two airlines initiate changes which are truly positive for members.

I guess as a next step we can hope that Board Room members eventually get access to all Admirals Clubs, though I wouldn’t count on that:

  • It would perhaps make a Board Room membership too competitive, since Board Room members also get access to some Delta SkyClubs as well as the Cathay Pacific Lounge in San Francisco, and that might not be in American’s best interest
  • While the current reciprocal changes are mutually beneficial, Alaska doesn’t really have anything they can offer in exchange for such a benefit, short of paying American for that access

Bottom line

It’s nice to see Alaska and American work together, especially in light of Alaska’s situation with Delta. While I think a merger between the two is unlikely (both in terms of government approval and in terms of the “new” American already having enough on their plate), I do expect we’ll see this partnership continue to grow.

  1. Are there currently any Delta SkyClubs that Board Room members don’t have access to with a same-day Alaska or Delta ticket?

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