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On a recent post where I was discussing the latest review trip I booked, reader Mark asked the following question in the comments section:

Lucky – in all seriousness, what is your long term plan with the blog? Most (if not all) products out there have been reviewed multiple times by multiple bloggers by now, and the marginal utility of doing any more reviews is minimal for most travelers. Would be interesting to have your insights on where will you take this awesome blog next!

That’s about as nicely as I’ve seen the question asked (usually people just say “lucky, when are you going to get a real job?), and in this post I wanted to share my thoughts on those questions. First I wanted to address the specific question he asked about reviews, and then look at the bigger picture of my long term plan for the blog.

Why do I review airlines (including some obscure ones)?

Mark raises two good points:

  • Lots of blogs review airlines, and in many cases I review airlines that have been reviewed before by others
  • The marginal utility of some reviews — especially on some of the more “random” airlines — is minimal

Over the years I’ve gone back and forth about which products it makes the most sense to review. Years ago I’d almost exclusively review first class, since at the time that was the best use of miles, in my opinion. That’s because award tickets in first class were typically only slightly more expensive than in business class.

However, over the years we’ve seen many award chart devaluations where the cost of first class redemptions skyrocketed, so now the sweet spot is largely in business class. Then I started reviewing lots of mainstream business class products, which I continue to do.

What I’ve also thrown into the mix the past couple of years is reviewing some more “obscure” airlines, at least from a US-centric perspective, like Azores Airlines, MIAT Mongolian, Pakistan, and TAAG, just to name a few. This was in response to reader feedback asking for reviews of new airlines, though go figure now I get a lot of feedback from people saying “stop reviewing these random, useless airlines.” Hah.

Wait, you’re telling me a MIAT Mongolian review isn’t useful to most?!

The truth is that I’ve started to love reviewing random airlines. The more random, the better. As a product geek, there’s something so enjoyable about getting on a flight and having no clue what to expect. I really do love it.

Now, to address the question more directly…

It’s true that lots of blogs review lots of airlines nowadays. Things are different than over a decade ago, when I started blogging. My goal with reviews is simple — I want OMAAT to be the single best resource for premium cabin reviews out there.

What do I think sets my reviews apart? The fact that you’re getting almost all reviews written by the same person. There are some sites that have a similar number of reviews to what I’ve written, but they’ve been written by dozens of writers. While those are useful individually, to me that doesn’t do a whole lot when it comes to the comparative quality of products. I think there’s a lot of value in reviewing products side-by-side.

When dozens of people are publishing trip reports on a site, it becomes a bit like TripAdvisor. There’s a lot of noise, and you don’t really know what to believe or what not to believe. Readers might not agree with what I value in a first or business class product, but at least they know what I like or dislike about it, and they can make up their own mind based on those factors.

Simply put, the reason I keep reviewing airlines — from mainstream first class products to obscure airlines — is to have as current and comprehensive of a review catalog as possible. Individually some reviews might seem obscure and of limited use to most, though they contribute to the “bigger picture” of trying to be the go-to resource for this stuff.

Whether or not I’m succeeding with that is up to you guys to decide. Different folks, different strokes. At a minimum I can honestly say I’m trying (though it’s not that hard, because I live and breath this stuff, so I wouldn’t have it any other way).

Won’t I run out of airlines to review?

While this wasn’t asked above, I’m also often asked what I plan on doing when I run out of airlines to review. Let me tell you, that will never, ever happen. I stress myself out trying to squeeze in more reviews, and the reality is that I find products are introduced at a pace I can’t keep up with.

But even if there weren’t new products, I think there’s huge value in revisiting experiences after a few years, given how much service can change over time. For example, it has been years since I’ve flown longhaul business class on Austrian, Brussels, and LOT Polish, and I think updated reviews of those would be useful, just to give a few transatlantic Star Alliance examples.

I should probably review Brussels Airlines business class again soon

What’s my long term plan for the blog?

I have a lot of respect for the people who started blogs with a specific business plan, including those who sold within a few years and went on to do other things. Good for them, truly.

Everyone has to do what makes them happy, and that simply wouldn’t make me happy. I love what I do. I get to wake up every day and do what I love. I live for this industry, and I feel fulfilled every day doing what I do (which I know is shocking to some). I’d be sad if I woke up one day and no longer covered miles, points, aviation, and travel. So as long as people keep reading, I’ll keep writing. And even if people stop reading, I’ll probably still keep writing (that’s basically what my first year of blogging was like).

Of course over time things will change. The way media works will evolve, and who knows how much longer blogs in their current form will be popular. I hope for a long time, but if not, you can bet I’ll do what I can to adapt and keep up with the times best I can.

To answer the question I posed in the above heading: I don’t really have one, I just hope that by some miracle I’ll continue to be able to do what I love every day and it’ll keep working. As much as I’m someone who sometimes takes life too seriously, I also live day-by-day. I don’t live thinking about the future much (which is sort of how I ended up becoming a full time blogger).

In addition to being lucky enough to have Tiffany working with me for the past several years, I’m also thrilled by the contributors we have, including those we recently added. As you guys have hopefully seen, they haven’t altered the spirit of the blog, and hopefully you’re enjoying their contributions as well.

It’ll continue to be “business as usual” here as long as you guys allow it.

Thank you!

As I often say — though really not often enough — thanks to you guys for making this all possible. I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without you guys. I always appreciate constructive feedback, and hope to continue to evolve over time.

Sorry for rambling…

  1. Just a suggestion — you know how you’ve always been intrigued by premium economy? If you can get yourself on, say, an Azores Airlines A310, you can fly Singapore or Cathay in premium economy. This would be just an added dimension to what you do (who knows, maybe one day you’ll have a list of the top 10 first, business AND premium economy products). I get why you don’t review economy, though there’s still value in finding the best premium economy product, as experiences there tend to vary too.

    Same thing with LCC premium cabins such as AirAsia X or Norwegian. Looking forward to seeing OMAAT grow even more!

  2. It’s getting repetitive – how many more garlic bread and headset comparisons Are relevant?

  3. I know if I am going to book a flight with an airline, the first thing I do is come here and search for a review. While I don’t always care about the same things you do, I agree with you that the consistency is key. Being the ‘go-to’ source for information on premium travel is hopefully lucrative for you as well.

    Keep focusing on what gets you the most views (reviews) and you will focus on what people find relevant about this blog. And thanks for all the great advice along the way.

  4. And that’s why I love this blog – because of ALL of the above Ben just said.

    Well done Ben / Lucky – keep this blog up the way you do! & thank YOU 🙂

  5. Besides reading this blog every morning with my coffee, I’ve come to rely on it as a resource for reviews. TripAdvisor and Yelp rely too heavily on reviews that don’t have a common baseline. I’ve been reading this blog long enough that I know how to read reviews here and apply them to my own personal preferences. I don’t really care if my long haul flights don’t have wifi, but I do appreciate the attention to detail. I check this blog before booking new travel experiences. Not to mention, while there is a limited number of premium airline products, there’s no shortage of hotels to review. I’ve already been “trained” to use this as a travel resource in addition to entertainment. Everyone makes fun of the pictures of glasses of water, but I appreciate that they’re there.

  6. I like the offbeat airline reviews and these are among the more entertaining reports to read. The ones I dislike are yet another CX F, EK F etc etc. There are any amount of them out there already.

    I do agree that it makes sense to revisit these established ones periodically to see if things have changed.

    As a longtime reader, I feel that I have a certain understanding of your perspective so that allows me to appropriately weigh up the conclusions of your review. For example I know you value privacy much more highly than me, so I would take that into account if reading a review of a 2x2x2 layout. As a result, I find your reviews much more valuable than others I might find on the web.

  7. Totally agree about the consistency. We know what you like and you’re not biased for the most part.
    A review of AA by a person flying biz for the first time in their life TATL is virtually useless. Whereas your consistency overtime and ability to watch products evolve are important as a point of comparison.
    I know your SEO is also quite good, but maybe that’s the next place to focus specifically? OMAAT appearing above TripAdvisor or a partnership with SeatGuru seems like the next logical step. Like… here’s the seat we recommend and here’s why (link to your review).

