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I just wrapped up two longhaul flights on KLM (from Abu Dhabi to Amsterdam to New York). Before I share my thoughts on those flights specifically, I wanted to provide a more big-picture impression of why KLM is one of my favorite major airlines out there.

I say this in spite of the fact that most of their fleet doesn’t have a cutting edge business class product. They don’t have international first class. They don’t have widely available Wi-Fi, and those planes that do have Wi-Fi have high pricing. But I still love them.

Why? Because they’re a quirky airline. So, so quirky, with so, so much personality, to the point that it’s almost (but not quite) kitschy, and I love it.

I’m really drawn to airlines that try to stand out in one way or another, and have a sense of place. I like to be able to board a plane and know where the airline is based just from the onboard experience.

Just to give some examples, I think for the most part this is something that airlines like Austrian, Oman Air, and Turkish Airlines do very well. In my opinion there’s no airline that does this better than KLM, though.

Personally when I think of Amsterdam the first things that come to mind are the unique Dutch houses, and that it’s generally a quirky city. To me it’s sort of like the Portland of Europe. Those are two things that KLM reflects beautifully.

For example, at the end of every KLM longhaul business class flight you can choose a delft blue house (Tiffany wrote about the history of these a while back), and it’s just such a cute memory of your flight with them.

Before you think this is a gimmick that very few people care about, that’s not the case at all. They have 100 different houses, and KLM has an app where you can track which of the houses you already have, since each house has a number, and each flight has a different selection.

I was very surprised by how many KLM passengers pulled up the app when the flight attendants came through the cabin with the houses, to make sure they selected a new one.

But it doesn’t stop there. The onboard chocolates were house-shaped.

The bathrooms had wallpaper with these houses.

The safety video even has these houses.

KLM’s lounge in Amsterdam has these houses displayed all over the place.

Then there are the other general things I love about the airline. I love KLM’s unique china.

I love that their salt & pepper shakers are clog-themed.

KLM’s lounge in Amsterdam is generally quirky-looking.

It has a disco ball — I have no clue why, but I love it.

And rather than just traditional snacks, the buffet has tons of stroopwafels, sugary hearts, etc.

Anyway, I really do love KLM, and I’m only slightly kidding when I say that I think my new goal in life is to collect all 100 of the KLM houses. Does anyone know if there’s any black market for acquiring these, or any way to buy them legitimately?

Otherwise do I just need to take 100 KLM flights to get all the different houses? If I’m not mistaken the cheapest KLM flight where you can get these houses is Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta (even though it’s not technically longhaul, I believe they offer the houses on these flights, as I got one when flying Singapore to Bali a couple of years ago), which you can book for $130 one-way in business class.

It’s not crazy to shuttle back and forth on that flight for a month to get most of the houses, right? 😉 Does anyone know how many different types of houses they actually “stock” on a particular flight? 

As of now I have four next to my bed.

Ford says having four houses next to your bed is charming, while having 100 houses next to your bed is kitschy, and points to a bigger problem.

He’s probably right.

Anyone else love KLM’s dedication to quirkiness as much as I do?

  1. I flew on their 747 Combi business class a year and a bit ago to Seoul, it was really wonderful. And their amenity kit at the time is the absolute best in terms of usability and shape – I still use it today as my primary daily “amenity kit”, always in my bag.

  2. I agree with Ford, your goal is a bit nuts. But you can get them on eBay or the Dutch equivalent of Craigslist called Marktplaats.

  3. The photo of the lounge you used — what lounge is that

    the lounges I stayed in was nothing like yours

    I was in business class LHR-AMS-ATH

  4. As a foreign employee (KLM brought me to NL by sponsoring my visa) I am extremely happy and proud to read experiences like this. KLM is one of the rare companies that still have Dutch culture embedded in them and it’s a real joy being part of that environment.

  5. Except KLM’s catering and service delivery is like a cafeteria.

    KLM serves the cheapest wine out of Delta, United, and Air France, according to the Wall Street Journal reporting.

    The business-class product on most of KLM’s long-haul fleet isn’t competitive with a 2x2x2 configuration.

