New Airline Alert: Air Ayiti, Haiti’s New National Airline (Or Something)

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I love a good start-up airline, whether we’re talking about Baltia, Global Ghana Airlines, or Air Belgium.

Some start-up airlines are clearly legitimate and stand a good chance or survival. Some start-up airlines are legitimate but have no chance of survival. And then some start-up “airlines” seem to just be 12 year olds having fun playing around with photoshop.

The problem is that sometimes I don’t know quite where on the scale new airlines fall.

Speaking of which, Air Ayiti is a new airline with the vision of being “the leading airline connecting USA and Haiti,” and claims to be “the Haiti National Airline.”

The airline was supposedly founded in 1984, though best I can tell they don’t currently operate any flights. But that’s changing soon.

On June 7, 2019, Air Ayiti will launch flights between Miami and Port-au-Prince, Haiti, using Eastern Airlines Boeing 767-200s.

Now, when you go to Air Ayiti’s website you’ll see a picture of an Eastern L-1011 from eons ago.

Equally interesting is that Air Ayiti is selling tickets in economy, business, and first class. Wait, this is going to be a three cabin airline?!?

What’s confusing is that Eastern doesn’t have any three cabin 767-200s. As you can see, business class costs just $50 more than economy, and first class costs just $25 more than business class.

Air Ayiti talks about their destinations, though best I can tell they don’t actually serve any of them. They might also want to double check the pictures they’re using for Haiti and Montreal. It doesn’t give me much faith in a national airline if they don’t know what their home country looks like.

It almost reminds me of Goldstar Air’s routemap

It’s just very confusing because the airline markets themselves as if they’re a well established airline.

For example:

With an extensive network, you can choose from multiple connecting options and also book through to your final destination with our numerous partnered airlines for a seamless travel experience among other services.

But… like… they only operate one route.

Or this:

Best on-time performance is a habit we’d inculcated over the years. More so, schedule integrity is our commitment to our passengers that we’d always lived up to.

But… like… based on what flights?

Bottom line

I’m really confused by Air Ayiti. Am I missing something, or do they currently not operate any flights? And if that’s the case, why do they present themselves as if they’re a global airline?

It’s realistic that they could have an agreement with Eastern, though if that’s the case it sounds to me like they’re almost being more of a charter operator than an actual airline.

I’m really tempted to book a flight on this airline, partly to see if it actually goes, and partly to see what their three cabin first class is like. 😉

On the surface this whole operation seems more logical to me than Eastern’s plan to fly from New York to Anchorage to Jinan

Does anyone know more about Air Ayiti?

(Featured image courtesy of formulanone)

  1. It’s all legit! The bonus for you is that now that you’re based in Miami, not only can you review this no-doubt brilliant first class to Santorini… er… Haiti, but you are also apparently really close to Banjul in The Gambia. Maybe they have a lounge there you could review for us if you get bored one day? Thanks in advance.

  2. Head office in Lagos
    Port au Prince looks like santorini
    Amazing how people Are so stupid they can set up a website without proper research
    Can you imagine British airways advertising with a picture of a TWA 747?
    Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Unlikely they would have their own airline, especially with a wide bodied

    Payment via bank transfer only to an anonymous account in Nigeria

  3. Also most links on the site don’t work and just refresh the homepage. The whole thing is VERY suspicious….

  4. I went along with the booking pattern to see what it was like. Near the end it pulls up a seat map. It looks like first and business are the same. It also says Row 1-2 Nonsmoking, Row 3 Smoking. That shows it is a scam right there. Smoking isn’t legal on planes anymore.

  5. Domain registration by
    Registrant Name: Kerby Leveille
    Registrant Organization: Air Ayiti
    Registrant Street: 7561 MAdeira Street
    Registrant Street: 1
    Registrant City: Miramar
    Registrant State/Province: Florida
    Registrant Postal Code: 33023
    Registrant Country: US
    Registrant Phone: +1.7863579558
    Registrant Phone Ext:
    Registrant Fax:
    Registrant Fax Ext:
    Registrant Email: [email protected]

    I wouldn’t run a scam if I was in US… also I wouldn’t put my credit cad in a site without an SSL certificate. Also, would love to hear comments from an Eastern rep.

