A quick note about Twitter….

No doubt I’ve been a crappy “tweeter” in the past. I’m just not that into Twitter. I used it mostly for aviation/flying/travel related stuff, yet I never accessed it on my cell phone while traveling, and by the time I got home I tended to prefer blogging over “tweeting” and trying to figure out how to shorten words and stay under 140 characters.

BUT, I just got an iPhone last week, and all of a sudden I’m more fond of Twitter. Thanks to the “Echofon” application I’m able to “tweet” with ease and also upload pictures in seconds. So during last weekend’s travels, for example, I uploaded meal pictures from each flight. Not thrilling to most, but I know some of you out there like that kind of stuff. I’ll also do a better job “tweeting” live, from reporting on the lack of Channel 9 to complaining about my nuts getting cold to whining about TSA agents doing “gate searches” to praising great flight crews to bitching about delays.

Anyway, if you’d like to follow along you can find me @onemileatatime.

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