    The KLM lounges in Amsterdam are notoriously overcrowded, notwithstanding the renovations.

    KLM’s intra-Europe business-class is even worse than British Airways intra-Europe.

  6. Last year I flew their 747 from LAX to AMS in the economy cabin, which was by far my worst transatlantic flight ever in economy. The seats are very tight, the armrest are almost immovable (just go up a tiny bit, not fully). And the service? It never was that hard to stay at least a little bit hydrated. We only got tiny water bottles or tiny cups.
    There were no flight attendants coming by during the night hours to serve some cups.
    What a pleasure it was to get out of the plane in Amsterdam, going to the lounge and finally get something to drink.
    I like how easy it is to reenter the EU in AMS and always liked their lounges. But I don’t want to fly longer routes with KLM than between FRA and AMS.

  7. Love KLM and it was my first international business class experience. Back in 2015 they offered a paid upgrade from premium economy to business for only $190 on AMS-IAH, which was a steal! You can pick up houses second hand at a number of shops in Amsterdam.

  8. The best with KLM is the Cityhopper that they fly with to so many nice destinations in Europe! For example my hometown 🙂

  9. Hi Ben,

    It’s cute that you find that the product offered by KLM is (rather) kitschy, but as you have pointed out, it does attract the pax coming back to fly them. However truthfully, in my opinion, they are just very good at marketing and seeling themselves based on the current trend – which is being as Dutch kitschy as possible.
    However quality wise, they have cuts lots of corners – for example those dutch chocolate houses that you have, it is actually a downgrade – albeit one that not many will complain – as they used to up to 10 years ago served Leonidas branded chocolates truffles (ok – not the best, but still something) and than it became some generic brand chocolate truffles and it seems that now it has been reduced to a ‘nice’ piece of chocolate in the shape of a Dutch house.
    As for the ceramicware used, yes, it is pleasing to the eyes and nice, but if you compare from quality and size point of view, it is half of what it was especially in quality point of view.
    But yes in general, service is well intended and quite down to earth compared to most other major airlines in Europe – you won’t really get a very bad service from them as it is quite consistent – just some slightly better and some slightly worst.

  10. I did the SIN-DPS flight a few years ago. The load in C was pretty light. The purser spent the time preflight chatting with each passenger about their travels. I thought it was actually quite charming and not something I’ve ever experienced on any other flight.

  11. Ben, being you “points to a bigger problem”.

    Solution? No OMAAT. “therapy”. Be “normal”.

    Don’t fret. Ford knows, though he teases, that you’ll be more than you were when the final house arrives beside your bed. Meanwhile, in the intimacy of the little family circle here, you’re safe as houses.

  12. Flew the 747 Combi from IAH to AMS a couple of years ago and it was a wonderful trip. The FA’s were fun, and so ‘Dutch’. That mix of formal and quirky and professional and fun. I flew in J in the front of the plane on the lower level. What a great experience.

    I got a neat deco house #97, Holland Amerika Building. The FA picked it out for me and told me it was a limited release. Looking it up online, it is going for about $50 online now.

    I have also enjoyed several short intra European hops with them in Economy. They still had that same Dutch personality.

    I am sure they have their shortcomings, but I have enjoyed my flights with them.

  13. Unfortunately, their economy offering is really underwhelming.
    For intra-Europe flights the catering is simply ridiculous sometimes (like a single croissant on a 4-hour flight), the seating is quite uncomfortable. I love Amsterdam and Schiphol airport, though, and they sometimes have very attractive fares.
    But love for KLM? Of course not.

  14. I flew from LAX to HKG via CDG on Air France last week to spend Chinese New Year with my parents. Next week I will be flying KLM from HKG to LAX via AMS, for the exact reason that I can bring two of these cute little houses home. (I also have 4 currently, they sit by my couch.)
    This round trip business class ticket was cheaper than direct flight LAX-HKG with CX. And, I will earn 4x 36XP (144XP) on Flying Blue which qualifies to Silver level (requires 100XP) right the way.
    Yes you can buy them from eBay but they don’t bring you memory of a trip. Just saying…

  15. Yes I like KLM as well. Not over the top but it does the job and most of the flight attendants are good fun. Those chocolates are extremely addictive, I ask the flight attendant for a few more which was no problem at all.
    I think I have about half of the houses by now.
    The lounges in Schiphol are usually too full, maybe because of the Delta hub there.