  6. How do people like this (this isn’t meant to be racist, but include all other such shady ventures) even get the funds to acquire a plane?!

  7. Based on Tomas’ domain registry info above, I found the guy on Facebook, he seems to be some sort of graphic designer for bars and a local councilman in Miami, and is regularly posting flyers for his ‘airline’.

    His most recent flyer has an updated Easter 767 in the background with the latest livery, and advertises two free checked bags of 50lbs and a free carry on up to 30lbs. Oh and free food. Won’t let me copy a link though.

    I think this is just a really brazen (read: dumb) scam attempt. Would be interested to hear what the local councilman has to say about it, Alix Desulme, who is by my quick google research, a real person.

  8. It’s official.

    Nigerian prince is starting an airline.

    @Lucky since you have so many credit cards you don’t use. Do us a favor and try book this please. I want to see your review.

  9. First, Haiti is not rated category 1 by the FAA hence no Haitian carrier including the truly legit one there, Sunshine Airways, can operate to the U.S. Second, even if this Air Ayiti thing is legit, the current version of Eastern Air Lines will be operating these flights so that is their “go-around.” However this guy has posted pictures in years past on his site of what appeared to be Haitian flight attendants who were really black American flight attendants working on Delta. So all is really suspect here for sure!

  10. Their legal statement is all plagiarized from DrukAir, AirChina, EvaAir, Bangkok Air, and others!

    Oh my god… So funny! A simple copy and paste into any plagiarism checker website will tell you all!

  11. Well I’ve never been to Haiti a day in my life, I do look forward to traveling on an airplane in the near future. 🙂

  12. Whoever that is that been so negative about anything towards Haiti…please give ayiti a chance finally. Call the organization meet with them ask them questions before posting this…
    Oh Lord


  13. I’ve been to Haiti several times and I’ve never seen an Ayiti Airlines plane at the airport in Port-au-Prince. Nor have I seen one at MIA. I have seen the Sunshine Airlines plane at the terminal in Port-au-Prince and there’s no way I’m getting on that plane. It looks like one of the abandoned cars you see on the side of the interstate.

    OR CALL :305 305-9180

  15. I’m Haitian, and I’ve never heard of this airline. But I’ll tell you, whomever is behind this plan is making a very smart move. Because of all the chaos in Haiti right now, many of the big players are pulling out. Many parents are sending their kids to Haiti for the summer, so this arrives just in time before the rush. If it works, they will be banking.

  16. Looking forward to your first class review on the inaugural flight from Haiti which looks suspiciously like Greece to Queb… Montreal.

  17. Honestly just book it, it’s a small investment
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  18. The photo for Montréal is the Chateau Frontenac Hotel in Québec City.

    Wouldn’t Haitian and Quebecois pax want to see this site in French? Total joke.

  19. This is absurd the picture looks like an arab countries definitely not Haiti. Can Haitian government do anything good for the country that would raise the pride and benefit the citizens? Do they have any conscious? I wonder how the government of Haiti sleep at night without thinking of a country they call home and welfare of the people? It feels like we Haitians are living in exile with no place to call home, but embarrassing others that has been blessed us. It saddens me to see Haiti, our beautiful country have ruined by the hand of greedy government caused many of us to be homeless and shattered our dreams for country. Thank you for sharing this article be blessed!

  20. Omg. I just looked and they copy and pasted Drukair’s website for the whole,

    With an extensive network, you can choose from multiple connecting options and also book through to your final destination with our numerous partnered airlines for a seamless travel experience among other services and Best on-time performance is a habit we’d inculcated over the years. More so, schedule integrity is our commitment to our passengers that we’d always lived up to.


  21. Eastern Airlines has the nerve to fly and make business in Venezuela in current times. They fly CCS-MIA and MAR-MIA route, and even direct CCS-JFK for a while, route still loaded on KIU but avail. seems dry. So maybe it’s real as their risk tolerance is out of this world.

  22. Their entire website is basically a free HTML template from Second template if you select Travel as category.

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