Virgin Atlantic Trials Google Glass In Clubhouse

Via The Daily Mail:

Next time you arrive at the airport, the person checking you in may know your name, destination and even your dietary requirements before you even open your mouth.

Virgin Atlantic’s concierge staff in the Upper Class lounge at London Heathrow have begun trialling a scheme in which hostesses recognise passengers using Google Glass.

The technology will be able to identify a customer, see their flight details and preferences, before showing the hostess their flight information, and more.

So basically you’ll potentially be addressed by name when entering the Clubhouse, without even presenting any documentation.

Is that awesome or creepy?

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  1. I’m always extremely sceptical about anything that begins with the phrase…”via the Daily Mail” 😉

  2. I’d be OK with it so long as you “opt in” and they don’t keep any images of any passengers who have not opted in.

    Some people may be willing to give up privacy for better service. Others would prefer not to. The best policy is to be “opt in” only to ensure everyone is happy.

  3. Awesome if it actually bypasses/speeds the check-in procedure. If I’m still going to have to present all the same documents, not so much. I don’t put any value on being greeted by name, if that’s all it is.

  4. @Justin – Do you have a photo of yourself posted on FB, LinkedIn or Twitter or otherwise easily identifying you available on the Internet? If so, you have long since opted in. Thinking otherwise is naive at best.

  5. Ben,

    The Daily Mail is not a by word for wonderful journalism… basically do not believe a word that they write!

  6. Curious if they really use facial recognition. At this time google stated they will not allow applications that use facial recognition.
    They can’t really stop a company though from developing an app with facial recognition included and just loading it on Glass but they can remotely deactivate apps.

    Also Glass isn’t exactly available yet except in the developer program.

    I think this is just a fluff piece from the daily mail and I doubt Virgin really will use facial recognition. This would also require them to have pictures of each passenger that checks in. It is probably just using existing documents like passport or boarding cards.

  7. German Expat is correct. Google Glass forbids facial recognition at this time (I’m sure it will change in the future). I have the Glass Explorer Edition and I find it very unlikely that Virgin already developed an app that can do facial recognition. On top of that, they should have an initial image of the passenger to use for comparison purposes which I don’t believe they have. I can see in the near future agents scanning tags (barcodes) or boarding passes but that’s about it. Probably just fluff and free publicity.

  8. Name, flight, and dietary requirements are fine and good but what about retrieving data on my immediate needs upon entering the CH?…A Vesper Martini waiting at the bar would be a true technological breakthrough.

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