50,000 Club Carlson points for registering and staying at a Raddison hotel through end of year!

Radisson and Club Carlson announced a pretty awesome promotion today to celebrate the first Radisson Blu hotel in the US.

Through the Big Night Giveaway promotion they’re offering 50,000 Gold Points to the first 50,000 Club Carlson members that register and stay at a Radisson hotel in the US, Canada, or Caribbean, between November 10 and December 30, 2011. Those that register after the first 50,000 will receive 15,000 bonus Gold Points for completing a one night stay

50,000 points is enough for a free night at any Club Carlson hotel in the world, or enough for up to five nights at lower end properties. While Radisson isn’t my preferred chain, you can redeem those 50,000 points at some pretty awesome category six hotels, which are listed here.

If nothing else Club Carlson points can be converted to airline miles, and 50,000 points converts to 8,000 miles. So while it’s not worth mattress running for that, I’d say that’s a pretty good return on a one night stay.

If you happen to be near a Radisson hotel or have the opportunity to stay at a Radisson hotel while traveling anyway, this is a great deal. There are some Radisson hotels available for under $100, in which case you can get great value out of this promotion. In a random date search I see the following hotel available in Orlando for $85:

While registration isn’t yet open for the promotion, you’re probably best off joining Club Carlson now so that you’re ready to go once registration does open (which I’ll be posting about).

Update: As pointed out by Harold in the comments section, you can earn 2,000 bonus points after your first stay by joining Club Carlson through this link.

(Tip of the hat to Mommy Points)

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  1. Sweet. $89 rate nearby. Going to book both the wife and I. Hell, I’m just shy of the 8000 needed to transfer for a US Grand Slam hit. Definitely making 36 hits now. 🙂

  2. Argh. The registration link isn’t just inactive, it’s nowhere to be found. I want in on this deal more than others!

  3. @James Still not finding any active link. There’s another promo going on at clubcarlsongiveway.com but that’s not this 50K deal.

  4. It’s at any CARLSON HOTEL not any RADISSON HOTEL.

    The Radisson Big Night Giveaway awards 50,000 Gold Points®, enough for a free night stay at any Radisson hotel in the world, to the first 50,000 Club Carlson members who register for the promotion and then stay at a Carlson hotel.

  5. Hah. And I meant I want in on this deal more than I want in on other deals, not more than other people want in. 🙂

  6. So how long do you think it will take for 50000 stays to be completed? How close in to Nov 10th should one book a stay to be safe that it’ll be within the first 50000?

  7. @ Peetyrd — The way I read the promotion is that the first 50,000 people that register qualify, and then they need to make a stay by the end of the year. I don’t think you have to be one of the first 50,000 to register AND be one of the first 50,000 to make a stay.

  8. @ “@lucky @sam” (oh boy, this is getting confusing) — That’s not the way I read the terms. The terms say the following:
    “The promotion begins Nov. 10 and runs through Dec. 30, 2011. Club Carlson members must register and stay one night at any Radisson hotel in the U.S., Canada or the Caribbean during the promotion time period.”

  9. Do we have to register and then make a reservation? I have a business trip November 11th. Can I make my reservation now, and then register for the promotion?

  10. Can anyone provide the corp code? I search online but can’t find any code. The AAA code only gives me $79 price and require to show AAA ID which I don’t have.

  11. @ Augiebball — By my reading of the rules, there’s nothing that suggests you need to register before making the reservation. You should be fine.

  12. Someone is not making the proper distinction throughout between “Radisson” and “Club Carlson.”

    Other discrepancies have been noticed.

    You would think these companies would hire picky proofreaders before they send this stuff out to millions of people, but they don’t.

    WN is famous for this.

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