What a week at United!

What a week at United! Let’s summarize:

  • The week started with United announcing they were returning free booze to transpacific flights, no strings attached, along with some other minor (overall positive) catering changes.
  • Next, while United did make some capacity cuts, they also announced service from London to Brussels (on a 777) and from Narita to Beijing (which replaces the nonstop Washington to Beijing flight). A 200 mile flight on a 777, it’s like the good old days!
  • Then, United announced their Q2 results, which were surprisingly decent given the rumors circulating at United involving the “B” word.
  • And finally, John Tague was named President of United. It seems pretty obvious that Glenn Tilton is eventually looking at leaving and John Tague will take over. No comment!

All-in-all, a great week for United, I’d say!

And for those of you wondering, sorry, I won’t be wearing a “Glenn’s Gotta Stay” shirt anytime soon. 😉

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  1. I’m sure that someday soon you’ll be wearing a shirt that reads:

    John’s Gotta Go!
    (and I Gotta Go to the John!)


  2. As soon as Lucky has a “I Gotta Go to the John” shirt, I’m going to start marketting “The seatbelt sign is on, please return to your seat” shirts to flight attendants…

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