    As always, thanks for all your work!

  8. great, relevant article lucky! been reading this blog for years and hope to be reading it for years to come! we love your unbiased reviews and if you enjoy your job, it makes reading a lot more pleasant for us. Thank you

  9. THanks for sharing.

    One suggestion I had is that you try to review more of the hotels you think your readers are aspiring to or gone to. Once I saw you were going to Seychelles I immediately worked up because we went there last year. I was hoping you were going to a Hilton so I could compare how you liked them to us. As you say, I’ve come to enjoy knowing who is reviewing the hotel and what their standard is. I can read any number of other people who stayed at the Seychelles Hilton’s but I’ve come to enjoy your perspective. Anyways was disappointed when you stayed at Four Seasons since your audience is typically going to Seychelles on points and would probably pick a points hotel. Then I lost interest in the Seychelles trip reports.

  10. I actually find your obscure airline reviews interesting. As I go down my bucket list, I’m finding myself going to places that I never thought I would be going to (Easter island for example). I’m currently planning a trip to Nepal and Bhutan so that review on Drukair a year ago is helpful. I think before running out of mainstream vacation spots, I would have said the same thing as those complaint about obscure airlines. But nowadays, I rather enjoy those odd posts. 🙂 keep up the good work.

  11. …and yeah, what MEOW said. They produce a ton of content, so I go over there frequently just to see what’s up, but the information they provide isn’t very accurate. Also, the analytical reviews of credit cards and points values are spot on here. Perhaps I could do it myself, but everyone here does a good job and I don’t feel like I have to. When I apply for credit cards I use these links because it pays for content that I like. I would suggest other readers do the same. This shit isn’t free.

  12. @Lucky. I love your blog, I read it several times a day. I can’t believe I got so hooked on it. My wife often asks me when I get home in the evening: “what has Lucky and/or Tiffany written about today?”. Keep up the good work!

  13. While I do enjoy reading new posts when you publish them, I find that the real utility of your blog is when I’m planning a new trip and am trying to figure out my flights. If there’s award availability on multiple carriers that I can book with miles, I appreciate having side by side comparisons by the same reviewer (you). Contrary to some of your readers, I actually don’t mind when you review the same product multiple times, as the soft product of each airline does change year to year. I really don’t think you have to answer to anyone, but just know that there are us non-commenting subscribers of your blog that very much appreciate the work you’re doing.

  14. Success needs passion for what you do, and that is certainly evident when visiting and reading OMAAT.

    There are so so many topics and directions you can do with content, I would imagine you could spend several lifetimes creating material that is relevant and interesting for your readers.

    I’m looking forward to continue reading OMAAT. Jimmy

  15. Cheers to you, Lucky, and congrats on your incredible success. You keep writing, and we’ll keep reading!

  16. Lucky I love the reviews you do on all those random airlines I’ll never get to fly.
    Keep up the good work!!

  17. @Lucky, I love your blog! The details that go into your reviews are like no other. It’s so consistent from one premium product to another which gives a more accurate comparison. I travel vicariously through you & you’ve also helped me get a taste of a few first class products over the last few years, so thank you. Keep up the great work!

  18. @ Ben — I hope you keep blogging for a long time, but I’m truly amazed that you aren’t bored or exhausted yet. I guess that energy is what always set you apart as “the blogger extraordinaire”.
    Whatever you do, make sure you take care of Ben first. You only live once, so don’t kill yourself working too hard/much.

  19. When I was younger, I didn’t even bother to credit flights. Eventually I found your site. Your content ultimately helped spark my love for this hobby – now having grown into a mileage running, point obsessed, premium cabin junkie. We appreciate you!

  20. I have a lot of respect for the people who started blogs with a specific business plan, including those who sold within a few years and went on to do other things. Good for them, truly.
    Shots at the points guy? Lol I like this blog way better because most of them it’s written by the same person.

  21. A lot of bloggers review hotels as well, but then we find that they stayed in suites due to their top tier elite status. Most readers don’t get suite upgrades. Maybe review “regular” rooms if you’re going to review a hotel.

  22. My two cents…I find myself coming more and more often to your blog, especially for first/business class airline reviews…so if your goal is, as you said, to have as current and comprehensive of a review catalog of airlines as possible, I think you are achieving this goal nicely…
    I also love your hotel reviews, especially upscale, and currently looking forward to your reviews from the Seychelles…
    I disagree with those who think that once you have reviewed an airline/hotel – that’s it…things change, products evolve, and people look for most up to date reviews…I know I am…
    I also disagree with those who prompt you to review economy cabins – most of us are not here for economy cabins…
    I would also appreciate more “tricks of the trade” information about searching for (and making) great redemptions…
    I am slightly hesitant about your new staff additions…nothing against them, just I wonder if your blog would try to cover too many of different topics and dilute what used to be the essence of your blog…when you try to please everyone (in this case – with various topics and various writers), it often so happens that in the end no one is really pleased…
    and please don’t become the next TPG…nowadays he is like a cheap box wine to your fine Bordeaux…don’t let that Bordeaux go sour 🙂

  23. @LUCKY

    NEVER apologize for “rambling”.

    Your ramblings are sometimes as good as your intended content.

    If I didn’t think I liked you, I wouldn’t read you. I read every word.

    Ramble on.

  24. Love the blog, and I agree with your sentiment about a consistent baseline/point of view.

    I second the request for some premium economy reviews. With the general “inflation” in product quality (i.e. the best F products are approaching private jet experiences, and the best J products look like F did a few years ago), some PE products are approaching where J was a generation ago. Furthermore, PE is increasingly priced where many people would pay the incremental cost over economy. It would be good to understand which products are actually worth it (if any).

  25. I would enjoy you trying to “suffer” through some long haul economy seats. Honestly, the reviews could be a riot to read.

  26. @ Sunny — Last time I checked, TPG hadn’t sold his blog. I wouldn’t be surprised if I am completely wrong, since I rarely read his blog.

  27. @Lucky “I want OMAAT to be the single best resource for premium cabin reviews out there” – Keep up the good work, you’re well on your way to being that! I can honestly say that I enjoy your cabin reviews more than any other for 2 reasons:
    – The story is always driven by helpful pictures that punctuate the narrative. This keeps it engaging and practically allows me to imagine and “walk through” the experience. So many blogs don’t use the pictures to its full effect in helping drive the experience, just lazily placed at the end of the narrative.
    – I like your tone of voice – it’s not overly flippant and bubbly, but not too stiffly professional (with rubrics and scores). I want someone I can relate to, who is going to fly just to experience, not to necessarily evaluate mechanically.

  28. FWIW, I enjoy the blog almost purely as entertainment – I love reading about your trips and adventures, even if I may never fly a particular airline myself (maybe ESPECIALLY if… – since it’s doubtful I’ll ever fly TAAG, so it was very interesting to ready about your experience).

    And I think if you flew, say JFK-LHR on British three times, you’d have three different experiences based on crew, etc… so I don’t see it ever getting particularly old.

    So keep being you, please!!!!

  29. I like all of the anecdotes about experiences that come up during these travels. To me that is more interesting than the actual flights. Lounge dragons that fight with you, the Angolan immigration officer, behaviors of fellow passengers etc. I also love the initial post of trip reports that talks about the logistics of planning everything. Those posts are gold, even if I don’t care what the wine list was or what the meal options were.

  30. Thank you for all the hard work you do and your passion. I love the blog, how it opened my eyes to points and actually made me care about my own airline experiences. You guys are doing great, I appreciate the growth you’re going through, and have really enjoyed reading from the new folks.

  31. I love your blog, love your writing style and hope you continue to love writing it for many years to come. Did you ever think of writing a book?

  32. I love this blog! It’s the only travel blog on my favorites list that I read everyday, no matter what. I read most of the big ones, just only when I have time.

    I personally find the obscure reviews especially helpful. I am leveraging constant business travel into visiting all 193 countries. I’m sure other people have their reasons to love them too. The people that don’t – just skip over them!

