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As promised earlier, I’ll be writing a report of my weekend in Hawaii. It’ll be in four parts, one for the background (this post), one for the outbound journey, one for the stay in Honolulu, and one for the return journey.


A FlyerTalker emailed me a few months ago to tell me about some great fares on United to Hawaii, as low as $300 from the west coast and $450 from the east coast. Considering I had a $300 voucher burning a hole in my pocket, it was a no brainer, paying only $150 out of pocket.

Since the fares were so good I posted about a weekend in Hawaii on FlyerTalk in the CommunityBuzz forum, and many people were interested. In the end about 2o of us booked, mostly on the same flight, and mostly with confirmed upgrades to first class. My overall routing was TPA-IAD-ORD-SFO-HNL-SFO-ORD-IAD-TPA, with all of the non-Ted segments confirmed in first class. For $150 and 26 hours in paradise, it seemed like a steal.

Upon arrival at 7:30PM in HNL we’d be heading to Sam Choy’s for dinner, meeting up with some more local FlyerTalkers. The next day a native FlyerTalker offered to give us a tour of the island. The fact that we have locals from basically every corner of the world on FlyerTalk is one of the things that makes it great, since there’s someone everywhere with inside knowledge.

After the tour we’d be going to RumFire for drinks/dinner, a very nice place with amazing sunset views over the water.

As with nearly all of my trips, things rarely pan out as planned, and as usual there’ll be a few twists, turns, and moments of comic relief. At this time, please sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

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