  16. We flew them last June in economy from CPH to Inverness, Scotland (INV) via AMS. The CPH-AMS flight was delayed over an hour. When I realized we might miss our INV-AMS leg, I asked the gate agent at the CPH gate for assistance; she said she could do nothing and refused to look at alternative flights, saying I would have to work it out when we got to AMS. The passport control at AMS was 25 people deep in every lane when we arrived and we missed our connection. The gate agent at the INV flight firmly told me we could not be put on another flight to INV that day, we would have to spend the night and our checked bags would not be made accessible to us. (Later that night, I checked flights from AMS to other cities in Scotland and found two open flights.) Even though I made a point of confirming that our bags would be on the new flight to INV, the bags were NOT on the flight. One bag was not returned to us until two days later. In sum, while I found the FA’s to be very nice and the folks at INV were very nice, they were inefficient and repeatedly gave me the wrong information. I’m trying to avoid KLM in the future.

  17. KLM is fine – nothing special to me. I am a nomad so I give my houses away to my nephews and nieces. Not a big fan of collecting junk.

  18. I fly KLM regularly between the Middle East and the U.S., and have acquired 15 over the last five years. Generally, they almost always have duplicates, but if you ask for a specific one, they’ll go look for it for you. That’s how I picked up the Heineken Brewery #95.

  19. eBay is a great place to find them, but they are expensive. In addition, KLM retires them after a while so you won’t be able to find them all on KLM flights.

  20. I always use their business class product from South America to Europe and it’s excellent. Sure, it might not be the uber luxurious experience one might have on a Gulf carrier but attendants are always very courteous and happy to attend any special request. The food, drink selection and seats are great and the houses, yeah, make a big difference! Plus, connecting in AMS is a breeze.
    BTW, what lounge is that? I’ve always stayed in their huge AMS lounges that are very modern and functional, equipped with showers which is a great perk if you’re flying into AMS very early in the morning to catch a transcontinental flight. Great article!

  21. do they give out the houses on the fifth freedom route between Bahrain and Kuwait? it’s only an hour KLM flight but…

  22. @stanley,
    You were most likely using KLM Crown Lounge #25, which is what they use for Schengen flights. Lounge 52 is in the process of being renovated. I have decided to fly through other airports until the renovation is complete as I routinely have encountered 2 hour waits to use the shower and 15 minute waits to get into the lounge. Hopefully things will get much better once the renovation is complete.

  23. For those asking it’s the entirely new intercontinental lounge which opened in December. I think it’s called number 52 …..Well at least the first phase. The rest will open by summer.
    The lounge will be 2 x as large as it’s predecessor with lots more showers and a full service restaurant

  24. The pictures are from the newly renovated lounge 52. The refurbishment is still going on, but the first new part opened last December.

  25. I believe if you were to fly back and forth on a short route and collect houses, even if you ended up with some duplicates, if you then bring them to the KLM lounge in Amsterdam they have an exchange service where you can trade out ones you don’t need. I don’t know if the lounge always stocks all of them though or if there are rare ones you’d still struggle to find.

    I enjoy KLM’s strong sense of branding (see also the crown stirrer stick they give you if you order their signature Flying Dutchman cocktail), and I also find their flight attendants to be very friendly but in a unique sort of way — I read a description of it online once as they treat you like a colleague or friend, rather than in any way subservient, which is rooted in Dutch culture.

    That said some parts of their product could really use work, most notably the food and wine, which can be really lacking. Their upgraded food service on certain routes is a big improvement, but it’s rolling out incredibly slowly across their network.

  26. They only stock a limited number of variants on each flight – so they are down to the caterers stocking the carts with a range not just with a box of the same – and some have been retired and won’t be reissued.

    There are a couple of threads about them on the KL board on flyer talk.

