Air France Seattle To Paris Route Rumored To Return In 2018

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While an official announcement hasn’t been made yet, rumor has it that Air France plans to resume flights between Paris and Seattle in the summer of 2018 using a Boeing 787-9.

Air France operated flights between the two cities between 2007 and 2012. In 2012 Air France discontinued the route, as their joint venture partner Delta took it over.

Delta 767

Now it’s rumored that Air France will be operating a flight between the two cities as well, and that it won’t even come at the expense of Delta’s existing daily flight, which they’re upgrading to a 777. Next summer Delta is operating 2x daily flights between Seattle and Amsterdam and 1x daily flight between Seattle and Paris, so Air France would make that a twice daily service for the joint venture partners.

Keep in mind that over the past several years Delta has been greatly increasing their presence in Seattle, and as part of that, they have a lot more “feed” than they had back in 2012. So this flight wouldn’t just serve the local community, but also those connecting from other points in the Pacific Northwest, and beyond.

It’s also exciting that the flight would be operated by a 787-9, which features reverse herringbone seats in business class. If Air France made a return, they’d by far have the best business class product of any European airline flying to Seattle (which isn’t saying a whole lot, when the competition is British Airways, Lufthansa, and Virgin Atlantic). This would also be one of Air France’s few US destinations to be served by a 787.

Air France’s new business class product

What I’m most concerned about is what this means for Air France’s partnership with Alaska. Earlier this year Delta and Alaska completely cut ties, and then it was just recently announced that Aeromexico and Alaska will be cutting ties. All of this is clearly being pushed by Delta, given that they’re joint venture partners with Aeromexico, and are competing fiercely against Alaska in Seattle.

Aeromexico planes at Mexico City Airport

So I’d be very surprised if Delta didn’t pressure their joint venture partner Air France into cutting ties with Alaska once they make a return to Seattle, given that Seattle is Alaska’s home airport.

Now here’s to hoping the rumor of Air France’s return to Seattle is true…

  1. I’d be sad to see FlyingBlue dropped from Alaska’s partner sheet. Have depended on them for cheap last minute biz tickets with good earning rates.

  2. What do you mean if Air France make a return, they will have the best business class between Seattle and Europe? Delta (almost) guaranteed to fly A330-200 with 1-2-1 reverse herringbone seat daily.
    Please show us some respect, Lucky aka a newly granted Platinum Medallion member.

  3. @ D — Hah, you have to read the rest of the sentence you quote:
    “If Air France made a return, they’d by far have the best business class product of any European airline flying to Seattle (which isn’t saying a whole lot, when the competition is British Airways and Lufthansa). This would also be one of Air France’s few US destinations to be served by a 787.”


  4. I beg to differ AF has a better biz than DL on many flights, it’s also interesting that AF is returning their own metal to this route is there something afoot with DL who’s Asian plan seems to be having it’s own issues.

    At the end of the day I stopped flying US metal internationally a long time ago after a lame DL flight to AMS with duck tape on a seat in Biz, no inflight entertainment and the usual lousy food.

    Just saying

  5. @ Ghostrider5408 — I wasn’t suggesting that Air France business class is better than Delta business class. All I said is that Air France has the best business class of any European airline flying to Seattle.

  6. I flew FRA-SEA-FRA last year in Lufthansa’s J. While it certainly beats monkey class, it’s pretty appalling.

    Likewise, don’t fly LH Premium Ec. Not only is the seat pretty much what you’ll get in economy everywhere else (I think they’re 18″ wide, disgraceful for a “real” PE product), the cabin is located between two economy cabins, which is utterly retarded.

  7. I flew LH this year from SEA to FRA as part of RTW booked using ANA miles. I found LH business seats to be super comfortable and the service is good – better than SAS. On the trip, we flew on several long haul cabins (LH, SK, AC) and several other regionals (NH, SK, LX, LH). LH has thr most comfortable seat for sleeping among all and service is on par with ANA regional. From SEA based on my experience I have to say LH seat is the best. Vantage seat on DL is painful for sleeping and their herringbone is outdated IMO.

  8. Bob, you’d prefer Lufthansa’s old angle-flat seats they use on the FRA-SEA route – in a 2-2-2 configuration – over Scandinavian Airlines’ Vantage XL fully flat seat (similar to Qantas Business Suite) in a 1-2-1 configuration?

    I knew Lufthansa had a certain group of loyalists, but there comes a point when devoted becomes delusional.

  9. @tony — Yes, and by a country mile. VS Upper Class on the 787 (only one I’ve flown) is so cramped and tight! And I also think reverse herringbone is far superior to herringbone as I would much rather naturally face the window than jut out into the aisle. VS has better lounges but I’m not a fan of the onboard hard product.

  10. Not delusional. There is no angle flat on LH anymore all LH business seats are fully flat. SK seats are aesthetically pleasing but the footwrll are constricted for taller pax. I cannot sleep with my knees bent up on Vantage. I can with LH seats.

  11. My wife and I are confirmed with business class seats, with Air France for next August from SEA-CDG. On our confirmation, it stated that we would on a 777, not a 787.

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