Bangkok Airport Documentary Is So Bad That It’s Good

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A few weeks ago I posted about the new “documentary” about Bangkok Airport, entitled “The Airport Of Smiles: Bangkok Airport.” I L-O-V-E Thailand — it’s one of the most entertaining and beautiful places on earth, the people are lovely (though there are also lots of scams), and it’s cheap.

So I figured I’d love the documentary.

I shared the first episode a couple of weeks ago, which was hilarious:

The show was hilarious, though definitely isn’t anything even remotely resembling a documentary. It basically follows the mistakes that the dumbest passengers at the airport makes, and also shows some of the more interesting “characters” working at the airport. You can’t help but fall in love with Officer Jack and Captain Jack, though.

Well, episode two has now been published, and it’s just as much of a train wreck:

So I’m really not sure how to feel about it. VAT Officer Bay literally made my day. What an awesome person! Though I can’t help but feel like he and Officer Jack must be the biggest rivals on earth. Officer Jack loves collecting money — ching, ching, ching — while Officer Bay gives away so much money!

And as far as Nurse Cock goes, seriously?!

Anyway, following the airport staff in this series is definitely the highlight, while the stupidity of the passengers makes me want to check myself into the airport emergency room.

If you’ve been following along with the show, what are your thoughts?

  1. Haha, ben as a Thai person myself I need to say that the series of the airport is truly funny! I’m proud of it!! Haha

  2. How on earth are they going to fill four more episodes with this? I mean, it’s hysterical to watch, but how many more British people with lost passports can they track down?

  3. Every episode makes me want to scream at the passengers… yet for some reason I’m still watching. You’ll enjoy the crazy/spoilt woman in the third episode.

  4. I enjoy the Thai way of viewing a busted head from a rollover accident. “He’s fine, arms and head are still intact, free to fly.” Maybe it’s just nostalgia but I kind of miss the old Don Mueang. Now that was an entrance.

  5. Liked the video. Made me think though with the comment that the people are lovely in Thailand. I’ve read it many times from bloggers etc. that no matter where they are, be it Iran, North Korea, or the US, that the people are lovely. Is there any country on Earth where the people aren’t “lovely”?

  6. wait till you watch the spoilt irresponsible French woman in Eps. 3. Aarrrhhh…! I wanted to slap her out of it!

  7. Best Airport show I’ve seen in ages, watched both of them. Brits don’t lose passports, they sell them to fund their full moon party drug binges. That’s why the tourist police were rolling their eyes when someone comes in with that story 😉

    The guy with the gash in his foot – now that made for good television!

  8. I’m only 10 minutes into the video and I already love it a lot more than the Ultimate Airport Dubai series on National Geographic. 😀

    This feels more like BBC’s Come Fly With Me mini series, which I also love.

  9. I guess if you’re willing to sit in the airport for 1-2 days and complain and stomp around like the french woman and embarrass your child so much so that she is always out of camera shot, you can get the change fee of E $400 waived.

    and is it just me or did they take the simple route and in some cases were using 50THB to the Euro (and even USD) Last I checked it was 32-36

  10. I like watching it after an episode of Downton Abbey for the contrast. Sort of Upstairs/Downstairs/Sub-Basement.

  11. I was so utterly disappointed. I thought this would be an insightful look at a major airports inner workings. Yes the staff elements are interesting. But let’s face it, there’s naff all about the airport or the air travel industry. This “documentary” should be renamed “Drunk, entitled, ignorant, spoilt, kids and dropouts from UK and Oz try to overcome the simplistic challenge of travelling by air”. So many of the “story lines” are the same. “Oops, I can’t manage my time or money properly, so now I’m in a foreign country without financial means, alcohol control, my own passport, or the ability to get to a flight departure on time”. Such is the future of our species. But don’t worry, the government / parents responsible for these retards will be there to bail them out. And if I hear one more ignorant bonehead declaring “They should let me board, the planes still there!”, I’ll start a war. The reason passengers need to arrive BEFORE departure time by a certain margin, is because the airline staff and flight crew need to process the documents and calculations required by law to proceed with the flight safely. It’s not the same as getting a bus. Drinking yourself unconscious the night before an early morning flight means you deserve to be left behind. And ranting at airline or airport staff because of your own immature actions, refusing to accept responsibility, is cause again to be ignored and left behind. The small minority of the air travelling public as represented in this programme clearly need a steel-spiked boot up their asses, or maybe we should introduce travel bans for ignorant morons?

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