Awesome: Waldorf Astoria Platte Island Seychelles Opens 2023

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Hilton has just announced two new properties in the Seychelles, one of which sounds like it could be incredible. This is in addition to the recent announcement of the Mango House Seychelles, which is a new LXR Hilton property.

Waldorf Astoria Platte Island Seychelles

This is without a doubt the more exciting addition, even though details are limited as of now. The Waldorf Astoria Platte Island Seychelles is expected to open in 2023. The property will be located on Platte Island, about 130km south of Mahe. The island has an airstrip, so guests will be able to fly to this property.

The resort will feature 59 seafront villas with private pools. The Waldorf Astoria will have six restaurants and bars, a spa, a club for kids, an outdoor observatory, tennis courts, and a marine conservatory discovery center.

Platte Island is covered with palm forests and surrounding by a coral reef and lagoon, so it sounds incredible. It’s cool to read more about the island — it’s about a quarter of a square mile.

The only rendering of the property is the featured image above. Nonetheless suffice to say that a private island all-villa property in the Seychelles sounds amazing, especially with the potential for Hilton Honors points to be redeemable here.

I stayed at the Four Seasons Desroches Island a few years ago, and it’s a similar setup — it’s a private island belonging to the Seychelles, with a private airstrip.

The Four Seasons Desroches also has a private airstrip

Canopy by Hilton Mahe Seychelles

Also scheduled to open in 2023 is Canopy by Hilton Mahe, which is on the Seychelles’ main island. Canopy is one of Hilton’s lifestyle brands, and this property will be located on Anse à la Mouche beach.

The resort will feature 120 rooms. Chances are that this won’t be as luxurious as Mango House Seychelles, which is the LXR property, since Canopy isn’t quite as premium.

Also keep in mind that this complements the other Hilton properties already in the Seychelles, including the following:

  • Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa
  • Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resort & Spa
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Seychelles, Allamanda Resort and Spa

Mango House Seychelles, an LXR property

Bottom line

Hilton is expanding its footprint in the Seychelles even further, and frankly I’m borderline confused. Hilton will have six properties in the Seychelles. You’d think hotel owners would be looking to diversify hotel groups a bit to appeal to a wider consumer base, but Hilton sure is winning here.

I can’t wait to learn more about the Waldorf Astoria Platte Island, which sounds like an exciting new property that will (hopefully) be a great use of points.

Are you excited about these Hilton additions in the Seychelles?

  1. While it could be great, I totally agree with you at the end. Why do they want so many properties there? Why not invest in new locations instead?

  2. Rather do one of the private island resorts in the Caribbean/BVIs than travel half way around the world for same experience at twice the price but then again im not into instagram so maybe im not the target audience.

  3. @ Steve_CC…never been to the Caribbean/BVIs and never been to the Seychelles but both are on our radar. Mind to share where on the Caribbean/BVIs that would have same experience but at 1/2 the price? Thanks in advance!

  4. I know it is a bit of a luxury first world problem, but in the mockup you can see that the TV looks like a Bang & Olufsen Horizon, I hope they will stick to this brand when the hotel opens instead of a generic LG or Samsung. I never really understood why they usually put a cheap TV in a room thats 1K$+ a night.

  5. @Ryan Uh, no, the Horizon has horizontal bars, whereas the mockup shows a generic standalone TV. Also, LG makes B&O’s panels.

  6. Well, considering our October trip to the Seychelles in Etihad J using AA miles and our stays at Labriz and Northolme on Hilton points all had to be cancelled due to COVID, heck yeah I’m happy to have more Hilton hotels to choose from when we can finally go there.

    Also, @Steve_CC, I’ve stayed at a lot of resorts in the Caribbean including the British Virgin Islands, so second the request of how to get the same experience at half the price. I’m not into Instagram either but Labriz and Northolme were both a great value using Hilton points when we originally made our reservations.

  7. @Silver Arrows, I mentioned that it “looks like” a B&O Horizon. The speaker grill looks different in the mockup, yet the stand is a 1:1 copy. And yes LG provides the panels in B&O’s recent tv’s, but those panels are not “generic”, they are OLED panels which btw I haven’t seen in a luxury hotel room either.

  8. Luxury hotel sounds nice but I think it’s worth leaving it from time to time and see real Seychelles. Otherwise, it’s just a visit to a golden cage, not Seychelles.

  9. itd be nice if it didnt rain almost every single day at the seychelles….at least according to the weather forecast

  10. If I want a tiny flat island with nothing to do, I can already go to the Maledives. The strength of the Seychelles is that the 2-3 main islands are actually quite huge and there is plenty to do. So I don’t see the point of this hotel.

  11. @Richmond_Surrey , @ArnoldB I do not see the point to waste 5 days of my time on a tiny island with nothing but a hotel even if it is a luxury one.

  12. From my observation, Most of the tourists to Seychelles are from Europe, Mideast and Asia in that order. Hilton is building those properties for those visitors in mind. so they don’t have to fly half way around the world to the Carribeans/BVI for the same experience..

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