    I’ve seen a number of them for same at various markets on trips to AMS for around €10 each (there is a stall on the Saturday Noordermarkt that has a good selection)

    Last November I saw some (new) on sale in one of the Delft shops in Amsterdam but for €20+ !

    a friend of mine loves flying KLM but when I have looked at flying them LHR-AMS for long weekends they were nearly 3 times the cost of BA!

  27. I absolutely love them as much as you. I flew LHR-AMS-ORD and back just to fly on their 747 and to get houses.

    Get talking to the crew and they’re amazing. I got a full behind the scenes tour of the 747 and was offered a Delft house that another passenger had left behind. On the return flight the crew simply gave me two houses! So with one return flight I collected 4 houses. I also collected a LOT of clog salt and pepper pots, much to the dismay of my girlfriend (Although she does admit they’re very cute).

    The houses along are enough to warrant me connecting through Amsterdam more often than is necessary. I also love that they have their house exchange scheme in the lounge!

  28. I love KLM so much as you do, I wish that KLM didn’t leave Alaska mileage program – I would fly with them often! KLM is the only sky team member that I will fly with.

  29. It’s really cool – I know two people who try their best to fly KLM just to collect the houses. Their collection is complete 2x over. 🙂

  30. Start here for your huisjes (houses)


    Now I do like KLM, service is to the point and delivered with a smile. No rule breaking or bending, so you always know where you stand.

    However the new Crown Lounge has shown that there is a new un-dutch adherence to style over substance at KLM. Love hearts? How about some decent food and wine. The new lounge is gimicky and poorly laid out. They’ve cut service dramatically in economy, it’s now on par with United (yuck).

    Without the benefit as Schiphol as their hub, KLM would just be another washed up European legacy carrier.

  31. I have only flown European short haul economy and have never been that impressed. The planes don’t seem especially clean, the long bus ride at Schiphol and their love of leaving luggage behind when connecting are just not appealing but their UK regional destinations are.

  32. I flew on KLM for the first time in Economy last year, and had one of the best economy meals I’ve ever had onboard. It was a single sandwich with cheese on it. Very simple, but very well done. I think that’s something KLM excels at.

  33. I really like KLM as well.

    It’s quirky, the FA’s genuinely seem to have fun at their jobs and are fairly outgoing (but not too much), their social media help desk is super responsive, etc. In general I think the food and service is solid as well.

    The new 787’s have a great hard product and I personally don’t mind the 747 or 777 either (yes, no direct aisle access for the window seats, but I still find it comfortable).

  34. All things that you mentioned is why we rate KLM as our #1 choice for trans Atlantic business cabin, 2-2-2 seat notwithstanding. The catering from AMS is also excellent. Plus you can get a real deal with their Promo award. We flew on YVR-PRG, MUC-PRG for only 52k miles in business class.

  35. “To me it’s sort of like the Portland of Europe.” … Except, you know, for actually having a multi-ethnic population. Portland is whiter than an Antarctic blizzard.

  36. What about the Fokker 100’s? That was one of the most unique things about KLM. Hated to see them go. Quirky planes, but fun.

  37. One thing about KLM that I have to warn people about is in Economy, they weigh your carry on at check-in and if it is overweight they won’t let it on. They make you check it.

  38. As a resident of Singapore, KLM’s SIN-DPS route is absolutely best to get to Bali from Lion’s City. Their C class ticket often goes on sub $350 bracket, is fully flexible fare and you can change flights free of cost. Two carry-on bags plus personal items per pax means no check-in luggage even on a two week trip with my wife (just take third carry-on for one of us) and the crew is most often unbelievable.

