The Airspace Lounge JFK Is Closing

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JetBlue is one of the most pleasant airlines to fly domestically, though one of the downsides is that they don’t have any lounges. For example, I think JetBlue Mint is the single best way to fly within the US in terms of the onboard experience, but then they don’t have anything in the way of a premium experience on the ground.

JetBlue’s biggest hub is at JFK Terminal 5, and at least there has been an Airspace Lounge in this terminal. It’s not a great lounge — quite to the contrary, it’s actually a pretty lousy lounge. However, something is better than nothing.

Those with the Amex Platinum Card have received access to this lounge, including a $10 food & beverage credit per person, which can be spent in the lounge.

Perhaps the feature I most appreciated about the lounge was that it had a shower, which sure was nice when coming off a long flight, before connecting on JetBlue (I took advantage of that after getting off a Pakistan Airlines flight from Manchester).

Unfortunately the Airspace Lounge JFK will be closing as of August 31, 2018. The closure is permanent, and there’s no indication yet if anything will be done with the space. Of course it would be great if some other lounge took over the space, though I think it’s much more likely that this will be turned into a restaurant or retail space.

It would be awesome if JetBlue created a Mint Lounge, though I think that’s highly unlikely (and I don’t blame them — they have a superior onboard pricing and have lowered the cost of premium airfare in the market).

In the meantime it would be nice to see Priority Pass add a restaurant in Terminal 5. The terminal itself is already one of the nicest at JFK, so given the free Wi-Fi in the terminal, a Priority Pass restaurant would more than make up for the loss of the Airspace Lounge.

Now the only other remaining lounge in Terminal 5 is operated by Aer Lingus.

Will you miss the Airspace Lounge JFK?

  1. Nope, I won’t miss the Airspace Lounge, but putting in something related to Priority Pass would be awesome!!

  2. I suppose with no alternatives in the terminal it was perhaps better than nothing to some
    When I flew Mint to San Diego from JFK I had the opportunity to use this lounge.
    It has to be one of the worst lounges in history
    Awkward design,small, cramped and frequently overcrowded
    It seemed like a fire trap and a handicapped individuals worst nightmare.
    The food offerings were highly unappealing
    They had no chilled sparkling or still bottled water

    I never flew Jet Blue again as who wants to be in a glorified bus shelter with bad food concessions and no decent lounge?
    The people that worked there left much to be desired too
    The unisex rest room facility door opens up to the limited space where people are sitting in the lounge-good riddance.I celebrate their closing.

    Jet Blue has a problem on their hands attracting premium passengers with a dated terminal and no desirability without a lounge now for passengers to want fly out of the terminal
    Off topic JFK/New York home to one of our greatest gateway cities in the world is still without a decent 4 star/5 star airport hotel and not one exceptional world class terminal.Its shocking

  3. This lounge was masterpiece of marketing.

    Notice everyone says it was horrible but always crowded. It was crowded I don’t give a rat’s bum what you think about it.

  4. I really like the Airpace lounge in San Diego (where there isn’t a Priority Pass lounge), but never got to use the T5 lounge at JFK. Sounds like I didn’t miss much. I was hoping Airspace lounges would expand but now I don’t think they will.

  5. I only used this lounge for a free bite to eat before a flight. I always find an empty gate to sit at and that is infintely more comfortable. Hopefully they replace it with a better option. As nice as the Aer Lingus lounge is, I doubt Aer Lingus would have priority pass move in as their lounge is full most of the day with the 3 daily departures. It would only work early morning.

  6. @dwondermeant – how is a terminal that opened 10 years ago ‘dated?’ Its probably the second nicest terminal at JFK after Terminal 8. Sure its not world class but its a breeze to fly in and out of, comfortable, has good wifi and food options. Also they are building a hotel on the Terminal 5 grounds using the old TWA head house as the lobby. How nice it will be remains to be seen but at least as planned it seems pretty nice.

    Check JetBlue’s mint load factors and the effect it has had on transcon pricing and get back to me about a problem attracting premium passengers.

  7. …one of the best airlines to fly… one of the best terminals… I always get a little enraged if I read these phrases – and you use them all the time – as it´s the most meaningless thing to say. Every second airline you fly is one of the best and every second hotel is at least one of the best and all this is is verbal junk. How about you express yourself either precise or at least try to go anywhere with what you´re writing, but not these fillers all the time…

  8. @ John — Oh my! I’m really sorry to enrage you with my statements that I 100% stand by.

    “…one of the best airlines to fly… one of the best terminals…”

    I think I expressed myself pretty precisely. I didn’t say JetBlue is “the best airline to fly.” I said “JetBlue Mint is the single best way to fly within the US in terms of the onboard experience.” I’ve never contradicted that. It’s what I believe.

    I referred to Terminal 5 as “one of the nicest at JFK,” and I stand by that as well. I’d say Terminal 5 and Terminal 8 at JFK are the only decent ones, so in fact I do think it’s “one of the nicest.”