  33. I really appreciate the premium cabin reviews and how you went around booking them. I find the trip report introductions very valuable. I do think going back and reviewing some products you haven’t in several years would be helpful and keep the content fresh – I know I try to seek out whatever article most recently reviewed a product before I book (I prefer your reviews but if it’s 3 years old it’s not as helpful).

    I like the premium cabin idea – I don’t see enough reviews on these and often wonder if it’s worth the money.

  34. Keep writing, on a variety of topics. Me, my wife and young daughter have experienced amazing trips, to far off lands and done things we would have never imagined as a family because of your blog and advice.

    How about an update on your living status? Are you still living full time in hotels? That was one aspect that made the blog even more interesting.

  35. Lucky, please keep it going brother!!!! Best blog out there, period. Love your reviews, the consistant metrics you use etc…you also provide excellent aviation news updates/ inside scoops.
    Keep up the great work & very thankful for all you do.
    My best, John

  36. @Lucky – well done, perfectly stated. By the time you get to the end of painting the Golden Gate Bridge you have to start again on the other side… except your job is a lot more exciting.

  37. @Lucky, how about you review premium economy sometimes? Perhaps Singapore air or JAL.
    Also, I would love to read a review of these airlines, Air Transat Club Class, Westjet Plus (on their 767), and Norwegian Premium!

  38. Well said Lucky. I think you are doing a great job. I like your style of writing. Keep up the good work.

  39. FWIW, I love the blog and can’t wait to see how it keeps growing. I’m excited that y’all picked up a road warrior and would love to see more pieces that I can commiserate with as somebody who flies weekly for work but usually not to the best of places. Especially items that get into keeping sane with that lifestyle.

  40. You need to keep reviewing products that you’ve visited in the past because things are rapidly changing. And along with product changes, I’ve noticed that on my long haul business class routes, the cabins are no longer dominated by solo male travelers as was the case a few years ago. Maybe this and other blogs have had an impact, or perhaps the new structure of rewards programs or travel credit cards or perhaps all three have given far more people the opportunity to enjoy premium travel.

    This is my go-to place for keeping current on what I need to be doing to optimize my travel experience with the best products and best strategies for utilization of credit card spend. Thanks!

  41. @Lucky – I may not necessarily find a huge value in the content, especially in recent years, since most of my travel is on chartered jets due to huge schedule changes. This is not a criticism, just a fact in my current situation. However, I love the humor in your articles. Thanks for the entertainment and keep ’em coming!

  42. @ Robert D — You are not mistaken. They bought TPG in 2012, and MMS a few years after (though the latter didn’t announce the acquisition until 2016).

  43. Keep doing what you’re doing Lucky! I read your blog several times a day, and is really the last one I still truly enjoy reading after the TPG debacle. I’m always looking forward to it in the morning while I’m having my coffee :).
    Like others said, I also enjoy the obscure airlines reviews, they are always entertaining! Much more than the umpteenth review of CX / EY F. And I also agree that reviewing an airline product every couple of years is a good idea. Sometimes, I find reviews that are 4-5 years old and I don’t know what to make of it as a lot of it could be stale by now. The only content I don’t really enjoy is the sensationalistic stuff or the obvious card-pushing articles, but this is how you make a living and I can always skip what I don’t like :). All the best to you!

  44. I’m a big fan of the one-person point of view on airline reviews. It just feels so much more reliable since I know what type of traveler you are, what you value, your past experiences, etc.

    Compare that to some rando on TPG or other sites, where I can trust their photos at face value but can’t read too much into it beyond that.

    Which is all to say, keep doing what you’re doing! We’ll keep reading.

  45. I agree that having the reviews all done by the same person rather than a team is very valuable.

    Personally, I would like to see more hotel reviews. And not just the same Hyatt copied and pasted into multiple cities – but unique, local brands.

    Another idea is to review other sections of the airport besides the lounges.

    IE, many US airport lounges are garbage. But maybe theres a restaurant in the terminal where you can get an excellent meal for $20? Unless they take PP, theyre ignored by the blog world.

    Finally, do more trips to Latin America. Thats really lacking in your review history. Get yourself on Interjet from JFK, fly to MEX, and then hit some secondary cities.

    Even better, go to Peru and review the first class buses. I’m serious, they have lie-flat seats and dinner.

  46. Ben, ignore the trolls and nay-sayers. This is one of, if not the, best travel/miles/points blogs out there. You’ve found a niche with your audience, not everyone is going to love it, but with how many blogs are now out there, you have to cater to a niche (or sell out, throw out quality, and try to appeal to everyone like an unnamed but extremely popular website…).

  47. My vote also to get reviews on Premium Economy. With business class awards continuing to go up in points, I need to know where/how I can survive in Premium Economy. Also, rumors that AA SWUs will only get you from Economy to Premium Economy, so more and more people are going to need this information. Maybe an assignment for your new minions? 😉

  48. @Lucky – I love reading your blog. Reading your blog comes down to what I call the 3E’s…

    E: Educational – learn about travel experiences, benefits, offers

    E: Entertaining – I love aviation, I love airplanes, I love the industry – I can spend hours reading

    E: Escape – Your review of travel to far flung places and on airlines like Azores helps us all escape the mundane.

    We work to live, we work to vacation – you are doing both at the same time. Keep blogging and I’ll keep reading – keep up the great work!

  49. I’m happy you do this because, even though I don’t think I could ever be fulfilled by doing something as frivolous as reviewing premium flight cabins for a living, I do find myself coming to your blog whenever I have a big trip to plan. I’m no longer a daily reader, maybe 5-8 times a year, but I do come back. So thank you for doing the hard work.

    I agree with many commenters that you should start reviewing premium economy or even economy at some point. That’s just a personal preference since as I’ve gotten older I care infinitely more about getting from Point A to Point B in as short a time as absolutely necessary versus flying to all different cities just to sit in a nice seat. That did coincide with my moving to the East Coast from California since now I can get basically anywhere in Europe from New York in 6-8 hours and economy is totally fine for that. I’d much rather spend the points on
    a nice hotel. Traveling to Asia is a different story but thankfully I don’t do that much anymore.

    Also, maybe you and Ford should find something else for the future. I don’t know if he travels with you each time but do you really want to be away from your husband for that long anymore? You’re in your prime, you shouldn’t waste it on a hunk of metal!

  50. One more reader here who loves your blog. Would also appreciate more tricks of the trade in terms of finding redemptions, comparing which miles to use, taking into account fuel surcharges etc. Also like the above suggestions about reviewing premium economy. And like the above suggestions about reviewing regular hotel rooms. I’m never going to have top Hyatt status, so the review of the suite really doesn’t do much for me. I understand you like the upgrades…maybe slum one night in just regular room of a multi night stay? Also agree about the Four Seasons comment above, that’s not why people are reading your blog. But kudos all around !

  51. Hey Lucky,

    Just a thought…something fun might be to do a trip w/a semi famous (or famous) travel geek. Kind of like how Seinfeld does comedians in cars. Perhaps Chrissy Tiegan or Casey Neistat (I know not everyone’s fav), or even a crazy Real Housewife lol, but something along those lines. It might be fun as a special post.

    Hope to see you in a lounge sometime!

  52. Lucky, you are great! Keep reviewing the interesting airlines (e.g. TAAG) as well as the useful ones (Singapore, Lufthansa, etc.)

    I value the Lucky brand so even if someone else writes a review, I have to read the Lucky (or OMAAT) review. That is like some people saying “I will buy a car from any country, even Russia” while I say “I want a Lucky airline review”.

    Do try to get some airport pictures, though, not just the lounge. I liked that TAAG photo that was forbidden even though it was at the check-in area, not the lounge.

  53. Your words have my eyes wet. Please keep writing, and I’ll keep reading! Thank you, Lucky.

  54. @Lucky you should be filming videos of your flights and posting on YouTube you’d be making tons of $$$$ stop blogging and focus your energy on another channel

  55. Completely agree with other comments that as long as you remain genuine… and maybe part of that is your being a little quirky at times!