    They do have their shortcomings, but both my partner and I love our KLM houses. Only 84 more to go. 🙂

  39. Mediocre business seats? Yes, but they’re quirky.
    2x2x2 seating in business on their 777s? Yes, but they’re quirky.
    Abysmal food and wine? Yes, but they’re quirky.
    You have to beg for the smallest possible water container? Yes, but they’re quirky.
    Questionable if your luggage will arrive when you do? Yes, but they’re quirky.
    Their 737s have a 30 inch pitch in Econ? Yes, but they’re quirky.
    And besides, on a long haul flight you get a free model house, that would otherwise cost you 10 Euros if bought in a store.
    Did I mention they’re quirky?
    I’m nominating KLM for the Sky Trax ‘style over substance’ award. They should have no problem scoring first place in that category 😉

  40. I never use them for long haul unless there really is no alternative (the risk of not getting a flat bed in J was too much – though they might (just) have finally transitioned to all-flat-bed J?).

    Within Europe I use them a lot – mainly because they serve loads of tiny local airports (including mine: Norwich). Last month, Schiphol was a mess with storm delays. My flight was an hour late, guaranteeing a missed connection. While in mid-air (on a 35 minute flight), the F/A came to every connecting passenger with their new individual flight schedules and gate information. That’s pretty bloody impressive.

    Like most Euro carriers, J class is just Eco with a blocked-off middle seat (and a nicer sandwich). There’s much more leg-room on CityHopper if you book Eco seats with extra legroom – and often half the price of J.

    Though I too miss the quirky Fokkers.

  41. Great post! Agree with the take on KLM. Also think their CEO is also one of the best in the industry… I might be biased since I had the pleasure of meeting him once and he was extremely friendly.

    The lounge Lucky posted is their new lounge in AMS. It’s good and has an awesome outdoor seating area, often a good place for spotting one of their 747s. Although the lounge is an innovative concept, the layout can be a bit difficult and the food isn’t the best. Note, last time I flew thru there (December) the showers weren’t installed yet, but they provide a pass to the airport hotel if you wanted a shower.

    Regarding the Dutch houses, if the flight doesn’t have the number you’re looking for, you can often request a house swap at the lounge in AMS!

  42. Definitely didn’t know there was an app to track these, so thanks for the heads up.

    I’ve seen plenty on eBay and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a FT exchange thread or something.

  43. I can’t agree more with Lucky. I have redeemed more Skymiles for KLM metal than Delta or any partner for transatlantic flights the past couple years, though I still require lie-flat, kitsch can only take you so far. But I do love the kitsch, the service which is nearly as efficient as the Germans and nearly as friendly as Delta (not all American airlines…), and as someone who’s gluten-free I find their catering much more palatable than what I’ve gotten on DL or AF. I’m up to 9 houses including the one I picked up from a pax next to me who intentionally left one behind at his seat on arrival at ATL

  44. I also love that you get consistent service whether flying in J or Y. I think KLM is the only airline where I have never ran into a moody or rude flight attendant.

  45. I’m Dutch and despise KLM. Their flight attendants are rude and arrogant, and there’s always one screaming at a passenger or treating them like small children. The food is awful, the seats are dated and AMS is a crowded, badly planned mess with endless walkways and no place to charge your phone. Much prefer BRU. KL is easy to avoid though, as they’re almost never the cheapest option. Their main function appears to be asset stripped so the French can keep AF alive.

  46. You have to collect them all yourself. Buying isnt good. Only if you get a double if no other on board you can switch in the crown lounge.

    Amsterdam Tel aviv also gives houses. Also to north Africa.

    And yes there is a market. And they have dates to. Number 1 from first issue IS expensive over here

  47. All valid.

    Their FAs need some training though. As a paid passenger in C, if I politely ask for their signature drink, don’t tell me “ugh I’ll have to go back and make it”.

  48. I have a friend who had a very senior role at KLM with responsibility for cabin staff worldwide. I remember him once excusing himself from a dinner in The Hague saying he had a very early appointment at Schiphol the following morning.

    I later learned that a senior KLM flight attendant was working the last flight of her career the next day, and he wanted to personally greet her 5am arrival with roses at the aircraft door.

    That impressed me.

  49. I’m Dutch and I love KLM. No matter what route I fly with them, short or long haul, J or Y, their cabin crews, albeit somewhat jovial, definitely show personality, professionalism and respect to their service standards. I’m regularly invited to anonymously take part in their quality observer program and tick off a checklist of service standards including a caring attitude and can never find fault in their performance.

