American Adds Oneworld Premium Economy Awards (With Award Charts!)

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Historically the “big three” US airlines haven’t let you redeem miles for premium economy on partner airlines. Presumably that’s at least partly because in the past they haven’t offered their own premium economy cabins, so they also didn’t allow those redemptions on partner airlines.

Well, there are some positive developments on that front.

American Airlines’ Impressive Premium Economy Rollout

Over the past couple of years American Airlines has installed premium economy throughout a majority of their long haul fleet, including their A330s, 777s, and 787s.

American has rolled these cabins out faster than Delta and United, and overall it seems like the product has been well received.

As of the beginning of 2019 it’s possible to redeem AAdvantage miles for travel in American premium economy. The catch is that it rarely represents a good value, as American’s premium economy award pricing is typically steep.

Well, there’s some good news on that front, as American is now rolling out premium economy award redemptions on partner airlines.

Redeem AAdvantage Miles For Oneworld Premium Economy

American Airlines’ partner award chart now lists premium economy award pricing. For example, here’s pricing for travel originating in the US:

Color me very impressed:

  • American has award charts, which is more than we can say about Delta and United
  • American added premium economy award redemptions on partner airlines without devaluing business class award redemptions

American deserves a lot of credit for both of those things. Ultimately the premium economy pricing is a bit on the steep side, at least in some markets:

  • For South America and Europe, premium economy pricing is closer to economy than business class
  • For other regions the pricing is closer to business class

Personally this isn’t necessarily how I’d redeem my miles, though it’s a great new option to have access to.

Which Oneworld Airlines Can You Book Premium Economy On?

In addition to American, as of now you can find premium economy seats on British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Iberia, Japan Airlines, and Qantas.

However, as of now it appears that premium economy redemptions are just possible on British Airways, and those are even bookable on

Over time we should see this functionality rolled out on more airlines, though it looks like they’re starting with one of their transatlantic joint venture partners.

Bottom Line

While I wouldn’t say it’s the best use of AAdvantage miles, being able to redeem miles for partner airline premium economy is a nice new option to have. I do think that American deserves credit for having award charts, and for adding these redemptions without devaluing business class award prices.

Could you see yourself redeeming AAdvantage miles for premium economy?

(Tip of the hat to Tim)

  1. you are comparing it to business saver awards in price to the price of the saver awards in premium economy. But as we know, finding the saver inventory in business class is hard, good luck finding 55k business lets say to hawaii. It may be normal inventory available so what 75-85k? in that respect the 50 for premium looks a bit better assuming they make more inventory of saver premium economy seats available. wonder if this will lower the business class inventory if they try to push these reward redemptions instead making it even harder to find saver business class fare?

    I think this is a benefit to those with less flexible schedules and the saver level awards are not popping up for them, they have something slightly better than economy for some longer haul flights.

    More choice without a devaluation is a good thing.

  2. Current AA PE awards to Europe are generally absurdly priced, such as 255K RT MIA-MAD. Totally ridiculous.

  3. (a) The fact that they published a new award chart suggests that the charts will not go away soon

    (b) …but the charts are largely meaningless because there is rarely anything available on AA at the Saaver price (premium economy awards have been ‘available’ on AA for some months but only at exhorbitant miles levels) .

    (c) OK, BA is available quite often, but who cares since BA charges those huge fake fees.

    (d) I bet the other airlines will not make their premium economy available on any time soon, except maybe IB.

  4. If I look at jals website for award tickets to Japan. They have many premium economy seats from lax-kix. But when I call AA they say there is nothing available…. Does jal block space for their own mileage plan member’s?

  5. Definitely good to have another option to book OneWorld Premium Economy, but I still think there’s better value to be had with Avios if you can find space. Iberia seems to be the sweet spot – just flew Bilbao-Madrid-JFK on Iberia for 30,000 Avios + $187.

    I’ve now flown PE on British Airways, American, and Iberia, and surprisingly the soft product on American was the best of the three. British Airways was second, and Iberia a distant third. Though you really fly PE for the seat, not the experience.

  6. I’m confused. Are PE partner redemptions available only with British Airways; or are other partners available too (and just not yet on

  7. United DOES have a PE product and you still can’t use their miles to book PE on partners. Maybe this will change soon with this news?

  8. I don’t think that comparing miles needed for PE and Business is an objective analysis. You can pretty much get PE to Europe at 40K miles all the time. Getting biz at 57.5 is much more difficult and in some markets you are lucky if you can get it once a year. 110K+miles is more typical so I would compare 40K to 110K+ as being closer to reality

  9. What matters is availability of seats at the “saver” level. My wife and I have hundreds of thousands of UA and AA miles. We have made several trips to Europe recently. We ended up flying Norwegian (premium economy) and TAP and La Compangnie (budget business class). Our miles were totally useless. We have given up on the MileagePlus and AAdvantage programs. We now collect Chase Ultimate Reward points only.

  10. @Jake – since UA charges ~80K-90K in PE to Europe on its own metal (yes, more than saver Business, increasingly rare), don’t be surprised to see it for 100K+ on *A partners

  11. Called American regarding flights to HK on Cathay Pacific, as I didn’t any way to book Premium Economy seats online. They said they don’t offer Premium Economy seats on Cathay Pacific as yet. Any idea when this might actually be available on Cathay?

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