    I’ve also found TPG becoming too corporate, unwilling to provide an truly honest perspective – the recent Marriott-SPG launch being an example. Don’t become like that!!! 🙂

  56. I think the blog can continue for a long time for a simple reason.

    1. Airlines are constantly changing aircraft, routes, and service amenities.
    2. The frequent flyer programs are always changing such as elite benefits, earning abilities, partner earnings.
    3. Airline awards have become very complicated especially with premium travel. Fuel surcharges, code sharing, joint ventures, alliance partner rules.
    4. Devaluations, sweet spots with award charts, one way with stopover awards, ect

    To sum it up it is a extremely dynamic and constantly changing industry. And to have a source that strives to keep up with the changes is a great resource to have.

  57. @ Ben,

    Which random airlines are u considering to review in a short/medium term period?
    Some of them have medium/long-haul flights & would be really nice to have reviews. Some come to mind:
    . Belavia;
    . Kenya Airways (NBO-Europe/Asia);
    . RwandAir (KGL-BRU/LGW);
    . Aerolíneas Argentinas (EZE-North America/MAD);
    . LATAM Brazil (GRU-Europe/JNB);
    . WOW Air (KEF-North America West Coast/TLV);
    . Icelandair (KEF-North America West Coast);
    . Air Italy (MXP-North America/Asia);
    . Air Niugini;
    . Bahamasair;
    . Aegean Airlines;
    . Luxair (LUX-Cape Verde);
    . TACV;
    . Boliviana de Aviación (VVI-MAD);
    . Cubana de Aviación (HAV-MAD);
    . Cambodia Angkor Air;
    . Biman Bangladesh Airlines (DAC-LHR);
    . Bulgaria Air;
    . Croatia Airlines;
    . Czech Airlines (PRG-ICN);
    . PAWA Dominicana;
    . TAME;
    . Atlantic Airways;
    . Georgian Airways;
    . Air Greenland;
    . Air Mauritius (MRU-Europe/CTG/PER);
    . Air Madagascar (TNT-France);
    . Caribbean Airlines;
    . Iran Air (IKA-Europe);
    . Iraqi Airways (BGW-Europe);
    . Lao Airlines;
    . Air Baltic;
    . Middle East Airlines;
    . Air Malta;
    . Myanmar National Airlines;
    . Air Namibia (WDH-FRA);
    . Copa Airline (PTY-South America);
    . Air Europa (MAD-North/South America);
    . Air Austral (REU-CDG);
    . TAROM;
    . Adria Airways;
    . Surinam Airways (PBM-AMS);
    . Etc.

  58. I rarely comment but I read (and subscribe) to your blog… well, most of it. So here are my thoughts FWIW:

    1) I love that your blog is for you. I mean it’s information sharing so I benefit a lot but I like your style – it’s easy to read and I can tell that you love this stuff so much. I couldn’t care less about reviews of minor airlines that I don’t see myself ever flying BUT I LOVE!!!!! that you do it because you want to. Hey, it’s your blog – we have the privilege of reading so you write whatever you want, that’s what I say. I also love that one day, if there is an opportunity to fly an obscure airline, I will come to this blog, do a search and surely be blessed with xxxxx airlines in 10 pictures lol.

    2) Related to #1, since I don’t always read your blog posts (but I get all of them emailed to me lol), I love your structure. Specifically, the “Bottom Line” section. Unless the title is specifically something I am looking for, 9 times out of 10, I just read the bottom line. Then, if that triggers something in me, then I read the entire post lol. But honestly, that keeps me in the know without devoting significant time reading this blog lol.

    3) It’s related to #2 but honestly, I like that the information is here. I may not read it then, and I may actually never read it. But I’m not gonna lie, I love that if I needed an information, I am fairly certain it’s somewhere in this blog lol.

    4) I used to subscribe to a fair amount of blogs – this is not a knock on other bloggers because I’ve learned a lot from their blogs too and enjoyed it but when I first started out, I read TPG, Frugal Travel Guy, Frequent Miler, yours, and many others I don’t remember. But once I started to get the hang of it, I realized I was reading less and less of the other ones. Most likely, it has something to do with your writing style jiving with how I want to read it. I still visit other blogs once in a while to get some other perspective but in reality, this has become my single source because like you said, you are the one reviewing the products so whether I value the same things you do or not, at least I know who is reviewing it. The problem with different people reviewing is if they say something tastes really good, how do I know if they share the same tastes as I do. After reading your reviews, while I may not agree with all of them, I have a general sense of where your line is and I can rely on that.

    I don’t have any wisdom about what you should do with your blog. I used to write a poker blog back when online poker was huge and like many other poker bloggers, it was a lot of analyzing situations and hands but sometimes, it was just about my personal life (and at that time, poker was a big part of my personal life). And it was therapeutic for me. So I just hope that you continue the blog until you no longer enjoy it. But for as long as you enjoy blogging, you should continue. I think I will enjoy your product reviews even if it’s the third or fourth time you reviewed it because it was a different experience for you (you’ve done that in the past, I think, because I remember enjoying it – I don’t remember the airlines though – one of the gulf carriers I think).

    Anyways, this got long – I rambled on your rambling blog.

    Honestly, I rarely comment but I’ve read this blog for years now and I truly enjoy it. I hope you do too and that’s all I ask from this blog.

  59. Premium Economy is a good idea – you have lots of staff now who you could send to do those reviews if you don’t want to fly those cabins yourself – I’m being serious here not sarcastic. Main thing for me about your reviews is the quality of the photos – for me this is where this blog shines. Keep those coming. You probably also need to find somewhere to settle down too – given the upcoming life changes, so don’t panic if you do need to delegate.

  60. Lucky, I really enjoy your site and applaud you for making a career out of something you love to do. As someone who only gets to indulge from time to time (just got back from Japan using 120,000 Virgin miles for ANA first!!!), I would be interested in some articles on the best ways to use points to get to certain destinations around the world, so that people who are new to this can better plan future vacations.

  61. Lucky, you can count me on as a loyal everyday reader for many years to come!


  62. Keep up the good work Lucky. I’ve taken some unbelievable trips with my wife that would not have been possible had I not stumbled across the blog a few years ago. There are a lot of blogs out there covering points/miles/travel, but I think you guys do it better than anyone else.

  63. Ben, you have the greatest blog on the whole internet! I love all your reviews but the ones I love the most are the reviews of the random airlines. Everyone reviews standard airlines but I love how you review all kinds of airlines. So please don’t listen to the people who don’t like your random reviews because all of your reviews are great. Also, one airline that I’m kind of interested in is Air Calin. It would be cool if you went to New Caledonia because I know nothing about it. Also, New Caledonia has a lot of Starwood Properties. So Thank You for being a part of my everyday life and making the worlds greatest reviews!!!!!!

  64. Like many people have written, this is the blog where I go first to get information about a flight that I am considering booking. For people like myself who flies infrequently, it is great to get a consistent evaluation of a service. While I might not agree with Lucky’s opinion afterward is not the point. He has given me a point of view that is both accurate and entertaining.
    Keep up your work Lucky ( and Tiffany and James)

  65. @Lucky

    I know we haven’t been in touch much, but I just wanted to say how much I value your blog from the beginning since 2010 (or 2011?). It was partially your posts, authentic reviews, advice, and recommendations that inspired me (& I’m sure many others too) to be able to travel the way we do in the past decade. If you want to see how much you influenced my life, you are more than welcome to glance through me and my wife’s travel diary @ https://chaibearworld.com/

    Over the years, I’ve been noticing a lot of negative comments in your blog posts and I just want to remind you to ignore all the bad vibes that’s out there. There are a lot of immaturity in this media world and I don’t want that to ever deter your passion in what I’ve loved about your writing since the beginning.

    Please keep doing what you do. I hope one day we get to briefly meet, so I can personally thank you in person

    Keep up the positive vibes..

  66. So, Lucky…

    When are you going to get a real job?

    Just kidding. If your parents have stopped saying that to you, no one else really should be saying it!