    How is this for quirky: draft Heineken beer from a specially designed trolley: https://youtu.be/EWKWp34tw2o

    I am happy that Lucky finally gives KLM some online attention as KLM generally seems to do do well with passengers, but remains largely obscure in travel blogs. Frustrated though that they are generally not the cheapest option, but then again they seem to have no trouble filling their seats in both classes. It stands to reason that they price their seats at what the public is willing to pay. So go KLM!

    And yes, do collect all houses yourself. I consider mine prized travel trophies.

  50. You can buy the houses on eBay. We also liked KLM although we did not like the experience connecting in AMS.

  51. Was surprised to see I think an official Klm table at a specialty market in the Hague one weekend day selling what looked to be 50+ houses for somewhere between 5-10€ each (I can’t remember the exact price as it was a few years ago). Something to keep an eye out for in your next trip to the Netherlands!

  52. What I have appreciated most about KLM has been the sincerity of their in-flight crews. The new seats are comfortable and I like the sustainability aspect of the interiors (https://klmtakescare.com/en/content/new-cabin-interior-sustainable-design-), and the fact that they take sustainability as seriously as anyone operating massively polluting machines can. But it is no secret that the food, seating layout, and wines aren’t industry leading. However, if I’ve got a comfortable seat and I want to sleep while getting someplace safely, KLM fits the bill with their reasonable long haul fares. Add to that crews who seem to genuinely care about the people they are keeping safe and comfortable, and KLM is hard to beat. Even on their intra-Europe biz flights, when the crews are a bit pressed for time to get service started and finished, I have found the crews to be kind, warm, and interested in who they are serving and keeping safe. I haven’t found this to be the case on AF, BA, LH, or AZ within Europe.

  53. Hard product is sub par but I do love the authenticity of KLM staff. Not quite on the same level as the Qantas purser swearing like a house on fire when he dropped the coffee pot but – – – -authentic cabin crew.

  54. Another great review. Thanks Ben keep sharing your personality, I love it. Lastly when do you think we will se a KLM rebranding as Although I love the old School livery I bet it’s due to be replaced

  55. I fly KLM from Houston to Amsterdam to Moscow a couple of times a year, in coach. The staff are lovely, but it otherwise sucks. Seats are tight, food is pretty gross, and I agree with the person above about trying to stay hydrated. Better bring a big bottle of water with you. We used to fly Singapore before their nonstop from Houston to Moscow went away. Now that was a great flight, even in coach.

  56. Hi,

    Great to see all the comments. As a Dutch FA, I can reply and answer to most of your comments and questions.

    – All long haul business class seats have flat beds now, as the Business Class section is updated throughout the entire fleet.
    – KLM indeed as a 2-2-2 configuration on the entire long haul fleet in BC, this includes the a330 sadly (other major airlines have 1-2-1 on a330), which I’m not pleased about.
    – business class service product is fair, but not probably not the best in the industry. There are 4 routes which has a different service, which is called Anytime For You (a la carte, on demand dining).
    – WiFi is still not widely available, will take approx 1-2 years to implement in the long haul fleet.
    – 747 is known to be less pleasant in economy class (poor IFE, old seats)
    – About economy class: due to FA labour/union agreements, the economy product and service has drastically changed. For example, during the flight, in between the meal services), no tray drinks are presented: it is on request now (with the exception of 1x a watercup together with a small snack). I think it is a downgrade, personally.
    – Europe economy class service is depending on the flight time and departure time. For example, on flights over 2 hours, there is a warm meal (for example a warm croissant or pasta) and a cupcake. Notice the different in service between KLM and KLM cityhopper.
    – Ticket price starting at AMS with KLM is more expensive than if you would originate from another airport. This is with all legacy carriers and has to do with competition. This is why “Dutch” people think KLM is more expensive. For example, Helsinki-AMS-JFK starts at 280 euro whereas it would be more expensive than just AMS-JFK.
    – Crew do enjoy their job, most are very experienced, and have been flying for a long time at KLM. Of course there are always rude FAs but isn’t this true for all airlines and other service industries?

