Admirals Club membership fee hikes

Effective November 1 Admirals Club membership fees will be increasing by $50-75, or 5,000-10,000 miles. The details can be found here.

Maybe I’m off base, but this strikes me as an awful time to increase membership fees, especially with the struggling economy where some might think twice about renewing/joining, especially with higher membership fees. Actually, if anything, it makes the American Express Platinum card all the more tempting, since it gives you a lot more benefits (although no free wifi).

Now the clock is ticking until UA matches. After all, this has been a big year for UA when it comes to RCC’s — we’ve seen the introduction of free wifi, the new “incomparable RCC” at ORD, and of course the “Westin Renewal Lounges.” Hah!

I guess on one hand I’m more tempted to renew soon since my membership expires this month and I have quite a bit of travel planned.

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  1. You’re so right. You can see the writing on the wall that United will increase their RCC fees. They’ve legitimately improved services, so it will be easy to justify. What won’t be easy to justify is renewing my membership!

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