  67. The reviews of lesser-known airlines (at least to those of us here in the USA) are incredibly valuable and have significantly enhanced my travel experience. For example, based on your review, I decided to pay extra (out of my own pocket) for a business class ticket from Astana to Almaty KZ on Air Astana earlier this year. Absent an endorsement I trusted, I would never have assumed that a domestic 90-minute flight on an airline I’d never traveled before was worth any premium. And I ended up loving every minute of the experience which certainly put any domestic US first class service to shame (except maybe some transcon routes).

    Even in situations where I don’t “need” a review to know what I’m getting, reading your reviews has still changed my travel experience. For example, I’m much more attentive to consistency of service from cabin crews, how timely responses are, etc. Funny thing for me, if I have to wait half an hour to have my tray table cleared in business class, I kind of ignore it and read or watch something. But when I read someone else describe that experience, it objectifies the subpar service. Similarly with “attitude”, I don’t fly to make friends, so brusque service doesn’t bother me if it’s reasonably competent and not downright rude. But I get pissed off on your behalf when that’s what you experience, and now I am much more attuned to whether FAs actually appear to enjoy/take pride in their jobs. So you’re making me a better travel consumer in spite of myself 🙂

  68. Lucky
    Ur blog is doing a great job u & Ford travel more higher end then me . But I take what i learn and make it work for my 3 or 4* trips . I always use the CC links to apply on the blog that gives me the infor ..


  69. Lucky,

    This is really cool and I love seeing your reviews, but I for one would really like to see more regional flights. While long haul flights are great, regional products vary as well, for example, I’d expect that air Canada’s regional C class is better than Americans.

  70. I do wish Lucky would step out of his very specific food preferences (garlic bread we got it) and try to think in the voice of the customer. I play a little game guessing (knowing) what courses Lucky is going to order based on the menu photos alone. I am rarely wrong which leads to fatigue on my behalf.

  71. Honestly, just keep doing what you’re doing. OMAAT is the only FF blog I still read everyday because you guys are still authentic and with the addition of the new contributors covering different angles, I see even more bright days for the blog ahead. Seriously, you guys are all awesome.

  72. Love the blog. OMAAT’s helped me to get more out of my of family vacations, and provides endlessly entertaining coffee break distraction, in between. Just keep doing what you do!

  73. …and please don’t become the Daily Mail or Buzzfeed version of a travel blog (I’m looking at you, View From the Clickbait), with endless tabloid stories about customer and flight crew misbehavior.

  74. I discovered this blog in 2012, excited about finally having enough miles to redeem for to fly United Global First and looking for more information. This blog popped up, and based on this blog’s advice, I promptly changed my ticket to a LH F flight. It was then a world of points and redemptions opened up, that I never even knew existed. Ever since that smart advice, I’ve been a loyal daily reader. Interestingly enough, I still have never flown UA in longhaul F and my chance to do so is nearly gone, but I digress. I have become the go-to for advice on miles and flights among my friends, but I have to say OMAAT has been my go-to every time I need miles and points knowledge. I continue to read this blog for Ben’s (and teams’) straightforward, humorous, and entertaining voice. Even though I only ever met Lucky once several years ago, I feel his opinions very much reflect my own. I am also amazed by the amount of content that he and his team continue to produce. Continue to do what you do, and I will still be reading another 6 years later!

  75. If there’s suggestions to make, it might be a tl;dr; version/summary of the reports. Sometimes I just want the quick gist to remember a review later as I’m prepping a trip.

    Perhaps some sort of scoring matrix (eg 8/10 for food, 5/10 for crew, 4/10 for seat) as a way to compare products/reviews more quickly. I know it’s not always easy as some are very flight specific.

    For the airlines (and airports) you’ve flown a lot, perhaps airline and airport specific guides from your perspective? I know that FlyerTalk has a lot of that information as well so maybe it’s not worth the effort. I know a summary of all the things someone should know when flying CX or LH would be useful to some.

    I guess the point is, not everything needs to be news driven. You’ve collected so much information over the years, maybe there’s more that could be done with it?

  76. I noticed a few people said “hey” to economy and premium economy…please don’t…just don’t…that’s not how this blog started, that’s not how it attracted its long-term loyal readers…
    besides…besides, there is already frugaltravelguy.com …please don’t become one…besides, economy is economy is economy…all of us have to fly it from time to time, but do we really want to talk about it…

  77. Love everything you post! You are my go to guy for everything travel. I never select a flight or seat without consulting your reviews. You have saved me from making huge mistakes in regards to seating and routes.

  78. Lucky,

    I’ve been following you since the beginning and I love the blog. It is the ONLY blog I check multiple times a day. As long as you keep writing, I’ll keep reading.

    As you mention, having a single voice for premium reviews is very valuable. Your readers know your personality (at least when it comes to reviews) and can judge products accordingly. I look to your reviews for products I want to fly and the products I’ll never fly–

    I don’t often comment, but thanks for what you and the team do. I’m sure there are many of us who don’t comment, but come back every day for the news and reviews. Thanks.

  79. Thanks for the update Lucky great post and keep up the fantastic work also where you mentioned sites that have like heaps and heaps of who all contributors do different reviews (which isn’t good for comparing) only one site came to mind…TPG.

  80. Your blog is probably the only blog I have consistently read for the past three years and I have never engaged in any luxury travel in my life! Just like living vicariously and hopefully some day enjoying these products! So you could change nothing and this blog would still be incredible!

    I liked the suggestion for 4cf4wpremium economy reviews, just because your perspective would be so interesting.

    Most of all, I would really like it if you wrote more about your experiences in the countries you visit. You’ve been to so many places, some of them really out of the way, I would really love to see more of your thoughts about those places!

    Keep up the great work and thank you!

  81. Hi Lucky, I recently became an avid reader of your blog, I really enjoy it.

    From my own personal perspective (I’m sure others have different priorities), but my absolute favouite thing about the blog is the flight reviews for uncommon/ random airlines that I likely would never fly, or in some cases, that I’ve never even heard of.

    I personally am not interested in any of the hotel reviews or tips – for me, a hotel is simply a utility which I rarely give much thought to, apart from location and a quick check online to see that there won’t be any nasty surprises.

    So, yes, please do keep finding random airlines to review! honestly, the common airlines have SO many reviews out there, in every cabin thinkable. How many reviews does one need to read of the Emirates first class, for example? however TAAG first class is not something I’ve read about anywhere else!

    And I’ll finish with a quick recommendation – in 2015 I had an amazing journey to Greenland, which is an aviation heaven, though no one seem to realise it! Air Greenland has one daily flight on their single A330 between Copenhagen and Kangerlussuaq, which is a former US army airstrip and the only civilian airstrip that can host a widebody. From there, you transit to one of Air Greenland’s Dash-8 (they even have a couple of rare Dash-7 planes in service) or a helicopter, and the smaller aircrafts connect you to the different towns across Greenland, as their airstrips can only handle turboprops and helicopters.

    It is about 4.5 hours between Copenhagen and Kangerlussuaq (perhaps the quickest cross-atlantic flight? Greenland is geographically a part of North America). From there it’s about 1 hour in a dash-8 to the capital Nuuk (where I had a conference), or similar flights by turboprops or helicopters to other destinations.

    I cannot recommend Greenland enough – the views from the air are amazing, flying over the Greenlandic landscape in a turboprop in low altitude is something I will never forget. The Greenlandic culture is fascinating, and everyone is incredibly friendly. I would love to read your take on Air Greenland! I know I will always cherish it as one of the most unique journeys I ever made.

  82. Keep up the great work! There is a reason I visit your blog every morning… I find it to be the best out there. This coming from a guy who travels 250k+ miles a year with very top-tier elite status on numerous airlines. While I am fortunate enough to travel the world and develop my own findings and opinions, your site still provides valuable insights that I use and make decisions based on.

  83. I’ve never commented before but want you to know how terrific I think you and Tiffany are. I love the way you write and that you’ve helped me learn the value of points getting me on amazing trips. Just returned from Hong Kong and Vietnam on a last minute trip Jordan booked for us on Cathay and China air. Loved your reviews and totally agree. Now we’re off to Italy on Brussels which Jordan also helped me with. So inspired I’ve done a complete update of our credit cards based on your recommendations. Can’t thank you enough. I tell all my friends about you. Keep up the great work!

