Required Sunday Viewing: The Airport Of Smiles

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Last night I wrote about the hilarious new six-part BBC Three series, entitled “The Airport of Smiles: Bangkok Airport.” Here’s the 30-second trailer:

Anyway, the first episode has been uploaded to YouTube, and it’s hilarious. If you have an hour you have to watch it:

A few caveats/thoughts:

  • Is it a documentary? No way. There are much more accurate airport documentaries out there. This show is meant to be amusing and lighthearted, while still showing some cool parts of airport operations you might not otherwise be exposed to.
  • Even though it’s a British documentary, it doesn’t exactly paint Brits in the best way. Of course that’s simply a function of them mostly following around Brits (since that’s the audience they’re targeting), and people in shambles make better TV than anything else.
  • I’m totally seeking out Doctor Jack and Captain Jack the next time I pass through Bangkok (you’ve gotta love that he’s an airline pilot and works in the hospital)!
  • Those two British girls… OMG… I just can’t!
  • That head injury stuff is graphic!

So, if you watched it, what did you think? 🙂

  1. Just finished watching. We can’t wait for the next epi. Expect Ep. 2 to be a little graphic with injuries.

    The girls were a hoot. I wonder what was in their vodka bucket. 8+8=19, right?

  2. Can’t wait to see it, but nothing will ever beat “Come Fly With Me” from the guys that did “Little Britain”.

  3. nooooooll!!!…. I beg you do not watch it! It’s cringinly embarrassing! I assure you not all Brits are like that or speak like that! Uuurrrhhh!

  4. Another in a long line of “Airport” series from the BBC and excellent viewing! As with all euro TV, the BBC is not afraid of a bit of nudity. Did you catch it on the beach.

    @Mike “Come fly with me” was good, as was “Mile High” from Sky TV – a few years old now.

  5. Best entertainment I have had for a while. An excellent program. None of the Brits were exactly the representatives one would choose to represent your nation. Not too bright any of them. I loved Dr Jack and Captain Jack. What great personalities.

  6. Wow. We have a reputation for being the “boorish American tourist” but my god, there are some boorish British tourists.

  7. Those girls probably think they are much more attractive than they really are.

    That other guy was a moron, bet he had fun on his stopover in CAN.

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