AA may start charging for second checked bag…. riiiiiight….

American, the world’s largest airline, said it filed a notice with the Canadian government indicating it may change its bag fee structure in Canada. That country requires 45 days notice to review such a change.”This filing is only a formality and a decision has not been made by American Airlines to implement a new checked bag fee structure in Canada,” a company spokesman said.

Full story here.

Are we really supposed to believe that AA hasn’t made up their mind? Does anyone really believe they wouldn’t charge, even when Continental, our “premium carrier” has implemented such a policy? I’m betting they’ll announce it in the next week and will still implement it starting May 5. Come on American, you ain’t foolin’ no one!


  1. Sorry dude, but if you want to keep people subscribed to your blog you’re going to have to drop your United pom-poms and be a little more objective. Turning this around into United is great for giving us notice and AA is the bad guy for copying is just lame. Good luck.

  2. Sorry you feel that way, it certainly wasn’t my intent. First of all I have openly criticized United MANY times in this blog, so I’m anything but a UA cheerleader. What I do believe, though, is that United did give us the most lead time. While it may have been a bit strong of me to say we should be thankful to them, I do think their advanced notice is a good thing. Now if you’re disagreeing with my assertion that AA knows exactly what they’re going to do, well, not a whole lot I can say there….;)
    Anyway, thanks for your comments, I’ll do my best to be objective, and I apologize if it came off as a UA cheerleader move as that certainly wasn’t the intent. I have edited my post a bit to make it more “fair,” and I hope what it says now is more reasonable.

    Thanks for reading!:)

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