  84. Saw an Air Niugini plane in Brisbane on Saturday morning and couldn’t remember if you’ve reviewed them! There are also a handful of really obscure airlines here in the South Pacific like Air Vanuatu but I am guessing none with first class.


    Thank YOU for taking the time to write here. Ive learned so much its not even funny. So thankyou. 🙂

    Suggestions: Yes premium economy reviews could work, although theyre not as interesting to read about.
    If you start a Youtube Channel, you could film every single trip you make and youd blow up on Youtube, and also make bank $$$. Id watch all your videos. It could even be like Sam Chui’s old videos where he never appeared and he just showed the service, etc, over music.

  86. -also, on the note about your obscure airlines-

    one day someone here might end up flying them and before their flight theyll lookup to see your review on it so they know what to expect, get their questions answered, etc, and thats what matters. The fact that they can come here and lookup some airline for their next trip, knowing Lucky has all the info they need. 🙂

    Keep it up brother!

  87. In the immediate term i would suggest you spend more nights on your actual trips.
    Airlines are limited, and you covered most of them, but you can’t keep up with upscale hotels.

    In your current trip to Shanghai you will most likely check out 1 hotel only. which is a shame, since SPG alone has over a dozen great options.

    I would think it would be way more efficient if you would spend 2 or 3 one night stays in same city, between different hotels.
    in the shanghai example you could split your time between the two 4S, 2 Mandarin Orientals, 2 Shangri-la, 2 Ritz , 2 st. Regis, 2 intercontinental , The Peninsula , Park/Grand hyatt , Waldorf , W , The Peace , Jumeirah Puli ,Okura etc.
    Just too many great hotels in that city that make it a miss leaving so many uncovered and doing this will also slow your burnout pace.

    Point2: It would be great to see more coverage of smaller Chains such as Raffles, Banyan Tree, Peninsula, Mandarin, Kempinski and Shangri-la to name a few.

  88. Couldn’t agree with you more. Please keep reviewing obscure products and the mainstream favorites. Your reviews of obscure products (like AI) have helped me plan travels quite a bit in the past.

  89. Ben, I’ve been reading along daily for at least 6 years now and I hope you never change! Whether people wanna love or hate what your doing or writing about I’ve always believed you and Gary anchor BA and will continue to be wholly necessary in the miles and points space. I have noticed you seem to go to less and less events maybe because your schedule doesn’t permit or maybe because you’ve become somewhat of a celebrity among the miles and points community but I hope to see you one day and shake your hand and thank you for all you’ve taught me. I’ll continue to follow you and support you no matter what platform you decide to use. I think what’s best about this blog is that your just a true avgeek who cares if not all the topics are informative they show your personality and I think there’s something to be said of that. I miss all the old GIFs you used to use but I understand you’ve had to have the site become more professional. Anyways good luck to you the rest of the year, I’ll be following along!

    Ps do you ever miss Washington? I remember years ago you wrote a post where you thought about one day maybe settling down and getting a dog and a house but that was before meeting Ford so I was curious if your ideas on what your future in that context might look like or if you could see yourself living in hotels another 5 years since you’ve found someone who seems to have a somewhat flexible life as well?

  90. @Robert D

    yep TPG sold the company to Bankrate in 2012, but is still the CEO and figurehead

  91. I share the sentiment of almost every reader and fan, your blog is by far the most useful in the travel world. First person perspective is unique, much in the same way a good reviewer goes to a new restaurant or an old favorite, consistency is key.

    While I peruse TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc. their reviews are paltry and lack detail and depth for hotel stays. You have a method, shall I say checklist that you run through to thoroughly evaluate a hotel, the room and the service. I’ve stayed at a number of the same hotels that you’ve visited b/c of your reviews.

    As for airlines, you need to re-review every seat and airline route at least every 2-4 years especially with the introduction of new seats (Polaris), airplanes (A350) both at the introduction and once they’ve worked out the kinks. We have flown numerous airlines b/c of your reviews and have prepared ourselves for the good and some of the bad. My favorite feature to look for on a plane is the independent nozzle for air to keep myself cool.

    Keep up the great work, you’re one of the, if not the most hard working traveler in the world. Your experiences are second to none and I for one love your posts and the experiences you’ve shared with us over the years.

    We don’t say this enough but thank you Ben, you are truly dedicated to your craft.

  92. I hope you continue to write your blog exactly as you have been doing for years. Also as a fellow gay man, I very much appreciate your openness about your fiance and the visibility you bring to the gay community.

  93. Lucky I remember you saying you want to do Condor Business to Europe. If you want a new experience for that Fly Air North to Whitehorse(Have a few day We are a wonderful city) then fly Condar to Frankfort. Nice trip with two new product (Air North has a really wonderful short haul product with a warm cookie service) and a nice trip to the Canadain North.

  94. Keep trying the random airlines – they’re the most entertaining! Who doesn’t love hearing about TAAG Angola…

  95. Keep going Lucky!!
    I’m writing this from Lufthansa first class Lax to Fra on their free wifi all of which I would never have discovered without you.
    Yes. There is huge value in revisiting previously reviewed airlines, their products and routes. It helps keep everyone on their toes and is of enormous help to all.
    Review them fresh once a year!
    Looking forward to more years flying with OMAAT
    NEXT ? It seems only natural your future reviews should be about various airports. While airlines are busy reconfiguring themselves so too are airports big and small across the world. Would like to see you mention some of your favorites.

  96. I’m actually looking forward to you reviewing more of the exotic airline and route seat experiences. Keep it up!

  97. Lucky, I’ll just add to the others who’ve already commented that I love your blog! As someone who will only get to fly these premium products very occasionally, it’s great to be able to experience them vicariously. Plus, it’s motivation for me to save up my UR points for those great international destinations.

  98. As an aviation geek, I’m a huge fan of the obscure airline reviews. It’s fascinating to see how different airlines conduct business.

    Also, I agree that airlines should be reviewed again after a few years. A lot can change in a few years and it’s always refreshing, for better or worse, to see how a product has evolved.

  99. Yes, please do a few selected rock-bottom economy flights on LCCs or packed mainstream carriers ( that shrill ,toothy travel guy at CNN did a RTW LCC piece a couple of years ago). It would be useful information as well as tremendous schadenfreude.

  100. In order for the blog to be up-to-date, regular reviews of airlines and hotels is a must, and Lucky alone cant keep up, so hope the expanded team could help.

    More biz class reviews pls, and mongolian air review was good.

  101. Congrats bud on your success! Ultimately it comes down to writing and you have a way with words unlike any other blogger out there. Kudos!
    I learned so much from reading your blog through the years. Thank you! In a few weeks, I’ll be flying AF A380 (hopefully no more AF strikes.) It’s the only A380 I haven’t flown in F yet but now that Amex has a transfer bonus, I pounced on it like a starving cheetah and will be flying La Premiere twice (77W and A380) on two segments (with the discount it was only 128k MR points per segment) which I think is a great deal given you flew La Premiere on the A380 pre-devaluation a few years ago for 125k FB miles.
    I wish you and your team the very best on whatever direction you choose to take this blog to. As what others said, I also like your reviews of random airlines as well as the usual five star airlines. Keep ’em coming! I love Tiffany but I also hope you make an appearance again at the FTU/Chicago Seminars events.

  102. Lucky, I have two suggestions for you:

    1-Another service you can provide your readers is doing a one-time consulting service for people that need a travel and points strategy. I read this blog mostly for the news and reviews, but I could use help with my points and miles strategy. I collect AA miles, Hyatt and Marriott points, but don’t really have a great strategy, per se. Because I live in Philly and almost exclusively use AA, I’ve been afraid to jump to a Chase Saphire type of card, because my understanding is they don’t transfer to AA. I am sure there’s a piece here I don’t know yet that could help my situation, and that’s my point. I would be more than willing to pay a consulting fee to help figure out what the hell my strategy should be. There has to be people like me out there that would appreciate an “account review” of what points/miles I collect now, and overlay that with my travel habits and vacation plans, and what I should be doing. I’m sure I could figure it out on my own, but I’m too lazy and too busy, and would be more than willing to shell out some $ to have someone figure it all out for me. Disclaimer, if you do this, I get 10% as a finder’ fee!

