WestJet’s First Ever Safety Video

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WestJet is transforming at the moment. This includes the airline installing a “real” business class product on their 737s, and much more significantly, also taking delivery of 787s.

The airline operated their first revenue Boeing 787 flight yesterday (between Toronto and Calgary), and in April the airline will begin longhaul operations with the aircraft, between Calgary and London Gatwick.

WestJet’s new 787 business class

Historically WestJet hasn’t had a safety video, probably partly because they ripped the TVs out of many of their 737s in the past few years. However, given that the 787s have seatback televisions and will operate long flights, I guess they figured it’s finally time to come out with their first safety video.

Here it is:

Nowadays many airlines spend a lot of money on their safety videos, in hopes of using them as a marketing technique, and even creating videos that people will want to watch from home.

Sometimes this is accomplished by showcasing beautiful scenery in the carrier’s home country, sometimes it’s done through humor, and sometimes it’s done through creativity.

In the case of WestJet they’re not directly doing any of those — rather they have what I’d consider to be an imaginative and cute animated video.

On one hand the video isn’t over-the-top when it comes to humor or the theme, but at the same time I also think the video isn’t annoying, which many safety videos are, especially for frequent flyers.

The video has cute visuals, is easy to understand, and feels calming.

It’s really long, however, at over seven minutes, but that’s not surprising for a Canadian airline, since the video is in both English and French. It could be that the one shown onboard is a bit shorter as they often release a longer version online, though I don’t necessarily think so.

Good thing they don’t (yet) have plans to fly the 787 to a country where another language is primarily spoken, or else the video would be in three languages.

I remember flying Air Canada years ago from Shanghai, and the safety video was done in three languages, and it was so long that we were holding short of the runway waiting for the video to finish.

Bottom line

Overall I find WestJet’s first ever safety video to be cute, though perhaps it’s not that memorable, given how creative WestJet has historically been.

What do you make of WestJet’s new safety video?

  1. Im scheduled to fly on their 737-700 Premium Class in May. I wonder whats going on with the new upgraded business class seats on the 737’s. Haven’t heard an updated from them since July…

  2. WestJet 737s had seatback TVs for years. Only recently (2-3 years ago), they ripped them all out and went with their streaming service. They just never bothered having a safety video.

  3. “I remember flying Air Canada years ago from Shanghai, and the safety video was done in three languages, and it was so long that we were holding short of the runway waiting for the video to finish.”
    Haha. I have found that Chinese airlines often take off while the safety video is still running. I once complained in perfect Chinese language to the Chinese regulator but never got a response.

  4. @Dave,

    not all Westjet’s B737 have been updated with their streaming service.
    There are still 12 B737-600s with seatback TVs (live TV and 2 movie channels). They indeed don’t have a safety video.

    These 737s will be updated with the streaming service soon.

  5. Welcome to Canada’s version of bilingualism. While Quebec and French speakers are only around 20% of Canada’s population, it forces the rest of the 80% to have French language in pretty much all aspects of the federal government. All in the meanwhile Quebec itself uses only French. The solution should be the video be spoken in English with French subtitles if departing from all provinces except for Quebec and be spoken in French with English subtitles if departing from Quebec. Air Canada should also follow this simple rule instead of alternating between English and French.

  6. I was on the inaugural 787 in J and it was a great flight. Excellent IFE, decent catering, well intentioned service. Same seats as HX A350, AC 787, AA 777, and SV 787.

    Only complaint is lack of knee bending room in bed mode due to tray table. There were no mattress pads or amenity kits since it was a short haul flight.

    We were greeted heartily by Ed Sims upon arrival in YYC.

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