Club Carlson’s 2017 Hotel Category Changes

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It’s pretty normal for the major global hotel chains to adjust hotel categories annually. We’re not talking about them actually adjusting the number of points required for a stay at a particular category of hotel, but rather adjusting which hotels are in which categories.

So far this year we’ve seen Marriott, Starwood, and IHG announce category changes. Now it’s Club Carlson’s turn.

Club Carlson has announced some category changes which kick in for bookings as of March 1, 2017. First of all, it’s extremely disappointing how little notice Club Carlson is giving of these changes. The changes kick in as of tomorrow, which I wouldn’t consider to be sufficient notice.

The cost of a free night at the Radisson Blu Limerick is increasing to 38,000 points per night

The good news is that not many hotels are changing categories. There are over 1,000 Club Carlson properties around the world, though only 20 of them are changing categories — 13 are going up in price, while seven are going down in price. That’s a net increase in price at six hotels, which isn’t too bad.

As a reminder, Club Carlson has seven hotel categories, ranging in price from 9,000 to 70,000 points per night:


Here’s the list of hotels changing categories (as you can see, only three are in the Americas, nine in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and eight in Asia Pacific):


So while I wouldn’t consider the changes as such to be huge news, I am frustrated by the lack of notice being given here.

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  1. The Radisson Blu Limerick is an interesting hotel, like many Blu, hotels but….it’s almost a roadside motel. It’s right next to the motorway in an industrial park like area. They do host parties and weddings here but it’s not a 5 star property by any means. I would compare it in quality, cleanliness and being dated like the Blu in Rome next to the train station. At least the Rome property has location on it’s side. I think it should have stayed in the same cat or at least not move up 2 places.

  2. Stayed at the Rome Blu twice, when they had the 2 for 1 use of points program (now discontinued). It was a so, so place….but, DaninMCI is correct, the location was great.

    If you want a very nice Radisson Blu, try the one in Cebu, Philippines. Very nice property and very nice buffet everyday. Right next to a large modern mall. We used to stay in a Marriott in another part of town (Cebu City), that property is getting a little old, but has great location and a good buffet as well. But, we liked the Blu above that property.

    And, Cebu is a very nice Island to visit, where you dollar goes far.

  3. I agree, it’s a small change, but the lack of notice – again – is frustrating.
    I’m also not sure how they can justify increasing the rate of the RadBlu Bangkok – it’s usually around $100/night – giving you a value of 2.5 ct/pt…

  4. Wow! A couple of days ago I booked a couple of nights at the Country Inn & Suites in Panjim (changing from category 1 to category 2) for this coming weekend. I booked it at 13,500 points per night for a “Superior” room (which is all they had available). Plus, as a Club Carlson card holder I should get any available upgrade (to a Junior Suite, perhaps). At the time, I was miffed that I couldn’t get it for 9,000 points per night (for a “Standard” room) but now it looks like I got a sweet bargain! 🙂

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