    2- I say this with no shade, but any plans on dropping the ‘Lucky’? Seems a little bit juvenile, like you’ve grown out of that now. I even noticed your new blogger James only refers to you as Ben. You are a serious writer and blogger, it calls for a serious and real name. I’m sure I will get chewed up alive from your fans for even suggesting this, but even though many look at the service you provide as entertainment, I look at it more as a business service. And in business, you want the people you look to for advice to look/act the part. Again, no ‘t no shade no pink lemonade’ here (let’s see how many get that reference) just a suggestion, Ben.

  103. Well, the future (and present) is credit card/priority pass pimping with some trips reports thrown in here and there, plus the occasional interesting airline/travel related story.

  104. Hey Ben , every single day . You keep writing and I’ll keep reading .
    I do worry a bit about you though . Wondering if you need a bit more life away from flying and if you’re running yourself down . Take it easy once in a while , okay ?

  105. Keep up the good work! You’re a reliable (and valuable) source of info for many people working in the industry.

  106. Another +1 for premium economy reviews – they would be great. But in general keep up the good work! I love the exotic airline reviews. The Chinese ones have been particularly interesting too.

  107. I think you should have a few contributors in Asia – such a huge aviation/travel hub – especially when travelling with the Chinese airlines – i think that could appeal to your reader base as a point of interest when planning trips to Asia, SE, Central, North etc – most of your trip reports to Asia are for positioning flights rather than on the ground experiences, i know in the past Tiffany wrote an execllent family trip report that was very well received

  108. Lucky,

    You are the best at what you do, because you love what you do. Doing what you love everyday is a great place to be. I’d listen to the posts which reference how much time you get to share with Ford … but never doubt the space that you have carved out for yourself.

    … and selfishly … please keep doing what you do.

  109. Ben, as an Englishman living in Australia, I stumbled in your blogs a few years back. Since then I read every day and enjoy the flavour and pace of the reports. Not only the trip reports that are awesome but the other news and views. Keep up the great job and the more TAAG reviews ( and the like ) the better !!!

  110. “I want OMAAT to be the single best resource for premium cabin reviews out there.”

    Like others have commented here, this is why I come here everyday.
    And you are the only blog that is constant in his information and every day posts.

    Many thanks again to you Lucky, Tiffany and all the team!

  111. As a British living in Cyprus, I travel all over Europe and Asia. I would enjoy more airline/lounge/hotel and other reviews in these continents as I rarely fly to USA.

  112. Hi Lucky,

    I am an Indian living in the UAE. I have been reading your blog for the past year or so but this is the first time I am commenting here :).

    Look you are doing a great job make no mistake. It is not easy for people to do things they love to do as a full time job. Many cannot do it even if they want to. So in that regard you are awesome! Keep it up. Unlike most of the people here I am not a premium class traveler. Until now I have done all my travels in Economy class only and may never fly First class ever even :). However that hasn’t prevented me to check out your blog on a daily basis to read the reviews and pictures.

    More power to you!


  113. @RJW I agree with you there are many people who, even after reading all the advice about miles and points on here, would not mind to pay consultancy fee. Ben’s OMATT team would be one of the best one to go to. I know I would do that too! Yes there are other companies out there, however I didn’t like the experience I had with one few years back
    @Ben/Lucky Maybe it’s something to think about?
    Also, Ben, I like the comment about airports. What about mentioning what else is happening at given airport besides a lounge? Just a thought.

    Overall, I love this blog!!! It would be a total shame for Ben/Lucky to try to go more mainstream and youtube route. This blog has a very unique style. And even though I fully agree things in this world are changing at a fast pace, I don’t feel this blog needs as much change.

    I very much welcome James on here, I think he is a great addition, btw!

    These kind of changes are good. But to go ahead and change the overall concept, would be a shame, I think.

    Keep up the amazing work Ben/Lucky! And Tiffany and other contributors too.

  114. Yea just don’t go the way of TPG. It’s crap now filled with click bait and terrible editorials. Completely lost it’s voice.

  115. i rarely comment, but this is so crazy. You MUST keep doing what you are doing. It’s a fabulous blog, and there is always new stuff to review, and existing airlines, tc, that get better/worse. Did anybody ever say this to the Michelin restaurant review people?
    you do a fabulous job, and the comments above prove that.
    But the lesson here is just ignore the haters. What do they know? They are powerless and just want to influence in life. They would have never supported you lauching this blog. I am sure they would have said: “who needs it?” or “there are enough already”. But you launched it, and it’s fabulous. Please ignore them and stick to what you do fabulously!

  116. Thanks for the Blog update Ben. Have read OMAAT for almost decade, your EP enthusiastic passion (and honesty) shines through in your posts that keeps pulling me back to read daily.

  117. I know most of the popular bloggers get crap for over promoting credit card referrals that drive profits to them. Yes, you promote various cards to make money but it doesn’t seem like virtually every post is about a credit card referral fee in the end like it is on other sites. This is one of the reasons I’ve been an avid reader of OMAAT for a number of years. I think your primary focus is on actual reviews of airlines and I appreciate that. IMHO your should post more hotel reviews and when you do just don’t focus on the ones no one can afford. TPG site is like a giant commercial and he is now so into himself and all the great things he gets to do that it drives me nuts. Your love of flying truly shows thru in your site and for that reason I will keep reading. Plus as a German/American that speaks both languages like you, I can sometimes identify with your perceptions and comments. Sadly I just don’t share your overzealous love of the LH product with you. Maybe because I end up in J and you in F! It just makes me angry that they only go as far as they need to because they know they will get all the Germans to fly their crappy product with awful food.

  118. Thank you for the excellent writing Lucky!
    And keep up the great work. Hope to be reading your blog for many years to come!

  119. Awesome! Keep living the dream. And as Lin-Manuel Miranda once tweeted, “Do NOT get stuck in the comments section of life!”

  120. I was thinking the same as Alvin. I don’t have work that pays for my travels so for me a list of best premium economy and premium LCC cabins would be so good. I am from Oslo, Norway so I always fly SAS plus between OSL-HKG when I go to Asia and I’ve tried Air Asia X, Scoot and Norwegian premium cabins but there are so many others I would like to read about. If OMAAT could start to add premium economy cabins it would be great and also make sense point wise as I earn good amount of miles on SAS Plus that I can later use to book business class.

  121. I discovered OMAAT a few months back and quickly became hooked. I go to the site multiple times of day and read all of the reviews, especially airline and airport lounge reviews. I’m less interested in the credit card points strategies, but I still find some of the tips there of interest. I agree with Lucky that the consistency of the reviews coming mostly from a single person are a key factor that distinguishes this site. I also find it of huge practical benefit as I select airlines for my upcoming travels. I am fortunate to travel 4-5 times per year for leisure, roughly half in business class, so Lucky’s reviews have really helped me get a sense of the service I’m paying for before travel. As a travel/airline enthusiast I also really enjoy reading the reviews of airlines that I will likely never travel (ie. TAAG). I think James has been a wonderful addition to the site too. I’ve started looking at TPG too, but prefer the more personal touch of OMAAT. I know there’s a passionate airline geek behind OMAAT but I feel like TPG is more of an aggregate of multiple people.

  122. @ RJW — That is something we offer through PointsPros (to members only). Link is at the top of the page under “Need Award Help.”

  123. The idea that you shouldn’t review an airline or a trip because someone else has already done so, or even when you yourself have done so, is crazy! Airlines are constantly changing and I for one like reading the most up to date reviews even if you’ve flown that airline or route before. I even like reading domestic US reviews, as those are the flights I’m most likely to experience myself. The random airline reviews appeal the least to me, but I still find them interesting!

