Adorable: WestJet’s 2019 Christmas Miracle Video

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WestJet does a good job with their viral marketing videos. Most notably, they typically have cool videos every year around Christmas and April Fools’ Day. This 2012 April Fools’ video about WestJet introducing child-free cabins gave me a good laugh, for example:

While the April Fools’ videos are funny, what’s most touching is WestJet’s “Christmas Miracle” videos, which they’ve published for the past several years. Their 2013 video was my favorite, given how original it was. If you haven’t yet seen it, you absolutely must:

Since then WestJet has continued to have Christmas Miracle videos, and they’ve just released their video for 2019. The concept for this video is called “To Give Or Receive?”

As the video is described:

This year, families visiting a market in Toronto were invited into a life-size WestJet blue Santa hat for an experience they would never forget. WestJet left it up to them, with help from a holographic, interactive Blue Santa and his newest co-star, Ebeniza Scrooge, to determine whether to give or receive the presents waiting under the Christmas tree.

“The conversation around giving and receiving is a powerful one and this year’s video finds inspiration in both sides of the story,” said Richard Bartrem, WestJet Vice-President Marketing Communications. “The authentic reactions and emotions made possible through these acts make this year’s Christmas Miracle truly heartwarming.”

With presents like a $2,500 WestJet gift card, a beach vacation and more, the choice was up to Canadians to either give the gift to families with sick children staying at a Ronald McDonald House or keep it for themselves.

Here’s the video, if you have a few minutes to watch it:

I loved the video, and particularly liked that it was a bit different than past videos. It’s nice to see the reactions people have, and in particular to see kids who still want to donate the gift to others over accepting it themselves.

What do you think of WestJet’s 2019 Christmas Miracle concept?

  1. Perhaps I’m not convinced about the inherent goodness of man and all that stuff. Plays with the kids heads a bit much for me. Wasn’t excited by this one.

  2. Westjet offers something to families with kids who may barely be getting by themselves, (perhaps in debt from the trip, bag fees, seat fees, etc from the trip they were at the airport to take on the day of filming), THEN put them on the spot to give it back to charity? shameful.

    The correct answer is accept the prize and say you will pay if forward through your own donations to charities that you hold equally valuable.

    The big bad scrooge here is Westjet. They needed to congratulate each family for making the RIGHT choice for their situation, and say SURPRISE there is a now a second identical prize for the opposite choice.

  3. On behalf of the CRA.

    Everyone who passes on the gift should receive tax credits for their gifts. As WestJet has already given the gift to you it is you who donated the trips to charity not WestJet.

    Therefore, WestJet cannot claim donation credits. While those receiving can claim tax deduction for their gifts that they passed on.

    In the USA, IRS would have even taxed WestJet for giving you. (Hallelujah Canada)

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