“Airport Of Smiles” Continues To Make Me Cringe

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There aren’t many things in life I love more than a good airport documentary!

Unfortunately I don’t think BBC Three’s “Bangkok Airport: Airport Of Smiles” show could be called a “documentary,” though that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable.

Rather than actually talking about the operations of Bangkok Airport, the show focuses on how freaking dumb the Brits traveling through there are. Like, nonstop for six episodes. And it’s hilarious. I’ve written about episodes one, two, and three so far.

I only caught up on episodes four and five over the weekend, and they’re possibly the best (or worst) yet, depending on your perspective.

Episode four covers Valentine’s Day at the airport, and the dude that decides to travel to Bangkok to get plastic surgery from Dr. Titty (not making this stuff up):


And episode five was good as well, though I don’t actually remember the details (heavy drinking is recommended in order to maximize the enjoyment of this show):


Oh man, oh man, oh man. I don’t know whether I’ll be happy or sad when this six episode show is over. If nothing else I’m excited to return to Bangkok Airport soon so I can hunt down my favorite “characters” from the show.

Anyone else still “enjoying” this show?

  1. It is cringeworthy, but all so fun at the same time. Also, to be fair, they also focus on other nationalities – like Australians (the guy who got the facelift and the panic-attack lady whose cure was to blow into a McDonald’s bag). And let’s not forget about the weirdo French woman and her daughter who got stranded because her 16 year old daughter ‘got lost’ at the airport while they were checking-in for their flight.

  2. Haha i feel the same: can’t wait to be in BKK next time and see if i can recognize one of them.
    Some pax really should come on boarding area more often and improve their knowledge of travelling ^^

  3. Are you kidding, that’s better entertainment than watching Delta make customer loyalty disappear into thin air!

  4. Loving the show, wish there were more than 6 episodes!

    At least now i’ve also discovered Air Crash Investigation is back on 🙂

  5. Dumb Brits? Am offended!
    Am afraid your lot are as bad if not worse… Get out of first and travel with the rest of us and you might be shocked at your countrymen..

  6. Love, love, love it! It only reinforces my experience of how guenuinely lovely Thai people are from my interactions with them, and as for the others….

  7. @ Mikeh — Not any better at all. Was saying the Brits featured in the show are dumb (which I think is the goal), not that all Brits are dumb. 😉

  8. And your constant, racist mocking of Thai people and Thailand makes me cringe. You seem to take such great pleasure in making fun of Thailand at every possible opportunity. What is wrong with you? I think you are just an evil creep, cruel and without any understanding of developing countries and the people who live there. Shame on you. How can you look yourself in the mirror?

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