AA promo coming soon?

As I posted about a couple of weeks ago, the airlines are getting desperate and I’m betting we’ll see some amazing promos this year. A reliable poster over at travelingbetter.com is saying is saying we’ll hear about an AA double EQM promo as well as “elite choice” promo in the next few days. According to him the qualifying period would be April 16 through June 15 for the double EQM’s. This wouldn’t surprise me at all after the AA fiasco as well as all of the other stuff going on in the industry, although it puts me in a crappy situation. I would have a REALLY hard time turning down AA Executive Platinum (EXP) status for a mere 50K EQM’s actually earned! With the eight eVIP’s, unlimited domestic upgrades, and amazing lounge access internationally, that’s quite a steal! My problem is that I already have over 50K miles of travel planned during that period, mostly on UA, so it will be tough for me to add it in.

Still, if this comes to fruition I’ll have a hard time not doing it, so bring it on AA!

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