  124. While I appreciate the reviews of the various airlines, it is not like I have a huge choice when building a meaningful itinerary. I’m just happy as a clam that I got a flatbed and something edible, everything else is gravy and subject to other limitations like award availability, direct flights, easiest connections, meaningful city to connect. No, I don’t care to take 3 F flights on Thai/Cathay/Emirates that require 2 connections and full week extra travel time if there is a direct flight on Turkish (for example). My vacation time is the most valuable currency ever, and no airline/points deal is going to change that.

    As non-US, I also can’t benefit from credit card offers and analysis, can only look longingly like a kid in front of a candy store.

    But where I found the most value is the nitty-gritty details of best use of miles, somewhat “obscure” use of regular points (getting to Fiji on Alaska), the routing rules explained in plain language with meaningful examples (mini-RTW of Aeroplan), inspiration on how to get to THAT place on points (Seychelles? Maldives? Bali? I’ve been there and showed how). As non-US, I’m always giddy when you cover another airline and hotel points program and tune out on CC points. So more of inspirations on good use of points is all I’m looking for. Even without million-miles accounts and with zero status anywhere, I can work with information provided and gradually (read 2-years) work toward redemption.

  125. You know how they have Shark Week every year on the Discovery channel? You could have a ‘Hell Week’ where you and your staff spend the entire week traveling internationally in – wait for it – ECONOMY CLASS..with at least one 8+ hour leg IN A MIDDLE SEAT (and no cheating…no using status to get exit rows or extra legroom seats).

    This will bring a myriad of personal and professional benefits. Firstly, you guys will so much more appreciate the Biz and First class trips after a week of Economy HELL. Secondly, it’s a fresh perspective that might get the creative juices flowing in thinking of different directions to go with the blog. Third, your readers can sit back and enjoy some schadenfreude as you suffer for your art. Finally, I think it could truly build the relationship with the readers.

    Just a thought.

  126. First – dont apologize for rambling. You have a passion for what you do, and it does come through in your blogging. Its evident that the writers that also contribute have a similar passion. That passion is shared by many of us, your readers. Its why we’re here.

    Second – I suspect most of your regular readers have certain segments of what gets written here that they enjoy. While your content is not necessarily unique, IMO, the way its put together is.

    Third – at the end of the day, its *your* blog. Review what you want. If one person reads it, or one million do, its yours.

    Fourth – if you are looking for ideas, a “newer” segment of airline travel these days is the “premium economy” segment (or perhaps its just more prolific). Why not do several of your long-haul jaunts in as much of it as you can? Its certainly relevant to those of us who dont have *quite* the number of points and cards you do.

    Fifth – if you are looking for another idea, why not go through your “beginners guide” and update/document the changes we’ve seen in the past couple/three years

    Sixth – and finally, just be you and do what you do. You (and Tiffany, and James, and….) write, we’ll read (and comment, and moan we arent seeing our favorite style of pieces). The comments tell the tale of the tape. We, your readership, love this niche of the ‘net you have carved out. This is a good blog. May it continue to be so for many years to come.

  127. Sure other blogs cover the same products, but OMAT has the most consistent, well-written, thorough, and best-photographed reviews out there. If I want to compare one product to the next, this is where I come. Thanks for all you do!

  128. Dear Lucky,
    I “fly” with you everyday on your reports!!! Please keep them coming!!

    Before I try a new product I search for your report first.
    As a note: I have flown on some of the odd ball airlines you reported on : MIAT Mongolian, Madagascar and need to fly in 2019 to Cape Verde, so how about a review on the very questionable Cape Verde Airlines? I see Azorian Airlines are starting “NEW” service to Cape Verde and Royal Air Moroc. There is not much there I have been there before, but I need to catch a sail boat there !
    KEEP the reports coming!
    It is the FIRST thing I look for in my daily email!!


  129. I’ve read the blog for a couple years and I don’t get tired of refreshed updates! I put a lot of research into my chosen flights (points or not) and if a review is more than 2 years old, I’m likely to leave the site and see who has an updated one. Also, the route specific reports are important. If there’s a feature at LAX that isn’t at SFO then I may change airports! I like the obscure carriers, either because NO ONE ELSE will have a review (and I might need it) or because I’ll never go and reading the experience is its own fun. I like the personal narrative that you and the other writers include, and even reading some of the crusty comments people post complaining is part of the fun. WaPo and OMAT are the only things I read on a daily basis, so whatever the secret sauce is, I like it.

    I will say that I’d be interested in premium economy reviews, but because I’d consider buying them when they have good sales, not as points redemptions. I don’t think it’s muddying the water, they’re just reviews for different research purposes.

  130. @Tiffany, thanks for letting me know! I’ve been a daily reader of this blog for quite some time, and had no idea you provided consulting. I think you need to get that out there more. I have many friends who are in the same boat as me and would consider this service.

  131. “It’s true that lots of blogs review lots of airlines nowadays”

    This is not just a blog, this is OMAAT. The long term readers who come here daily are not in any way interested in also ran blogs. Now that you’ve cut out the political bias I’m enjoying reading here again.

    We are just not going to find this blog’s in depth, and comprehensive reviews anywhere else I know about. Gary doesn’t even do that sort of thing anymore, (perhaps with the exception of airline lounges). And even if he did, who would want to wade thru all of the click bait posts that sound intriguing in the titles but turn out to be pure fluff. MommyPoints does a good job with resort destinations, especially ones that are good for families, and special deals like Daily Getaways and coupon deals. But if I’m searching for help picking out the best First Class flights for my next trip, I’m not likely to find that there.

    Sure, you can learn useful data points from Doctor of Credit, or occasionally Frequent Miler, but they don’t have the same sort of reviews one finds on OMAAT. Even with more traditional “travel blogs” that try to review an airline or hotel, it’s usually more about themselves than about the product being reviewed.

    If some readers find some of the reviews here of “marginal utility”, the answer is simple. Just don’t read those particular posts. That’s what I did today with “WestJet Reveals New 787 Interiors & Livery”. Couldn’t care less. But that’s not a problem, just scroll on down to something you want to read about.

    And the destination reviews by Tiffany, few and far between as they may be, are Legendary.

    So I find the comments of “Lots of blogs review” xyz somewhat insulting. No other blog I’m aware of does reviews like OMAAT. No other blog at all. 🙂

  132. As a CSD, I love reading your blogs and have steered many passengers in your direction to get advice on redeeming miles (obviously, particularly AVIOS) and other airline tips. Plus it helps me know the competition out there, rather than just vague descriptions that passengers tell me of their other airline experiences. Your blog is exceptionally good, with great photos and you really bring to life your experiences when flying around the world.

  133. I just want to say thanks for reading comments. I complained a few times that you called airlines “random” when they are clearly only “random” from a Euro-American perspective. Since then, I’ve noticed that you always qualify “random” to acknowledge that perspective (rather than letting your blog, read globally, be default-American.) As someone for whom these “random” airlines aren’t so “random,” I really appreciate that!

  134. Please check out LOT Polish Airlines again!!! I strongly recommend their Asian routes in particular (maybe try SIN inaugural flight? Or their quirkier routes like ORD-KRK or EWR-RZE)?

  135. OMAAT remains to be one of my go to blogs amongst all other miles/points/travel sites. Keep up the great work and the authenticity.

  136. I don’t fly the way you do. I wouldn’t even sip champagne if I could. I do marvel at how you love it all so much. OMAAT is awesome.

  137. This blog is awesome and I love the review of obscure airlines, even if I will never fly them in my life. Where else would we get to read about them? It’s also great to get reviews of the same products after they’ve been changed and updated. You keep doing what you enjoy and don’t listen to the haters.

  138. It’s not every day that you get to make a living doing what you love, and so keep doing it if you can! Even though I don’t travel as often as I’d like, whenever I do I come here for tips on which airlines and aircraft to take, which seats tend to be better, which lounges to go, etc. Your site has been such a resource through the past few years, and it’s great fun to read as well! I’ve always been a fan of airplanes ever since I was little, so I greatly appreciate your love of planes. It’s nice to have a familiar writer because you know they will be consistent in their reviews and opinions. I’ll never fly most of the airlines you’ve gotten to review, so it’s nice to be able to read about it (and maybe book some of them one day). Keep doing what you’re doing Lucky!

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