  57. We were heavily delayed on a Delta flight last year and recieved a compensation voucher that had to be redeemed via KLM Reservations in Europe, since they do the handling for Delta in Europe.

    Dealing with the KLM reservations department was a nightmare. The first two agents, who were unfriendly told me, that they cannot book Delta flights. The next one booked a Basic Economy Fare for me and my Delta Medallion Privileges did not work. They refused to rebook it or let us pay the difference to regular Economy, although it was their fault.

    I would never ever fly with KLM.

  58. My wife and I have mostly flown KLM on TATL trips, and also to Capetown and the SIN-DPS flight. Our favorite is to be in the spacious nose of the 747 – we will miss that bird! There may be more advanced seats out there, and better wines, but we enjoy the warm, friendly service. The fact that KLM is proud of its Dutch heritage shows in all the “kitsch,” which has won us over. In fact, we now have a built-in cabinet to display our collection of Delft houses, currently 47, all from BIS. And it contains a few pirated Delft china pieces – shhh!

  59. Flew them 2 summers ago in business LAX to AMS to BUD and back. They did not board our son’s kids meals and were beyond apologetic. The Chief Purser on both flights found our son, apologized to him and then made a smorgasbord of food fit for a King. They pulled out food from coach and business, snacks galore and i think some of their own snacks. “Dad, are we going on KLM soon?”

    12 months ago today KLM cancelled our flights from Miami to BHX. Put us on a flight to Madrid which was delayed so we missed our connection to BHX. Offered us a shrug of the shoulders and a flight to LHR. Onward transmission to BHX under own steam. Still waiting for them to respond to our claim for compensation under EU Regulation 261/2004.

  61. just wish it wasnt so expensive to fly them. right now im looking at $9k roudtrip LAX-AMS in business. thats absurd to me.

  62. I also like to fly them, despite the slightly subpar J class 2-2-2 seating. But I like their crews sho are super nice, including deadheading/off-duty ones. There are quite often off duty captains between ZRH and AMS because quite a few Swissair pilots joined KL when SR filed for bankruptcy in 2001, and in the meantime they got promoted to become Captains.

    And yes, I also collect the houses (and use te app to manage the collection). But they are not inmy bedroom which spares me from having any issues with my partner 😉

  63. Not only are they quirky, but I was very impressed that the head purser took the time to chit-chat with every J passenger, and I slept like a baby in their seats. No problems with the footwell or that coffin feeling like many products. You forgot to mention you can still fly a 747 with them too, that’s a trait that is sadly becoming quirky.

  64. Hi Ben,

    I’m flying out of Abu Dhabi in July, Business class with KLM, any idea which lounge is better to use in Abu Dhabi Airport; Al Reem or Al Dhabi?

    I really enjoy flying business with KLM, normally from Dubai to Amsterdam, and onwards to Inverness, though a one off from Kuala Lumpar to Amsterdam. Everytime I fly KLM it’s always a wonderful experience. Staff and service are top notch.

  65. You’re right, I agree with you. I lived in the Netherlands for five years as an expat and constantly flew KLM for work and leisure. Although I kept my Delta Medallion status with the JV fully acknowledged and status transferable. I would choose KLM over Delta for trips back to the U.S. What stood out about KLM is the consistency. No surprises. No matter boarding in NYC, Shanghai or Abu Dhabi, it was a consistent and re assuring delivery and expectation. It’s not fancy and not nearly as elegant as Air France, and the FA’s are not what I consider as “warm” but it’s efficient and consistent like the Dutch. Everything works in the Netherlands unlike most of the EU. I much preferred KLM over Lufthansa which comes off as stiff. I love the recent KLM branding to be more Dutch. I think they’re doing all the right things.

  66. I am so obssessed with the houses. I currently have 80 of the houses and looking forward to getting house 100 on my flight at the end of October. I typically try to book KLM for all international flights. I loveeee KLM so I totally understand :o)

  67. I actually have had some nice meals on KLM. Never experienced any problems on 9, 10 flights. Flying KL in March to Barcelona. they were the cheapest option.

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