Winners Of The SPG & One Direction Contest

Over the past few weeks I’ve been running a contest to join me in the SPG Luxury Suite at an upcoming One Direction concert.

I simply asked you guys to tell me what you loved about SPG and/or One Direction, so thanks to the hundreds of you that participated.

The votes are in, and the winners are as follows:


Wow! What a great contest. Thanks, so much, Lucky, for including your readers! Of course, as soon as I saw it and told my daughter she went nuts with excitement. She is 1D obsessed, (and I will confess to liking their music too….!) and so I promised her I would enter to see if we could win a space at the Meet and Greet. (And, as any Mother would attest, there is no greater pleasure in life than seeing the pure joy and delight on your children’s faces when you can make their wishes come true.) Using my SPG Amex points (which I collect like crazy using my SPG Business and Personal cards) would make this a trip to remember.

The SPG program is one of the best out there for redemptions at fabulous hotels and also for transferring to great airline programs. My SPG AMex is my ‘go to’ card for all my spend. So, with the help of my daughter who is far more technically competent than I am, we made this video to show how Beautiful it would be to travel One Mile at a Time to add this experience to The Story of My Life, and how Lucky she would be to Live While We’re Young!

Oh, and by the way, OMAAT is pretty much my “bible” when it comes to knowing which hotels to target and how to snag the best seats on the flight!

Should MommyTraveler win tickets to the concert?

  • Yes (100%, 496 Votes)

Total Voters: 496


My dad was the one who introduced me to your site. He was the one who sparked my passion for travel and exploring the world. I love following your Facebook and blogs, they truly are inspiring. This morning my dad emailed me about your One Direction contest and I just about died!

I have always been a huge One Direction fan and even more so a fan of London. My twenty first birthday was a costume party themed “British Invasion.” We had everything from the queen and the royal baby, to the spice girls, and of course One Direction. But unfortunately that is the closest thing I have to a One Direction experience. I almost went to a concert a few years ago, but decided against it and I have regretted it ever since. I would love this opportunity to make up for it and see them in September! Pick me and I’ll bring the costumes!

As for SPG, I have never had a bad experience with their hotels. I am 22 years old but have been blessed with an amazing career right out of college that allows me a very flexible schedule and to travel! That being said, even at a young age I am starting to turn into my dad and have begun a collection of my favorite destinations and hotels. The SPG program is a great rewards system, and it really does encourage loyalty to their brand!

Should Charlotte win tickets to the concert?

  • Yes (100%, 355 Votes)

Total Voters: 355


When I saw this post for this contest, I could hardly contain myself. If you’ve ever seen “Dan Charles”, One Direction’s “Number 1, Fan”, do not be fooled. I am most definitely, and certainly One Direction’s Biggest Fan. My frequent traveling is accompanied by some amazing tunes by the boys of One Direction themselves, and a wonderful Sheraton Rewards program. There was just one problem- My love for One Direction and Starwood Preferred Guest is simply too great to describe. It is “Better than Words”, which struck an idea. When I myself cannot describe my Love for great music, and great hotel service it is best to let the music do the talking. So I have below some reasons why “I Would” be an amazing accompaniment to an amazing trip and concert with a fantastic band.

1) “Don’t Forget Where You Belong” “I’ve been a lot of places, I’ve been all around the world.” Sometimes we do live out of our suit cases! However, wherever I am Sheraton’s reward program always takes care of me. Taking advantage of their free reward nights is key.

2) “Something Great” “Is it too much to ask for something great?” Watching the boys live on stage at the O2 in London in a private SPG suite would surely be something great.

3) “Happily” “I don’t care what people say when we’re together” I mean, you are never too old to watch Harry, Liam, Niall, and Louis on stage, and we would both be “So Happily” jamming to some quality music.

4) “Half a Heart” “Walking around with just one shoe”, I would be “Half a Heart” if you went to see One Direction in the SPG suite without me!

5) “Change your Ticket” I would NEVER change my ticket if I won. Seeing One Direction in London would be enough, an opportunity I wouldn’t miss for the world!

6) “Live While We’re Young” Not only could we go “crazy, crazy, crazy till we see the sun”, but we could go “crazy, crazy, crazy” while we see One Direction together in an amazing suite.

7) “Midnight Memories” “Straight off the plane to a new hotel” (preferably Sheraton so I can take advantage of the rewards program), and then straight to the O2 arena. There would be many crazy times and “Midnight Memories” at this concert.

8) “No Control” This describes our screaming and excitement that overcomes us when the boys walk out on stage, “No Control”!

9) “Where do Broken Hearts Go” “Where do Broken Hearts Go?” Certainly not to the SPG suite at the One Direction concert in London.

10) “Gotta Be You” “It’s Gotta Be You, Only you” Really, It’s gotta be me, Lucky and I would have the best time in the SPG suite sharing our brilliant taste in music.

11) “Story of My Life” Traveling around and flying is the “Story of My Life”, so seeing One Direction in London would just be amazing!

12) “You and I” “You and I, We don’t wanna be like them” We want to and need to see One Direction from the SPG suite! You and I.

It was so hard to only choose some songs to describe my love for both Starwood Preferred Guest and One Direction. It seems as if every song by One Direction is “The Best Song Ever.” Hopefully now though you see why going to the One Direction concert with me, (One Direction’s true number 1 fan) would be one of many “Moments” to remember.

Should Scott win tickets to the concert?

  • Yes (100%, 354 Votes)

Total Voters: 354


I am a regular reader and a fan of this blog for good 4-5 years now. As a huge avio geek i just loved reading and daydreaming about flying around the world and seeing all the cool destinations and flying premium class…So far I’ve been on 6 longhaul flights ( 4 of them in business class – thanks to miles). In Europe it is much harder to accrue miles – as a student I fly the cheapest fares so getting miles is a very slow process (even with a credit card) ..But as slow and difficult as it is , it sure taught me one thing -that dreams do come true.

And reading this post I know that I can make a dream come true too.Not mine , but my little sister, who is the biggest 1D fan I know.

To make my entry a little more creative I made a video:

Will also post it on twitter , but not on Facebook because I would like to surprise her at a later stage if she is a lucky winner. I’m sure it will be an unforgettable experience for her and if on the 28th of September i’ll be the ‘best brother ever’ then I couldn’t be more happy too!

Should Boris win tickets to the concert?

  • Yes (100%, 222 Votes)

Total Voters: 222


So, I like traveling. and I like cover songs. and I like one direction. I would LOVE to see them.

I made a little video for everyone to enjoy. I hope you all smile.

Should Vince win tickets to the concert?

  • Yes (100%, 188 Votes)

Total Voters: 188

Thanks to everyone who participated, and congrats to the winners!


  1. Thanks Lucky! I cannot wait to meet you! Been a fan of the blog for years. Also stoked to see 1D with my daughter. Thank you!

  2. Fans of the band are crazy! The band was staying at the St. Regis in Houston Friday night after filming for their new music video at NASA. There must have been 200 teenage girls standing outside the hotel all day in 102 degree weather hoping to see them. My parents were in town staying at the hotel and I happened to end up on the elevator with a couple of them according to my sister.

  3. For those who didn’t win but are still interested, SPG Moments are available for the other nights One Direction is at the O2.

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