  9. Dang, I have a flight on JetBlue out of this terminal next month. Not that I was really looking forward to this bootleg lounge, but I guess “something” is better than nothing. I also agree that it would be nice if priority pass added a terminal 5 restaurant, preferably within the next three weeks 🙂

  10. Dwondermeant,

    Among the domestic carriers, JetBlue’s Terminal is second only to American Airlines at JFK. Delta is third, and the other international terminals can get super crowded. American’s Terminal is made better by the fact it is much emptier than the other terminals.

    JFK is building a luxury TWA hotel that may suit your needs.

  11. @ GuruJanitor
    I flew primarily out of terminal 8 since its opening until last year when I left American after 20 years.The decline of that once great carrier is truly heartbreaking
    Terminal 8 is highly satisfactory by what we have come to expect by JFK standards
    Its certainly a step in the right direction for all of JFK.
    But just missing the mark IMHO
    Perhaps International travel has spoiled me as what I would like to really see in New York

    I spent decades of my life in New York there before moving West.
    I want to be proud of it when returning for work assignments or to see my family

    My biggest turn off to terminal 5 has less to do with the interior space itself inside
    and more to do with the lousy check in areas and TSA line set up before entering the main terminal where gates and concessions are
    Once inside its certainly ok but the lack of a high quality lounge or even decent lounge and disappointing dining retail concessions make it a loser for me.Jet Blues mint is awesome
    Terminal 8 clearly did better in comparison and even with that improvement Ben panned his last meal @ Bobby Vans now a Priority Pass restaurant in term 8.
    I don’t think in terminal 5 there has anything as good in Terminal 8.
    I’d rather be in DFW dining at Papadeaux.Love the American Express lounge in Terminal D too
    Hear its closing or closed and reopening at another terminal
    I expect JFK facilities to be a role model in design and amenities/ spaces to relax and be an overall attractive facility with great concessions and stores

    American Express has shown to their credit what lounges could be like with any reasonable effort in recent years and there are many airports around the world where waiting for your flight is actually fun and interesting and can actually get me to open my wallet widely
    I feel sorry for terminal 5 customers who went from a poor lounge to none
    Quite frankly they deserve better as does Jet Blues customers
    Its one of the top 2 reasons I don’t fly Southwest non premium experience with people sitting on the floor or the terminal and no seat assignments

    BTW I love the concept of the legendary TWA terminal turning into a hotel thank you for the reminder.I just wish that it was connected to a great hotel loyalty program
    I only wish the great architecture could be applied to all terminals at JFK
    Can remember the TWA terminal as a younger man and it truly inspired me walking through what felt like a traveler embarking on an intriguing journey while looking into the future
    Something out of a Star Trek movie set

    The talent in this country is amazing and what we can achieve
    its of my opinion we should set the standard to the world
    not just simply serve a function to get through the tsa and make our flights


  12. “I’m outraged, I don’t have a cramped, dark, overcrowded lounge to sit in and eat sad snacks.”
    I do think jetBlue should open some sort of pre-flight experience for Mint customers (and showers would be lovely), but let’s be honest that most lounges on the planet are terrible and crowded, and the AirSpace lounge took it to the next level with its crapulence. There’s this weird logic where a bright/pleasant terminal gets passed up to sit in a more ‘exclusive’ dirty dark room. For the $25.00 entry fee you could’ve had a really nice light meal/coffee/drinks in one of T5’s excellent restaurants.

    Also as a frequent JFK flyer, LOL at T8 being considered nicer than T5. Unless you love unnecessary escalators and McDonald’s.

  13. I was there last week. Horrible. An hour of drinking bad orange juice and watching a line of Portuguese families yelling at the bartender. Let it die.

  14. @Dwondermeant – fair enough. I feel like AA has the most well rounded for premium transcon but for me, Im spending the majority of time on the plane itself and thats what matters most to me, which is why I love JetBlue so much, and give them a pass on the lounge situation. To be fair, the T5 checkin situation has improved dramatically recently with online checkin and he automated check in stands and bag drop offs. Dining can be improved at T5 sure, but I don’t find it to be horrible. They have a couple nice sitdown restaurants, and decent fast food if thats what you like. Terminal 4 is a real blackhole with that regard.

    I think Terminal 8 would be truly world class if they built it out to its full potential and moved all the oneworld airlines under one roof.

    Maybe its my jaded New York attitude, but after dealing with thr MTA all the time, its nice to get to T5 and have a transport situation that just works, and is comfortable, and even enjoyable at times, before I even get on the flight. For being “the greatest city in the world” we lag in many regards on basic things.

    Cheers to you as well.

  15. Does that just leave two Airspace lounges left in the whole country? BWI closed last year, right?

    I love the San Diego Airspace, and the Cleveland one is very good too for what it is – a pretty tiny lounge, but always quiet with lots of available seating and fast and friendly service.

  16. A Priority Pass lounge would make the most sense, I’d love to see it.

    This could be a potential money maker for Aer Lingus, though. Until the 102 returns with the noon departure, the lounge is empty until the afternoon. They could open up as a PP lounge for access between certain hours, a-la British Airways at IAD.

  17. Any answer as to which lounge TAP business class passengers on flights at T5 go? Can you get into the Aer Lingus lounge?

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